System Shock 2018: Same Voice Actor Will Be Used for SHODAN

SHODAN, System Shock
Terri Brosius returns to voice SHODAN in a faithful reboot of the original 1994 classic.

Set for release in 2018, a remake of System Shock is currently being developed by a dream-team collaboration of a group of veteran developers responsible for contemporary classics such as BioShock, Mass Effect and Fallout: New Vegas - thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter project. 

This riveting reimagination of the original game is intended for both original fanatics and newcomers who didn’t get the chance to play the 1994 original. One of the most iconic features of the first instalment of System Shock was the sinister, ominous voice and unsettling presence of SHODAN voice acted by Terri Brosius, now notably glitchier and menacing than ever. It is confirmed that Terri will be reprising her role as Shodan, which is something long time fans of the game praised the developers for.

You’re a renowned anonymous hacker who’s been caught red-handed whilst attempting to access sensitive files regarding Citadel Station. A company executive of the TriOptimum corporation (which owns the Station) offers you a bargain: successfully hack into SHODAN and all charges will be dropped. After a disastrous operation involving a neural implant given to you by the executive, you wake up after a 6-month coma, only to find Citadel Station in considerable disrepair. SHODAN has commandeered the station and the crew appear to have been horrifically mutated, killed, or transformed into cyborgs. As Citadel Station awaits with an abundance of classic sci-fi horror movie elements, System Shock is on a mission to appeal to sci-fi gaming nerds the world over.

Producer Warren Spector explains: “From a fiction standpoint, SHODAN, the malevolent super intelligent AI is coming back. We have to know what happened to her. That’s one of the reasons to make a new System Shock game.” He adds “For new players, people who have never even heard of System Shock, I think it’ll just be a great story.”

Nightdive Studios released this pre-alpha trailer in March 2017. It’s due out on PC and consoles in 2018, but no date has been specified yet.

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