Top 11 Movies Like Overlord That You Need To Watch

 Movies Like Overlord
The 2018 Movie Overlord was a Major Win for the Nazi Zombie genre!

11 Movies Like Overlord

Nazis and zombies: the two most murdered and hated groups in television and video games.

Surprisingly, the two work harmoniously together to make some pretty controversial and badass movies. The movie Overlord is a prime example, combining Nazi history and zombie elements to create an eye-catching film.

If you’re a fan of this combination of undead and World War II tropes, read on to find your next gruesome movie night choice.

11. Outpost: Black Sun

Outpost: Black Sun Official Trailer

Outpost: Black Sun revolves around our main character, Helena, a detective joining an American task force on a mission to investigate a mysterious mass killing of other American soldiers. She must track down, one by one, Klausener’s associates to interrogate them into revealing to the location of his secret bunker.

She employs the help of her acquaintance, Wallace, and a military squad who assist them in penetrating enemy lines. The team soon discovers an army of lab-born Nazi zombie stormtroopers, and must kill mercilessly at all costs to make it out alive. They finally locate Klausener’s secret bunker and all of its grisly hidden secrets.


At the timestamp of 1 hour and 7 minutes, looking closely, you can see two corpses breathing. The zombification has already begun.

10. Iron Sky (2012)

Iron Sky Official Trailer

Iron Sky is a political and historical comedy that parodies the Nazi existence. A group of surviving Nazis have established a base on the far side of the moon and are plotting to invade modern America. The hero of the story, James Washington, must fight to take down Nazi commander Klaus Adler, who’s intent upon Earth is planet-wide genocide.

Washington tells Richter he is like a mini Mengele. Josef Mengele was a Nazi physician who performed horrific experiments on his victims.


Washington tells Richter he is like a mini Mengele. Josef Mengele was a Nazi physician who performed horrific experiments on his victims.

9. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead Official Trailer

Protagonist Barry is living the good life in the Australian outback with his loving wife Annie and daughter Meganne. All seems well until Barry receives a phone call from his sister, Brooke, who warns him that something is not right and that he should leave the city. After Annie and Meganne fall victim to the zombie plague, Barry kills them and becomes desperate.

Barry attempts to kill himself but fails and ends up being knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, Barry partners with a man named Chalker and asks him to take him to Brooke’s home to find her. The story follows Barry and his ragtag partners through the outback, evading military troops and zombies to find Brook and find out what caused the sudden undead apocalypse.


Bianca Bradey's stunt double almost died by underestimating her jump from the back of the lab truck onto the bonnet of the zombie truck. Luckily, she survived unscathed.
8. Frankenstein’s Army

Frankenstein’s Army Official Trailer

Frankenstein’s Army is a found footage style film with all footage being produced at the courtesy of the character Dimitri, a soldier of the troop that we follow through the movie. The Russian soldiers are pursuing a distress signal sent out by fellow soldiers in a separate troop who were sent out to East Germany.

While searching for their missing comrades, the troop discovers a hidden Nazi lab with disturbing and hostile patchwork zombie-soldiers crossed with machines lumbering freely, created by none other than the descendant of Dr. Viktor Frankenstein.

Frankenstein’s Army was originally going to be named “Worst Case Scenario” but the creator wanted to rehash the idea, rename the movie, and create new content but later found out that the original trailer for Worst Case Scenario garnered major internet hype.


Frankenstein’s Army was originally going to be named “Worst Case Scenario” but the creator wanted to rehash the idea, rename the movie, and create new content but later found out that the original trailer for Worst Case Scenario garnered major internet hype.


7. Blood Creek

Blood Creek Official Trailer

Protagonist Evan is surprised to be reunited with his brother Victor, who had disappeared on a camping trip to West Virginia. Victor explains that he was taken captive by a family known as the Wollners. Believed to be the enemy, the brothers set out to take their revenge on the rural family.

Upon arrival at the home of the Wollners, the brothers discover the true evil hiding behind the facade of this small town family, Professor Wirth, a Nazi occultist who sought an ancient relic beneath the Wollner farmstead who has been holding the family captive since 1936.

Following the murder of Wirth, the brothers learn of eight more Nazi agents who have been dispersed to different farmsteads. Victor retreats home, leaving Evan to prevent the other Nazi agents from wreaking havoc by hunting them down and killing them.

Chris Klein was thought to be the star of Blood Creek at one point.

6. Dead Snow

Dead Snow Official Trailer

A group of eight Norwegian medical students plan a getaway trip to an Arctic mountain for their Easter break. The group embarks on a mountain hike where one of the students suddenly goes missing. They come across a mountain native by the name of Bjorn Sundquist, who informs them that a group of invading Nazis were driven to death by freezing in the mountains in World War II.

The Nazi soldiers were presumed dead, but Bjorn informs the students that this may have only been temporary, as it is rumored that they have returned as undead. The rumor turns out to be true when the students stumble upon the hoard while looking for one of their members and are faced with two choices: fight or die.

Dead Snow was actually inspired by the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi zombie soldiers.


Dead Snow was actually inspired by the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi zombie soldiers.

5. Michael Mann's "THE KEEP”

The Keep Official Trailer

A unit of Nazi soldiers is dispatched to an abandoned Romanian keep in order to gain control of the Dinu Mountain pass. In their time at the keep, two soldiers unleash an evil spectre trapped within an ancient artifact.

This monster known as Radu Molasar takes off in a killing spree, terrorizing a local village. With nowhere else to turn, the Nazis are forced to seek Professor Theodore Cuza for assistance. Cuza ends up freeing the entity and becomes indebted to him for the act of having his scleroderma, a debilitating autoimmune disease, cured by Molasar.

Cuza is faced with the decision to act upon Molasar’s desires for his indebtedness, or defy him and save the village.


F. Paul Wilson, the author of the book that the movie was based on, hated Mann’s cinematic version of his story. In response, Wilson wrote "Cuts", where a writer puts a curse on a director who ruined his work.

4. The Devil's Rock (2011)

The Devil’s Rock Official Trailer

Two New Zealand soldiers by the names of Grogan and Tane are sent out to inspect a Nazi fortification on Forau Island. Tane is killed during the mission by an unseen German soldier. Now alone, Grogan ventures deeper into the fortification, following the sounds of a woman’s screams. Grogan is knocked unconscious, waking to find himself bound by a Nazi Colonel by the name of Meyer.

Grogan is able to escape Meyer and continues following the sound of the distressed woman. He happens upon a room covered in occult writings and finds the woman to be in the image of his deceased wife. Meyer catches up to him, explaining that the Nazis had unleashed a shapeshifting demon and planned to weaponize it against the allied forces.

In an odd and unexpected turn of events, Grogan teams up with Meyer to seal away the demon, but it doesn’t go according to plan.


The the main climax of the movie, the ritual performed was actually performed on Friday the 13th.

3. Shock Waves

Shock Waves Official Trailer

Shipwrecked and disoriented, main character Rose and a band of tourists she is traveling alongside meet with an unfortunate fate. Their ship’s captain is dead and their only source of hope is a creepy, reclusive hotel owner. But the worst part is: there are underwater zombies closing in on them and there’s no way off of the island.


The entire crew was able to film Shock Waves in only 35 days.

2. Frontier(s) (2007)

Frontier(s) Official Trailer

A criminal gang of Arab youths are desperate to escape Paris after the election of a far-right President incites violent riots within the city. The gang robs a bank and makes way to escape the country with their newly stolen riches.

Along the journey to freedom, they decide to take shelter at an inn hosted by a German couple. Things take a sharp turn south when the rogue teens discover that the couple are actually Nazi cannibals led by a retired SS Officer who also needs a new brood mother for the repopulation of the entire Aryan race.


Due to the amount of and content of the violence in this film, it has been banned in Thailand.

1.The Bunker

The Bunker Official Trailer

Seven German troops are forced into a bunker for safety after being surrounded by American soldiers. They soon discover that the bunker is built with a branching tunnel system. After some deliberation, the squad decides that the only way is down to escape the wrath of American firepower. Although certain death was waiting above, something even more sinister waits below.


As Kreuzmann is telling his fears to Ebert, he cites the phrase, “ Got mitt uns,” or "God with us," a common inscription on the armor of German soldiers in WWII.

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