Top 25 Best Free Shooting Games to Play in 2016 and Beyond

free shooting games
Pick your player and shoot ‘em up.

25 awesome free shooting games that you can play on pc right now 

Everyone loves a great shooter, and game developers are constantly creating new and exciting games.

The best part of this flood of new games is that many of them are being released for free, which makes it easier on your wallet. Many of these games are updated on a regular basis, meaning these game will never get old.

Whether you’re looking for a high-concept sci-fi shooter or a simple, fast-paced game, there’s something for you. Here are our picks for the top 25 free shooters to play in 2016 and beyond.


1. Warframe

Kicking off our list is one of the most popular games on Steam, and for good reason.

Originally released in 2013, Warframe takes place in the distant future of our solar system, where three factions are at war with your race, the Tenno. A nearly extinct race of ancient warriors recently awoken from cryosleep, the Tenno must fight for survival using the powerful Warframe suits.

The Warframes aren’t your standard body armor. Besides being incredibly strong, tough, and agile, each one has unique abilities that allow you to play with as much stealth or brutality as you see fit. You can modify all of them to maximize your capacity on the battlefield.

I only have three words for you: ninjas in space.

Using the incredible abilities these suits provide, along with your skills with both swords and guns, you work alongside other players to complete a wide variety of missions across the entire solar system. That’s Warframe’s biggest strength: co-op gameplay. This game was meant to be played with three to seven other players, whether you’re retrieving data from an enemy base or eliminating a command post.

Take down your enemies with deadly precision.

Another great feature of this game is that, much like Destiny, new content is constantly made available. The developers are constantly listening to fans, providing new and exciting weapons, missions, Warframes, and inventive levels to explore.

This game is basically Destiny, but on steroids. Jump into your Warframe and get started!


2. APB: Reloaded

Can’t afford GTA 5? You’re in luck.

APB: Reloaded takes place in the ultra-violent city of San Paro, where Enforcers and Criminals are constantly at odds with one another. It’s up to you to decide which side you want to play on. Regardless, there are plenty of powerful guns and sweet cars to choose from.

Protect the people of San Paro as a lethal enforcer

One of the better aspects of the game is that it matches your abilities to help you get better as a player. You only fight other player at a similar level, giving everyone a fair shot in every match instead of being trolled by more experienced players.

Take over San Paro as a superhero-clad criminal!

The game also features multiple modes, divided into districts within San Paro. Two of the districts restrict player vs players action to missions only, while two others allow for full PvP action for braver, more experienced players. There’s also a fifth district for more social aspect, including trading and upgrading your weapons, clothing, and your car.

Whether you’re robbing banks or defending them, there’s nothing you can’t do in APB: Reloaded. Give it a shot.


3. Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Fight monsters in the late 1800s in Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

From the studio that created Darksiders, Hunt is an ambitious co-op game that immerses players in the gilded age. You can create your character however you want, from a revolver-wielding medic to a badass with a flamethrower and a shotgun.

Burn zombies in the bayou!

This optimization will help you work together to fight period-specific monsters, such as a nightmare witch or voodoo-controlled zombies. The best part of each mission is that every single mission is fully randomized, from the layout of the maps to the nature of the bosses.

You may need a bigger gun to stop this voodoo zombie!

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age is still under development, but based on the gameplay previewed at E3 2014, this is sure to be an explosive hit!



HAWKEN was released in 2012 and, despite a change in developer, is still going strong. Set in a dystopian, industrialized planet torn apart by war, players fight for vital resources using armored mechanical units.


The game’s intense action can be experienced in six different modes, both single player and co-op. Choose one out of thirty mechs with their own unique enhancements and powerful weapons that balances out every match.You can only fight other players of a similar level, with a high skill-ceiling that allows for you to constantly improve.

Duke it out in mech vs mech warfare.

One of the coolest aspects of these mechs is that they don’t have any ammo limitations. Instead, weapons are restricted via overheating, and if you aren’t careful your weapons systems will shut down for several seconds. This adds an element of strategy less frequently seen in first-person shooters.

As immersive as mech warfare gets!

HAWKEN’s fast-paced and balanced gameplay makes for a terrific, exciting game for everyone. Just check out the gameplay below!


5. Planetside 2

Just as exciting as its predecessor, Planetside 2 takes place on the stunning planet Araxis, where three distinct factions fight for control of the planet across five distinct continents with a vast array of weapons.

Fight as one soldier in the Terran Republic’s massive army! 

This game has an impressive weather system built in that allows players to hide within fog or sandstorms, requiring rapid changes in strategy to cope with changing condition.

By far, the biggest strength of this game is the potentially massive scale of the battles. It currently holds the Guiness Word Record for the largest first-person battle, with 1158 players in a single battle.

The dust can be your enemy or your friend.

If you’re looking for a stunning first-person shooter which truly drops you in massive battles, Planetside 2 is the game for you.


6. No More Room in Hell

Half-Life 2 fans, check out No More Room in Hell.

Think of this game as a great multiplayer mode for Half-Life 2. There’s no cohesive story, but it uses the same world and gameplay to deliver intense, cooperative multiplayer zombie survival.

Get to the chopper and escape the hell below!

While you have over thirty weapons at your disposal, including a bow-and-arrow and a chainsaw, you have no way of tracking your own health or ammo. You can see everyone else’s health and ammo, though, as you navigate the dark, zombie riddled maps.

This forces you to communicate with your teammates to support each other when health is dwindling during the final round of the game’s survival mode or as you desperately search for the rescue vehicle in the objective mode.

Braaaiiins…grab the fire-ax!

The biggest appeal of this game, however, is that it uses the same ingenious gameplay as Half-Life 2. After all, this game is a mod of a pioneering game in the first-person shooter genre. Check out some gameplay here:


7. Mechwarrior Online

In Mechwarrior Online, mankind has spread out amongst the stars in the 31st Century. Families and clans wage war to control as much galactic real estate as possible, and they fight using BattleMechs, simply referred to as Mechs.

Engage in all-out firefight against the enemy team!

Whether you prefer engaging enemies in head-on combat in a Brawler Mech or providing heavy assistance in a Support Mech, you can customize it however you feel will best support your team. From shoulder-mounted missile cannons to rapid-fire laser guns, the possibilities are endless.

Take out your enemies with long-range missiles!

Teamwork is practically built into this game. When you target an enemy, they show up on your teammates’ heads-up display. This allows them to strategically plan their approach to the enemy outpost or lay a trap for incoming Mechs.

Warfare has grown faster and far more dangerous in the 31st Century. Strap in, pilots!



8. Block and Load

If Minecraft were combined with Team Fortress 2, Block and Load would be the result.

This ingenious game pits players against each other in teams of five as they build defenses to protect their base and traps to capture their enemies using each character’s unique inventory of blocks and weapons.

Nigel Purdey-Longshott and O.P. Juan Shinobi fight side by side!

Doc Eliza Doolally, a brilliant scientist gone rogue, can lay poisonous proximity mines for enemies or ammo blocks for allies. Cogwheel the robot can create respawn blocks to place teammates closer to the action and strategically place radars to analyze the enemy’s defenses and fortifications. Teammates must work together creatively to assemble defenses and destroy the enemy’s base.

The firefights never let up, even when the base explodes.

One of the coolest things about this game is the aesthetics. The game is simple and bright. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, however. The game doesn’t let up. If you slow down amidst the colorful chaos for even a second, you’re a sitting duck.

Whether you play as a teleporting ninja, a trigger-happy soldier, or a level-headed engineer, creativity is the name of the game in Block and Load.


9. Dirty Bomb

Fight for the biggest paycheck in Dirty Bomb, a team-based, first person shooter. Set in the aftermath of a radiological attack in London, mercenaries fight for private military companies vying for control of the city.

You play as one of the mercenaries willing to brave the irradiated streets for whatever cash you can get. Each mercenary has his or her own unique ability, from active camouflage to orbital lasers. Cycle through three of the dozens of mercenaries as part of a five-member team. You must work together to complete timed objectives against the other team. Whoever completes their objectives the fastest wins.

Defend your teammate as she removes the objective from the warzone!

This game doesn’t hold your hand. It’s fast-paced, there’s no auto-targeting, and without any defensive enhancements you won’t last long. Your teammates can help you out, but only if you return the favor. If you don’t work together, your team will never succeed.

The agile Phantom (left) or the fierce Rhino (right), who will win?

Heal your teammates, set up turrets to protect your friends, and rain down airstrikes on your enemies in Dirty Bomb. Start raking in the cash now!


10. Fistful of Frags

If you’ve ever played Team Fortress 2, you’ll love this game.

Fistful of Frags started as a mod of Team Fortress 2 and grew popular enough to be developed into a standalone game. You get to explore rich, authentic Western settings. complete with saloons and old railroad stations, as you fight in fast-paced team matches.

Tower over your enemies in the blazing sun!

The biggest difference between this game and Team Fortress 2 is the weapons. Wild west cowboy weapons, such as six-shooters, hatchets, and a bow-and-arrow. Since these are older weapons, they take more time to reload, so you’ll have to be more careful and resourceful during rapid firefights.

A bow and arrow may not be your best choice.

Run around in Western clothing and mow down your enemies with old-school Gatling guns and sawed-off shotguns in Fistful of Frags.


11. Team Fortress 2

If you’ve never heard of Team Fortress 2, you must be living under a rock.

Team Fortress 2 pits two teams – red and blue – against each other in objective-based matches, such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Arena. While there is a story behind this eternal conflict (two warring brothers fight for complete control of their company’s assets) it doesn’t affect your gaming experience. You don’t need to know anything about the conflict to lose entire days playing match after match of fast-paced, chaotic, and addictive matches.

Sniper used jar of urine!

The biggest thing that separates this shooter from all the rest is its effortless humor. The Demoman – bomb expert – is a black man with a Scottish accent who screams at his enemies. The Heavy can taunt his enemies mid-combat to eat a sandwich. One of the sniper’s weapons is a jar of his own urine (and its surprisingly effective).

The heavy doesn’t have to move to take down the enemy base!

This game has been out for nine years, and with all the fantastic mods and the incredible core gameplay, Team Fortress 2 is sure to remain a hit for years to come. 


12. Transmissions: Element 120

Half-Life 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. It should be no surprise that one of its mods would be a runaway hit as well.


Transmission: Element 120 is an intense, short game set in the Half-Life Universe, where you start off with plenty of questions. Where are you? Why are you here? Who sent you? Why are there zombies and mysterious soldiers around every corner trying to kill you? And what’s this mysterious weapon you have?

Don’t let the cornered zombie get near you!

That weapon is actually one of the best features of the game. It takes the same gravity gun from Half-Life 2 and tweaks it slightly, allowing for inventive moves. From decimating crowds of enemies to leaping over buildings, the possibilities are endless.

Use your mysterious gravity-manipulating device to move objects around the room, among other things.

The most impressive part about this game? It’s all the work of one guy. While he did receive support from people who had worked on Deus Ex, Portal, and Command and Conquer, amongst other massive titles, it’s still an impressive feat.

The final result is a polished, engaging game with a highly destructible environment and a fantastic new weapon. Check it out.


13. Medusa’s Labyrinth

Immerse yourself in the horrors of Ancient Greece.


Medusa’s Labyrinth is a first-person horror game set in Ancient Greece. You arrive on Temple Island and find a mysterious note from a girl selected to become an Oracle. As you follow the notes, you descend into the catacombs beneath the temple, where the torches will suddenly blow out and monsters creep just out of eyesight.

What could have happened at this abandoned pool? Better pull your bow out!

This is one of the most immersive, terrifying horror games out there. There’s no heads-up display cluttering the screen. To check your inventory, you grab your quiver and look at how many arrows you have. Every breeze and echo reverberates through the corridors. Your heart pounds in your ears with every creak. Your instincts will betray you in this game.

Mysterious Temple Island serves as the eerie backdrop for this thrilling game.

Monstrous goat men patrol the dark halls, and if they catch sight of you they’ll chase you down and murder you with a single hit. If you can make it past them (or even kill them), you may find the creature they’re protecting.

Medusa’s Labyrinth is short, but intense beyond belief. Turn the light off, and prepare to scream.


14. Romero’s Aftermath

Fight back the zombies with your friends in Romero’s Aftermath.

The spiritual successor to the game War Z. Romero’s Afermath drops you in a massive world where a zombie plague has plunged humanity into competitive chaos. Carrying a huge backpack to store all your equipment, you struggle to survive in a world where every resource counts and every day could be your last.

Keep your gun out as you fight through the zombie-infested wasteland with your friends.

This game is, first and foremost, a survival story. If you don’t drink water, you die. You must farm crops in order not to starve. If your shelter breaks down, you run the risk of zombies breaking in. Every single item out there, from an empty water bottle to powerful chemicals, can be used to craft whatever you need, from a sleeping bag to more powerful weapons.

Keep your farm safe from zombies and other players, and you just might survive.

Romero’s Aftermath’s customization allows you do whatever you want. You can serve other players as a trader with colorful outfits or blend in as a civilian with a small shelter. Bright weapons skins allow for a more personalized touch as you shoot zombies in the head.

Whether you work together or go it alone, Romero’s Aftermath is guaranteed to be one hell of a game.


15. Blockstorm

Give everyone a gun in Minecraft, and you get Blockstorm.


In Blockstorm, players fight against each other as unique characters in fully destructible environments, and when I say fully destructible, I mean it.

Bane and Rambo contemplate the meaning of life as they sit around the fire. Seriously, you can make this happen.

Blockstorm features a map-maker, much like Minecraft. Instead of collecting the resources, however, Blockstorm lets you dive straight into the building process. Intricate mazes, gigantic buildings, and fortified bunkers are all possible with just the click of a button. Then, duke it out with your friends, and watch your creations fall to the ground with just a few bullets.

Adventure Time fans can bring Finn to life!

That’s not the only thing you can customize in Blockstorm. You can design your character to look however you want. You can play as a grizzled soldier who guns down his enemies with a pink machine gun, a skeleton who beats his enemies with a club, even Batman with a lightsaber. The action is similar to other first-person shooters, and you can die in an instant. The possibilities are completely endless.

Unleash your imagination with your friends in Blockstorm.


16. Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms takes place in an alternate history of the early 21st Century. The Neo Russia Federation (NRF) has risen from the remains of soviet Russia and is wreaking havoc in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The European Union (EU) must mobilize their combined armies to contain this new threat to Europe’s stability.

Use the dust as cover to move swiftly through a war-torn city.

You play as a soldier in one of these two factions, engaging in one of ten different types of matches. Earn the highest killcount in Annihilation mode. Escort an EU tank across the battlefield, or destroy it if you play for the NRF. There’s even a horde mode called Infection, where one player is randomly turned into a zombie and must infect all the rest while the remaining humans struggle to survive.

Fight your way out of a corner in Infection mode!

Customization is also a huge part of the game. You can modify your weapons to be the perfect balance of damage, range, and accuracy for your play style, whether you prefer to be the scout on the battlefield or the long-range sniper.

Design your character and jump into the fray. Alliance of Valiant Arms awaits!


17. Defiance

Planet Earth is now an alien world.


Defiance takes place in San Francisco in the aftermath of a war between humans and aliens. The landscape has changed drastically. All plant and animal life as we know it has died, and new species have taken their place. Aliens and humans now live together on this new Earth.

This Ark Hunter powers up her EGO in preparation for an upcoming battle.

Your character, a Human or Irathient (humanoid alien), is recruited to become an Ark Hunter, a hired hand for Von Bach Industries. Your mission is to acquire alien technology in a violent world and return it to your employer.

Remnants of San Francisco’s infrastructure serves as the backdrop for epic chases and violent confrontations.

Von Bach Industries has provided you with EGO (Environmental Guardian Online), which gives player enhancements such as Blur (a speed enhancement) or Decoy (which creates a hologram to distract the enemy). These allow for fantastic, dynamic combat scenarios which aid in the intensity of the gameplay.

The coolest part about this game is that it ties into the Syfy television series of the same name. While you get to experience the epic battles and tense missions in the game, the show helps to weave in the deeper lore and intricacies of this world. The show was discontinued, but the game still remains.

Defiance is worth checking out, both for the depth of the world and the excitement of combat.


18. Double Action: Boogaloo

Get ready for one of the most adrenaline-fueled games on this list!


Double Action: Boogaloo is your chance to act out over-the-top action like you’ve only seen in The Matrix. Mercenaries and bounty hunters rule the cities as you hunt down briefcases loaded with cash and take down criminals with lethal ferocity.

It’s the most epic shootout you’ve ever seen!

The game’s biggest selling point is its intense action. Race through hallways with your guns drawn. Shoot first, ask questions later. Do a backflip off of your enemy’s face, blow their kneecaps off, and punch them in the face. You can even jump out of a skyscraper and engage in a freefall shootout. You may not survive, but that’s okay, so long as you get your target.

Leaping from rooftops is just an everyday occurrence.

Throw caution to the wind as you dive from buildings in this intense, action-oriented game.  Double Action: Boogaloo will blow your mind.


19. Firefall

It’s easy to get lost in Firefall, a massive shooter with role-playing influences.

Set in the late 22nd Century, Earth has been transformed by an extra-dimensional energy known as the Melding. Wildlife has been transformed into ravenous beasts, and rebel humans pillage what resource they can get. Looming over all of this is the Chosen, humans who have been transformed by the Melding.

Mutanted, violent creatures of Earth are constantly on the hunt in this new Earth.

You navigate the world in unique power armor known as Battleframes, which give you enhanced health, jumping, and even flight. Choose the best Battleframe to support your friends, be it the Biotech medic or the deadly Recon, as you fight your way through this terrifying new version of Earth.

Adventure and danger wait in every corner of this new Earth, but the rewards are worth it.

Compared to many of the games on this list, this game is huge. There’s an expansive backstory that’s woven into the game explaining how the Melding came to be and where the Battleframe’s power source comes from. There are tons of side-quests to take on, from stopping bandits to investigating a disturbance in the mines. With each mission, you gain money or vital resources used to customize your Battleframe with advanced crafting options to increase speed, strength, and build powerful weapons such as laser rifles and EMPS.

Strap into your Battlesuit and lose yourself in Firefall.


20. Gigantic

Whimsical and action-packed, Gigantic is sure to blow you away!

In Gigantic, two teams of five players – supported by a massive Guardian – drop into vivid, exciting levels to duke it out in fast-paced fantasy combat. Choose from a wide variety of characters that best suits your play style. If you prefer to strike quickly with knives and escape, the stealthy Tripp is the player for you. For more endurance and powerful strikes, I’d recommend the Margrave, an unstoppable armored demon. If you prefer to support your team, Griselma the Wise Summoner can summon portal beasts to give you an advantage in battle.

When guardians clash, everyone feels the effects!

The action only gets more intense when the Guardians do battle. These massive creatures possess incredible power. The majestic Griffin can whip up massive tornadoes with a beat of its wings and will trample enemies with a ferocious charge. Naga, the powerful dragon, can crush enemies with its strong arms and skewer enemies with its spikes. When these creatures do battle, all players rush to aid their Guardian by attacking the enemy’s Guardian or killing the other players to protect their own.

Just because you outnumber the enemy doesn’t turn the odds in your favor.

You fight for one of several Houses, factions fighting for control of the world. Beyond that, little is currently known about the lore behind the world of Gigantic. The game is set to release December 31st, 2016, so keep an eye out for new features and additional characters as the end of the year draws closer.

Keep this game on your radar. With its fantastic characters and intense fighting, Gigantic is sure to be a hit!


21. Survarium

In the year 2026, nature has taken revenge on the people that hurt it. A rapidly-growing forest has eradicated 90% of the human population, and destroys anything it views as a threat to them, such as weapons manufacturers, military bases, and labs developing a solution to stop the developing forest. Out of this chaos, the surviving humans have branched out into 4 different factions who are at war with one another.

You can dive in by yourself or engage in team death matches as one of four unique factions, such as the nomadic Black Market or the organized Renaissance Army. Work alongside a friend in co-op mode to find the origin of this ecological disaster and, if possible, a way to stop the spread of the forest.

Who’s hiding in that abandoned garage?

Unlike most first-person shooters, the combat in this game is realistic. You can only shoot when aiming down the sights of your weapon, unlike most games, where you can shoot accurately as you run. It hurts much more to get shot in the chest than in the arm or leg. You can naturally recover from small wounds, but injuries from high-caliber weapons leave permanent damage.

Scrounge for whatever you can to arm and protect yourself in this eco-apocalyptic wasteland.

Some items have bonuses that can modify your regeneration ability, allowing you to heal faster. There are also armor and weapon modifiers that can improve health, stamina, speed, and protection from environmental damage (i.e. radiation from a nuclear facility, gas leaks, or air-born poisons). The more experience you earn in battle, the more items (and therefore more modifiers) you have available to you.

Only you can find the solution to humanity’s downfall, if you can survive in the perilous forest!


22. Unturned

If you’re looking for fast-paced zombie adventure, look no further.

Unturned is a zombie-survival style game with graphics eerily similar to Minecraft. You wake up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse as one of the ‘unturned’ members of society. Together, you must band with the remaining humans to survive for as long as possible.

A powerful sniper rifle to take out zombies? You don’t see that in Minecraft.

Unlike Minecraft, most of the world is already built around you. You can certainly chop down trees with an axe so you can build furniture for your house or, maybe more practically, construct barricades against the windows and doors. Food is certainly easier to come by than other survival games, but if you forget to eat, you’ll starve to death. Find rifles and pistols lying in fields, abandoned police cars, even town squares.

Wreak cartoonish carnage as you fight for survival!

This game is incredibly simple, not just in the zombie-survival premise, but in the block-like graphics, quick gameplay, and more available resources. However, know that this game was made by a sixteen-year-old in his bedroom. This is also his first game, so with time there’ll be even more content with every update.

Have a blast roaming the zombie-riddled world of Unturned, with its bountiful resources and tense, exciting gameplay.


23. Tribes Ascend

The Tribes series of games are some of the best in the business, and this one may be the best of them all.

Tribes: Ascend is a fast-paced 1st-person shooter. The game takes place in a war-torn Earth, laden with barren warehouses, abandoned starships, and breathtaking scenery. Players jump into powerful battle armor with a wide variety of weapons (from laser-powered rifles to futuristic crossbows) and fight in all-out team death matches, King of the Hill, or the most popular mode, Capture the Flag.

No doubt about it, this is a beautiful game. 

One of the most unique aspects of Tribes: Ascend is the rapid movement system. Players use rolling hills and ramps to either ‘ski’ (a form of drifting) down and then use the jetpack to quickly ascend these same hills. You can rush into a battle, shoot down your enemies, and disappear in seconds. It’s even more efficient than cruising through levels in a hovercraft or a speeder. Once you master this method of moving around a level, you’ll be unstoppable in the battlefield.

Dodge lasers and rifle fire with your jetpack as you zoom past your enemies.

Fly into enemy territory with guns blazing in Tribes: Ascend.


24. World of Tanks

Have you ever wanted to control a massive killing machine and demolish enemies with heavy artillery? With World of Tanks, you can. You take the reins of hefty war machinery as you team up with other players to battle it out in destroyed cities and unique combat zones.

There are 33 maps in World of Tanks, and they are ever-expanding. Like most other shooters, each map has different terrain and obstacles to fight through, which can also double as great cover for your tank. Every map has a base for each team, which is one of two objectives of the game: you win by either destroying all enemy tanks or by taking over their base.

A Japanese tank in the tundra

Worlds of Tanks boasts a vast variety of different tanks to choose from. Starting in World War I era, when these humongous battle vehicles first became common in combat, all the way to the early 1960’s. All tanks in the game are heavily influenced by historical tanks like Renault FT, a small French tank developed in the early 1900’s.

The Tanks that players are able to choose from are divvied up by eight regions and five types. Regions include U.S.S.R., the United States, China, and Czechoslovakia, to name a few, while the types are small, medium, heavy, destroyers, and self-propelled guns. Players must strategically choose between these options to find a tank that best suits their playing style and enemy strengths.

Bombed out cities to fight through

Players are also able to customize the appearance and tech of their tanks. There are multiple different pieces of machinery that can be swapped out, such as the turret, tracks, and engine. Through customization you can optimize your tank for better fire power, speed, and toughness.

According to Wargaming, World of Tanks currently has over 12 million daily users, and is often regarded as one of the most loved free-to-play games of all time.


25. Paragon

Science fiction meets fantasy in Paragon.

In Paragon, teams of ten are pitted against each other in an attempt to capture the opposing team’s base and destroy the core at the center of the base.  Three lanes connect the bases through the jungle, where additional resources lay hidden and can give your team the advantage. Both teams have minions to support them, and they can cause real damage to your team if you’re not paying attention.

Steel’s massive shield can be used to protect your teammates or smash through minions!

One of the most unique features of this game is the team selection process. You choose one of the unique characters, from Steel, an armored giant with a massive shield to protect his teammates, to Khaimera, a melee fighter with a rapid healing factory who can pounce on targets with bloody precision. Once you choose your character, the game creates balanced teams based on the character you choose. It makes every match as fair as possible.

Science fiction and fantasy literally clash in Paragon.

Gear up for a fantastic challenge when Paragon is released later this year.


Shooters are incredibly satisfying and because each game is different, they are a source of neverending fun. Equally, it’s safe to say that everyone loves a free game, especially if they’re high quality, unique, and exciting to play. We think that all of these games fit that bill.


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