[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Automatic Weapons And How To Get Them

What's that saying about carrying a big stick and speaking softly? How about carrying a big gun and then you don't have to speak at all.

10. Overseer’s Guardian

This rifle was one of the personal favorites of most fans and a magnificent weapon before and after modding. This mod can be changed to have a shorter barrel that grants you the ability to have a better spread to your shots, thus causing a massive increase in damage. It’s basically both a high powered rifle and a shotgun, that if you’re feeling frisky, you can add a Tommy Gun magazine and mow Deathclaws down for miles.

What Makes It Awesome:

  • It can function as a multifaceted automatic weapon. It can be shortened to be both a shotgun and mid-grade rifle, the scope can be upgraded considerably without mods, the stock is decent and with an upgrade, you can add an obscene amount of rounds to this gun. 
  • Easily obtained if you’ve done some minor exploring in the Wasteland. It’s a must-have to a main arsenal and can easily carry you through the game.
  • Several people have built upon the mod since the gun is so well-known. Changing skins, custom parts, and much more.

Weapon Stats (baseline): 

  • Damage: 55 
  • Fire Rate: 90
  • Range: 119
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Weight: 15.7

How to Get Overseer’s Guardian:

  • Once gaining access to Vault 81 with 3 Fusion Cores, seek out Alexis Combes.
  • Note if you save Austin during the ‘Hole in the Wall’ quest, she’ll give you a 10% discount on anything you buy in the store. Including the weapon. The higher the charisma, the cheaper the weapon as well.
  • You can purchase it from Alexis Combes anywhere from $1500 to $4000 and change. How badly do you want this weapon? 


9. Spray n’ Pray

A legendary submachine gun and is usually paired with excellent mods like quick-eject and suppressors- and that’s only scratching the surface. This weapon comes with an explosive effect that helps deal extra points per area. And as a delightful added bonus, it can also benefit from the demolition expert perk. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • This machine gun can also come in silver, a unique weapon like the one given to The Silver Shroud.
  • Most enemies tend to stumble upon the impact of these rounds, stunning them while you can continue to fire.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 34 
  • Fire Rate: 127
  • Range: 77
  • Accuracy: 69
  • Weight: 19.0

How to Get the Spray n’ Pray:

  • This weapon is sold by a wandering merchant named Cricket.
  • She’s known to frequent Bunker Hill, Vault 81, and Diamond City.
  • Price depends on a lot of factors like Charisma but can be as low as $1200.


8. The Problem Solver

Though the Fallout 4 DLCs were not a huge hit among fans, this weapon out of Nuka World makes you think it was pried from the Joker’s dead hands. Without having to complete mission nor purchase, this weapon can be yours just for existing… and making sure you can befriend a group of cutthroats that don’t really like you being there. 

What makes weapon name awesome:

  • Wild paint job and powerful with a ridiculous range and nice rate of fire.
  • Easily obtained, easy to maintain and ammo is fairly common.
  • You can add so many mods to this you can push the damage well into the triple digits.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 57
  • Fire Rate: 59
  • Range: 185
  • Accuracy: 92
  • Weight: 21.6

How to Get The Problem Solver:

  • After passing a fairly high charisma check with the Wild Pack Leader Mason, he will give you the weapon to level the playing field. 


7. The Last Minute

While most wouldn’t think a gauss rifle would make an automatic list, this legendary weapon is excellent when it comes to mowing down enemies. With a shielded barrel, capacitor booster, night vision scope, and compensators already installed, the crippling effect just adds to the beauty of this machine.

What makes the weapon awesome:

  • All through this gun comes with an excellent setup and can be built upon by several mods. Including making it completely automatic 
  • Roughly the same weight as a standard assault rifle, a ridiculously high rate of damage that can be upgraded well over four hundred, and decent range.
  • With the perk Rifleman, this Gauss rifle cripples and outshines the Overseer’s Guardian. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 192
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Range: 203
  • Accuracy: 112
  • Weight: 21.6

How to Get The Last Minute:

  • Once you complete the fifth Minutemen quest, ‘Old Guns’, seek out Ronnie Shaw.
  • She will be an active vendor that you can purchase the weapon for the minimum $3000.


6. Good Intentions

If you were a fan of the Minutemen faction, you will know Quincy was where everything went to Hell. Now the Gunners have taken over, with massive amounts of ammo and stockpiles of weapons- you would be a fool to enter without the proper prep. Even on the average modes, this fight can get dicey at best. 

What makes Good Intentions awesome:

  • Good Intentions comes with a special attribute called Enrage, which makes nearby enemies attack one another on critical hits.
  • This weapon has already been modified with an improved automatic barrel, gyro lens, marksman stock, and a reflex sight. 
  • This unique energy weapon is hard to get a hold of, but modifications make it sing. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 28
  • Fire Rate: 50
  • Range: 71
  • Accuracy: 71
  • Weight: 13.9

How to Get Weapon:

  • Defeat the Gunner Leader Clint in the Quincy Ruins.
  • Warning: Clint is extremely overpowered and hard to take down. Approach with caution.


5. Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”

This weapon is steeped in lore, which makes it even more fun! While people were still struggling to realize what happened when the bombs fell, some scientists kept working on their prototypes. They created a gun that would never, seriously, need to be loaded again. The research notes and their panic is available on the terminals to dive into if you’re interested. 

What makes Limitless Potential awesome:

  • You never need to reload this gun, but you will also burn through your ammo. Use cautiously when in automatic mode.
  • Just like other laser guns that you can add scopes to, this one is a bit difficult to handle without some practical prior like most plasma weapons.
  • Like Good Intentions, it can be modded for even better damage and more.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 38
  • Fire Rate: 50
  • Range: 230
  • Accuracy: 77
  • Weight: 7.2

How to Get the Weapon:

  • You will need to break into several novice and master terminals and locks to get this weapon, so come prepared!
  • Come to University Point, southeast of Diamond City.
  • Hack the terminal into the back door of the Credit Union. Follow the gates to the vault door.
  • Once you gain access to the secret room, you will find it on the table.


4. Survivor Special Laser Pistol

This weapon was originally intended to be found as a bonus easter egg in the game, and later meant to be the companion weapon to the Sole Survivor, it was eventually added for Paladin Brandis during the Lost Patrol Mission. The set of modifications installed on the Survivor's Special depends on the character level. So its performance and appearance will be different for different players on the occasion.

What makes the Survivor Special awesome?

  • This weapon comes with the special effect that it causes more damage the lower one’s health is. 
  • Already comes modified with a sharpshooter's grip, a reflex sight, and a beam splitter!
  • With the addition of the Science! Perk, this gun can be combined with several other attributes to get a decent amount of damage. Upgrades and mods have rounded out the edges.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 31
  • Fire Rate: x
  • Range: x
  • Accuracy: x
  • Weight: 3.8

How to Get the Weapon:

  • During the mission to find the lost patrol by Paladin Danse, you will discover Paladin Brandis at Recon Bunker Theta.
  • Either convince him to come in from the wasteland or end him where he stands.


3. Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle is an upgraded version of the automatic Institute rifle. It packs a better punch with this legendary alternative. Although it seems to be the same as any other rifle, it has special attributes like doing 50% more damage to mutants and ghouls.

What makes Virgil’s Rifle Awesome:

  • This weapon has preinstalled mods such as a gamma wave emitter, improved long barrel, full fuck, night vision scope, and a fine-tuned beam focuser. 
  • This can be a wonderful addition to your arsenal with either upgrades or modifications.
  • There is a known glitch that Virgil will not give up his weapon immediately after turning him back to human, it must be taken by theft or by force.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 45
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Range: 227
  • Accuracy: 85
  • Weight: 7.3

How to Get Weapon Name

  • You will need to find Virgil through the Glowing Sea.
  • Once you have completed Virgil’s quest to return him to human, commit suicide, or simply pick-pocket him, you will have the rifle in your hands.


2. The Wastelander’s Friend

This wonderful gun is a unique automatic 10mm pistol with randomly generated modifications. With a crippling legendary effect as a standard. It comes with a scope, high rate of fire, and a decent amount of damage. Not to mention the ammo is extremely common to find in the wasteland. For a small price to pay, you’re getting an excellent gun for the money. 

What makes the Wastelander's Friend awesome:

  • Easy access to find a great amount of ammo.
  • Easily modifiable, and comes with a ton of mods already.
  • Easy to obtain early game and definitely the pistol to have.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 22
  • Fire Rate: 127
  • Range: 89
  • Accuracy: 75
  • Weight: 7.2

How to Get The Weapon:

  • Journey to Bunker Hill
  • Purchase the weapon from Deb, the price will vary depending on your level and other perks. But usually sells for a low price of a thousand caps.



1. The Railway Rifle

The Railway Rifle holds a special place in the hearts of those who’ve played Fallout for a while. This devastating weapon shoots railway spikes at lethal speeds, pinning people to walls if not completely removing limbs upon impact. There are only three available in the game, and each one makes your projectile launching heart happy!

What makes the Railway Rifle Awesome:

  • A train whistle sounds every time you reload the weapon, most ammo can be bought cheaply, and can be recovered off of dead enemies.
  • The weapon of choice for Railroad Operatives.
  • Excellent limb removal and blood spray- who doesn’t want that in a firefight?
  • Counts as a Semi-Automatic for all of those that are found, fully automatic with the one given to you as well as others owned by Railroad members.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 100
  • Fire Rate: 10
  • Range: 119
  • Accuracy: 69
  • Weight: 14.4

How to Get the Weapon:

  • Working with Tinker Tom with the Railroad will give you a sample of this weapon. Only it has a few problems like slow reload and it’s a semi-automatic gun. 
  • Completing the mission ‘Underground Undercover’ will repair it, but it will also have legendary variants now allowed to spawn in the game with enemies.

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