"Last Year" Game Beta Delayed to October 2017

Last Year
Featured Image by Elastic Games: The Killers or Survivors? Who will you choose?

The game beta for Last Year that was set for release mid-August 2017 has now been delayed to October, 2017.

Last Year is currently being developed by Elastic Games for a PC platform, some of Elastic Game’s developers have worked on some well known titles you may be familiar with like Assassin’s Creed and the Far Cry series. The game is a 5 vs 1 multiplayer survival horror game set on Halloween night, 1996. Each survivor will have a key role, for example, one player might be a Medic and the other a Technician which will be equally as important for keeping the group alive.

5 players can play as a group of classic high school characters (each with their own class type and abilities) which you must survive against the 1 player that’s playing as the Killer. You will need to work together by searching for resources, crafting weapons and using your individual abilities to survive.

The main mission will be to escape from the East Side of the chosen map and make it out alive, preferably with your whole group. The available “Survivors” you can play as are Chad (Assault Class), Troy (Support Class), Amber (Scout Class), Nick (Technician Class) and Samantha (Medic Class).

However, if you are the one playing as the Killer, your goal will be to hunt and kill the other players which will give the Killer a totally different gaming experience than the Survivors. From what the 2016 gameplay trailer showed, it seems very tactical with many ways to capture, kill or separate the survivors.

There are 3 killer types that have been released so far and each one has their own unique abilities and set of weapons which gives you a bit more freedom allowing you to choose a play style that suits you. The 3 Killers available are The Slasher (Assault Class), The Giant (Heavy Class) and The Strangler (Scout Class). All the Killers will have a “predator mode” letting them turn invisible and move extremely fast which means there's going to be some jumpy moments during gameplay as the Killers can appear from anywhere, so watch out and keep your guard up.

The game will also feature some locations which have been inspired by classic 90’s Horror movies including the Mall, Highschool, Summer Camp and the Suburbs.

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