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Who would you choose to rule the wasteland?

Home Sweet Home

Ah, Nuka World, where the drinks run cold and so does the blood. It really is a unique place. I mean yeah on one hand you have the rides and the lights and the arcade games, but on the other hand, there are a bunch of raider gangs hanging corpses up as decoration! 

Having said that, these aren’t just any hanging corpses, they can be your hanging corpses! Whoever said that being bad doesn’t get you nice things! As overboss in Nuka World, you have the ability to decide the fate of Nuka World’s slaves and Nuka World’s three raider factions, so no pressure!

My mission today is to give you all the information you need to know about Nuka World’s gangs so that you can make the big decisions with a little bit of background on these lovely raider factions.

Getting To Nuka World:

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC - How To Start And Get To Nuka World!

The three gangs in Nuka World are The Pack, The Operators, and The Disciples. Needless to say, these are not the sort of people the lone wanderer would usually have much to do with. But this DLC gives you the ability to dip your toe into the pool of possibilities and not only join the raider ranks, but lead them!

Before you get to meet the raider gangs you first have to get to Nuka World. Getting there is easy, getting there alive proves to be a bit of a challenge.

Start this quest by opening up your Pip-Boy and scrolling over to the radio section, you will see a new station called Nuka-Cola Family Radio. Listen to the broadcast and you will begin the quest All Aboard. Your Pip-Boy will update and guide you to Nuka World Transit Center.

Upon finding the Nuka World Transit Center, (Located a little west of  Lonely Chapel). You find that it’s overrun by Gunners, These guys also picked up the radio signal and have come to try and loot the place. 

Take out the Gunners and head inside the station. The first thing you see when you enter the building is an ‘injured man’ named Harvey, he’s faking it. You can find this out by either passing a speech check, being overly nice to him or by finding out the hard way by hopping on the train to Nuka World without any insight into what you are in for.

Long story short, Harvey is a prisoner, enslaved by the raiders at Nuka World. He has been sent out to lure people to Nuka World to either be killed or enslaved by the raiders.

After finding this out you hop on the monorail and head out to Nuka World.
Nuka World Transit Center

The Gauntlet:

Get Through the Gauntlet in Fallout 4 Nuka-World

As you travel to Nuka World, you are greeted with a beautiful view of a run-down theme park! Before you have a chance to soak it all in,  you are berated by a voice on a speaker. You have just become the newest contestant on the Gauntlet. A maze of enemies, explosives, and traps, such fun! 

When the monorail pulls into the station the terror begins. Raiders, robots, and radioactive waste line your path. Fight your way through and you will end up in the Cola-Cars Arena.

Just before you enter the arena itself, you are spoken to by Porter Gage (The Overboss’s right-hand man). As it turns out, the current Overboss isn’t very popular and Gage wants him gone. He lets you know that Colter (Current Overboss) isn’t going to fight fair, he uses electrified Power Armor. Making him untouchable. 

However, Gage informs you of a weakness. A squirt gun! Use the squirt gun on Colter and it zaps his electric power for a few seconds, allowing you to inflict damage.

Kill Colter and you become the new Overboss! Congratulations!
Cheating Boss Colter

Other NPCs:

There are so many unique characters in this DLC, some crucial, others, not so much. So here is a rundown of Nuka World NPCs. (Only the ones that have a use!):

  • Aaron Corbett - Captive merchant
  • Brett Dunmore - Merchant
  • Cito - Can help you get through the Safari Adventure questline
  • Cora - Merchant
  • Colter - Former Overboss (The one you killed!)
  • Dara Hubbell - Leader of the Hubologists
  • Dixie -  High ranking Disciples member
  • Fritsch - Arcade manager
  • Evan - Tribute to Fallout fan who passed away
  • John-Caleb Bradberton - Nuka Cola inventor
  • Katelyn Alden - Merchant
  • Lauren Plummer - Captive merchant
  • Lizzie Wyath - High ranking member of The Operators
  • Mackenzie Bridgeman - Captive merchant
  • Maddox - Captive merchant
  • Mags Black - Leader of the Operators
  • Mason -  Leader of the Pack
  • Maurice Turner, Phill Roller, Rolanda Hooper, Tula Spinney - Hubologist weirdos 
  • Nisha - Leader of the Disciples 
  • Porter Gage - Your right-hand man 
  • Red Eye - Nuka World’s radio DJ
  • Savoy - High ranking Disciples member
  • Shank - Instructs you to take over the commonwealth
  • Shelbie Chase - Captive merchant
  • Sinner -  Commonwealth raider leader 
  • William Black - Co-leader of the Operators

Now we know how to get there, how to beat Colter, and a little more about Nuka world's residents. So let's get to know the raider factions

The Disciples:

Nuka World Part 4: Meeting The Disciples at Fizztop Mountain - Fallout 4 Lore

Faction Leader - Nisha:

The Disciples are ruled by Nisha, a true cold-blooded killer. Her gang is located inside Fizztop Mountain (Just as the base of the building). Nisha isn’t a big fan of being told what to do, this includes whatever you want from her as Overboss. You can often hear her and her gang dropping the occasional comment about killing you. Needless to say, she's not your biggest fan.

You can build up some respect from her by giving her and her gang locations throughout Nuka World and the commonwealth, so they can expand their reach.


If you decide to give this gang a decent slice of land and power then they will reward you with the perk Chosen Disciple. This perk restores 25% of your action points when killing using a melee weapon. Not bad if you are a melee build.

Nisha - Raider Faction Leader

The Operators:

Faction Leaders - Mags and William Black:

The Operators are the most ‘civilized’ of the gangs. Don’t get me wrong, they are still brutal killers, but they go about it in a more professional way, make of that what you will!

The faction is led by Mags Black and her brother William Black. This faction cares about one thing and one thing only, Caps! Keep these guys happy by giving them locations to expand their group and generate more caps. 


If you decide to keep these guys happy then you will be rewarded with the perk Ace Operator. This perk allows you to deal 25% more damage when using silenced weapons, whilst also being 10% less visible when sneaking in the shadows. So pretty damn good if you ask me!

Mags - Raider Faction Leader

William - Raider Faction Leader

The Pack:

Faction Leader - Mason:

Mason is the leader of the Pack,  he looks like a deranged Conor McGreggor! So probably not wise angering him! As the name suggests, the Pack stick together and are very loyal to one another, they also live and behave a bit like wild beasts. Although these guys aren’t as civilized as the Operators, they look after their own and respect the hierarchy. Just like the other two factions, give them land to gain favor.


Keeping Mason and the Pack happy gives you the perk Pack Alpha. This is a very powerful perk as it gives you a 25% increase to your damage resistance, and also allows you to deal 25% more damage when fighting using melee attacks or with your fists.

Mason - Raider Faction Leader

So Who’s The Best:

Nuka World gives the sole survivor a lot of decisions to make. So it can be tough to choose. No matter what you choose, one of the factions will turn against you. So out of the three possible perk rewards, you will only be able to get two of them. 

Since these are raider gangs who capture and kill innocent people, the morality behind the decision is non-existent. Whatever you choose, raiders will be raiders.

So make the decision based on your character’s build. I side with the Pack and the Operators, this is because I like the sneaky approach. Being able to deal 25% more damage with silenced weapons and 25% more damage with a melee weapon suits my build perfectly. Plus Nisha was rude to me on my first play-through. So I hold a bit of a grudge against her!

Honorable Mention:

 Putting the gangs aside, there is another ‘faction’. I use the term faction loosely. They are more of a collective of idiots! These are the Hubologists, a cult for people who believe in some sort of mystical higher power. 

They think that they can get to their extraterrestrial higher beings via a spaceship ride located on the outskirts of Nuka World.

You can choose to help them achieve their goal, sort of. Alternatively, you can rig the ride and kill them all. 


Quickfire Bonus Facts:

  • This DLC came with its own magazine collection scattered throughout Nuka World, so go out there and find all the copies!
  • By collecting all the star cored you can get the Quantum X-01 power armor in the Galactic Zone
  • Inside the Disciples hideout located on top of the building is a small reference to Star Wars, it’s a min Han Solo in concrete!
  • Once you have brought back power to Nuka World, you can actually ride the rides!
  • Passing a speech check upon meeting Mason gives you The Problem Solver, (Handmade rifle type of gun)
  • Get enough tickets in Nuka-Cade and you can trade them in for some awesome rewards, some of them are one-of-a-kind items!
  • Once you restore power to Nuka World you can enter a previously inaccessible area in Dry Rock Gulch
  • Keep repeating the quest Amoral Combat to fight off threats to your power and unlock the Aeternus weapon, (Special Gatling Laser)
  • If you arrive dressed as The Silver Shroud then you can unlock unique dialogue pieces in various areas of the park

And with that it's time to wrap up. Thank you for joining me on a journey through the raider factions. Have fun, good luck and go raiders!

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