[Top 15] Fallout 4 Best Armor Mods You Must Have

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Even raiders have to have a second thought before they look at your player and think, "That's the person I want to rob."

15. NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

It’s often said that Fallout: New Vegas was one of the best games Bethesda has introduced in the series. It can be a complete stand-alone and developed a thrilling story solely based on an enraged mailman that alters the course of an entire war trying to get back their package. Now you can look just like the civil service worker in the Commonwealth. 

  • Fairly high damage protection; very similar stats to the original armor in New Vegas.
  • Roleplay purposes make this incredibly fun to have if you want to continue the path of the mailman who couldn’t die.
  • It can easily be combined with other mods like ‘Start Me Up’, where you can completely change the opening of Fallout 4 to live your own unique experience. 

Get the mod here.


14.  K-9 Harness - Armor for Dogmeat

This mod features an awesome new way to outfit Dogmeat. Now with substantial protection, inventory, and customization! This mod adds to the immersion of the game along with upping Dogmeat’s usefulness. Combined with mods like ‘God Dog’ make him the best companion.

  • The harness can be completely modified. You can roleplay Dogmeat as any character from any game or even close to your own dog at home! Faction specific or not.
  • Decent damage protection along with electricity, radiation, and a little poison resistance thrown in. Better than any armor in-game with little weight.
  • With some minor ranking in your skill tree, your dog can easily be upwards of 200+ in damage resistance. Sometimes the bark is not worse than the bite.

Get the mod here.


13.  The Mercenary Pack

This huge pack adds in a ton of extra outfits to the world. And not just for yourself, but other survivors around you! Not only creating a better looking, but a much stronger world to fight through to get to your goals.     

  • Adds new combat, survival, NCR, Institute, wasteland survivor outfits and armor.
  • Several customizable creations with extra slots and perks.
  • Outfits are spread out through the world through random characters and enemies in a manner that makes sense. Making these prized items to traders as well. 

Get the mod here.


12.  Armorsmith Extended

Armorsmith is a massive bug fix and extension mod that does over sixteen things for you to advance your gameplay. This offers a whole new world of customization and enhancement on several of your favorite outfits. 

  • You can now wear any outfit under any piece of armor!
  • Make sure you check the full list of what they do on their website listed below. 
  • You can now upgrade all outfits and armor through crafting and can truly customize your aesthetic. 

Get the mod here.


11.  Project Helljumper

If you were a fan of the Halo series, this is a fantastic addition to the game. This mod places a UNSC bunker deep within the Earth that you can find and either rescue, or destroy the inhabitants with new missions. 

  • Earn armor through a mission as if the UNSC had survived nuclear fallout.
  • Many, many customizations on the armor including color and modifications.
  • It can look out of place unless you are going through a specific playthrough style.

Get the mod here.


10.  The Black Widow Armor + Pip-Boy

Whole new armor piece that comes with a companion weapon. The creator is well known for outfits in Fallout and Skyrim modifications. After going to a specific location, you’ll receive the tear-stained journal and take the armor of the Black Widow. Female Only!

  • The pip-boy is fully workable and is a high-quality mod.
  • All pieces of the armor are fully upgradable. 
  • Switching to Black Widow Vision can detect enemies nearby now you can play a stealthy rogue playthrough.

Get the mod here.


9.  Wearable Backpacks and Pouches

As far immersion goes, it’s sort of hard to imagine you just stuffed a mini-gun in your pocket. This backpack mod adds not only inventory but also helps get you further into the game. You can also use this to help add things to outfits- though it doesn’t work well with other mods.

  • Adds inventory space while you have it equipped.
  • Customizable backpack look and can be worn in power armor. 
  • Helps with immersion, but unfortunately doesn’t work with other armor mods well.

Get the mod here.


8. Holstered Weapons

This, like the backpack mod, allows you to have a backpack with holstered weapons. This adds to the immersion and is developed to be fully customizable with all different weapons. With few glitches, this mod looks fairly nice as a standard stagnant object. Some traders will also have some of these packs!

  • Adds immersion to the fallout world to see your favorite weapons attached to your back.
  • It can increase carry weight in the latest update.
  • Multiple customizations and hopefully even more in the future. 

Get the mod here.



This master file mod created a standardized framework for all outfits and armor now they can be modified. This also makes edits compatible with mods and adjusted dynamics- which is only half the fun. This mod builds a much better sorting aspect to the Pip-Boy.

  • New sort style for the Pip-Boy to make armor much easier to find and sortable.
  • Makes the framework for outfits and armor customizable for color and resistance.
  • Add different armor variations for settlers and other enemies in the Commonwealth.

Get the mod here.


6.  T-49 - Armor of the Storyteller

Over the years we’ve heard tales of the Storyteller. He wandered across Skyrim, telling long-forgotten secrets. Then we witnessed his travels over the Wasteland. Will you continue his stories? Or will you leave the armor at the bottom of the river?

  • Special reference made to the ShoddyCast series.
  • Powerful mostly intact suit of power armor with special perks.
  • Several additional mod features like railroad, institute and military coats, weapons, mods, and more to come.

Get the mod here.


5.  West Tek Tactical Optics

This mod alters the light settings with your playthrough. Making the insides of buildings darker outside of light sources, the nights much darker outside, and allows you two modifiable and craftable night and thermal vision eyepieces. Completely customizable.

  • Craftable and mission-based to obtain.
  • Completely modifiable, craftable, and comes with color options.
  • Completely lore-based and can be found randomly in-game.

Get the mod here.


4.  Eli’s Armour Compendium

This massive mod adds over a hundred different outfits and variations. You’ll need to buy several things from Ellie to get them all to work- but definitely adds a lot more variations to the world around you. Many of the outfits you can mod, change, or improve.

  • Adds many variations of outfits but not all of them are fallout based and can be seen as immersion-breaking.
  • Considered one of the largest and well-received clothing and armor mods. 
  • Adds new locations and small amounts of quests that you can try if you’re looking for something new in the fashion department of  Fallout 4.

Get the mod here.


3. Enclave X-02 Power Armor Mod

This power armor mod is one of the oldest mods, but the textures and coloring make it a fantastic piece to have. If you’re roleplaying an Enclave soldier it will also be fun to have two hundred years after the Enclave supposedly died off. 

  • Lost in the Glowing Sea, the Enclave left behind a treasure deep within the radioactive wasteland. 
  • Very well made armor suit, fully intact, and can fight a Deathclaw with very little damage.
  • Not a bad armor to have, even as a trophy in your house. The Enclave will supposedly rise again.

Get the mod here.


2.  Submersible Power Armor

Like most games of our childhoods, Bioshock holds a special place. With this brilliant inspired mod, the player can now explore the depths of the Commonwealth. Lost something in the water and can’t find it? Go get this power armor, because now you can go even deeper.

  • Extremely powerful unit of power armor.
  • Can explore the dark watery depths of the Fallout world.
  • Can be found by exploring the local dilapidated lighthouse on the Southeast Coast.

Get the mod here.


1.  Real Leather - Armor and Clothing

This mod not only retouches a lot of the armor and clothing in the game, but also does the entire retexturing. Gun straps, buttons on coats, belts, boots, all get a retouch to make them look like you just shot the brahmin to make it. 

  • Offers a simple retouch that improves the game but doesn’t go too far.
  • Makes immersion easier and buffs out several problems with the armor mods companionships. Realistic overtime degrade on the armor. You can clean it at workbenches. 
  • Fully upgradeable and customizable. 

Get the mod here.

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