[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Loadouts (For Early and Late Game)

Hunt Showdown Best Loadouts (For Early and Late Game)
Our Loadouts are sure to give you the edge when battling monster and human alike in the bayou.


What are the 10 best loadouts from early game to late game?

10. Romero 77 and Scottfield Model 3 Duo

The Romero 77 and Scottfield Model 3 pair is a perfect mix of both long and short range capability, while retaining an early game cost. Providing the power of a close range shotgun and the range of a long-barreled pistol, this loadout is sure to give you the edge when fighting in the bayou.

The Romero provides a powerful yet tight spread of pellets, boasting the longest one-shot kill range in the game, while the scottfield is widely renowned as one of the best early game pistols due to its high damage and low cost.

Low Cost

  • Total loadout cost is 143 hunt dollars, making it nearly the cheapest loadout in the game
  • Romero is the cheapest shotgun (66 HD) and is immediately available to new players
  • Scottfield is also immediately available and boasts relatively high damage for cost ratio
  • No extra accessories or ammo required, this loadout is best served plain
  • Loadout is most widely used among newer players due to lower costs

  High versatility and effectiveness

  • Romero has longest one shot range of all shotguns available to players (14m)
  • Scottfield at 107 damage boasts 2nd highest pistol damage in the game
  • All players new or veteran can use and employ this loadout at any time
  • Scottfield also has relatively high reload time at 9s compared to other pistols
  • Romero has a 50 spread statistic, the lowest of all available shotguns


9.  Winfield M1873C and Nagant M1895

The Winfield M1873C and Nagant M1895 are the definition of compact and lightweight. Both weapons have record ADS speeds and Firing/Reloading times compared to other weapons in their class, all the while maintaining a low and affordable cost for new and early game players.

The Winfield Model C provides a lighter and more compact version of its bigger Winfield counterpart, while maintaining the large magazine and powerful ammo type. 

The Nagant gives the player a trusted and revered sidearm, boasting a short reload speed and high damage for the dirt cheap price.

Quick Reload and Firing Speeds

  • The Winfield has a 10.1 reload speed for its magazine of 8 bullets, allowing rapid reload and firing rates
  • The Nagant has a surprisingly low cycle speed of 1.5 seconds, Winfield at 1.2 seconds
  • Compact ammo type allows for quicker ADS speed and muzzle velocity
  • Even with fast and compact design, the Winfield still has a respectable one shot headshot range of 151m
  • The Nagant has the quickest ADS speed of all pistols in the game at 0.6 seconds

  Low Cost

  • Earning its title of budget loadout, this loadout comes in at 65 hunt dollars, making it the cheapest loadout in the game
  • The Nagant at 24 Hunt dollars is the cheapest pistol in the game
  • As a completely new player, you could run this loadout 60-70 times before running out of money (4000 hunt dollar starting balance)
  • The Winfield provides the same performance as rifles 3-4x more expensive with itself at 41 hunt dollars
  • Even as a budget loadout, this loadout provides the same performance as much higher tier weapons at a fraction of the cost


8. Springfield Rifle and Caldwell Pax

The Springfield Rifle and Caldwell Pax provide a perfect mix of high damage and bullet velocity all in one deadly package.  The Springfield Rifle is one of the highest damage rifles in the early game, an advantage which is only mitigated by its single shot chamber. 

The Caldwell Pax uses rifle-style bullets, making for a high damage pistol that still maintains excellent accuracy and reload speed.

The Springfield provides a great early game option for those looking for great damage retention over long distances, with the rifle also having a marksman variant for the snipers among you.  The Caldwell Pax makes for a versatile sidearm, providing the player with a perfect mix of power and speed.

High Damage

  • Springfield comes in at 132 damage, making it one of the highest damage rifles in the game
  • Caldwell pax using rifle-type bullets has 110 damage, competing with rifles while having pistol-like speed and versatility
  • Springfield has 490m/s muzzle velocity, and can headshot up to 212m, making for excellent damage retention over distance
  • Caldwell Pax has a cycle time of 1.4s in between shots, providing a great dps for the player (6 round chamber)
  • Best early game loadout for players searching for high damage output and overall DPS

  Low Cost

  • As is the theme with early game loadouts, this loadout is one of the cheapest at 118 hunt dollars total cost
  • Springfield at 38 hunt dollars nears the cost of a nagant with nearly 2x the damage
  • Caldwell at 80 hunt dollars is the most “expensive” part of the loadout, but is well priced for damage output
  • Springfield also has multiple ammo variants for relatively low cost, making for a versatile loadout
  • Overall a great budget loadout for newer players that are looking for a high DPS early game loadout


 7. Vetterli Karabiner and Cavalry Saber 

Coming in at #7 is the Vetterli 71 Karabiner and Cavalry Saber pair.  Combining CQB and long range capabilities, this loadout is the definition of versatility, and is a loadout that is sure to fit any class of player, perfect for 3 and 4 star mid game gameplay. 

The Vetterli provides the player with long range capabilities and a huge magazine capacity, all with the power of a fully fleshed out rifle.  The cavalry saber is THE choice for CQB, outperforming even shotguns when employed correctly in the heat of battle.

High Versatility

  • The Vetterli has 130 damage with a one shot distance of 204m, and has deadeye/marksman variants for the snipers among you
  • Cavalry Saber instantly kills when heavy attacked in lower and upper torso/head, making it the choice for close quarters fights
  • The Cavalry saber also makes for a great mob killer, allowing you to kill up to 3 of those pesky zombies at once, great for the middle of a heated battle
  • The Vetterli with a 7 shot magazine gives the player plenty of breathing room, so even those with noob-like aim can succeed
  • Overall a very versatile and multi-functional loadout, great for those looking for a “jack of all trades” type loadout

High Damage

  • The Vetterli with 130 damage and a 204m headshot range makes for a powerful rifle, combined with a 7 shot magazine
  • Cavalry Saber as previously stated is a one shot kill almost always when engaged in CQB
  • Vetterli has nearly highest accuracy of all rifles in its class, at a rating of 77
  • Cavalry saber is known as one of the easiest melee weapons to hit, using a stab-like motion making for a bigger hitbox
  • A high damage loadout when compared to its relatively cheap hunt dollar cost of 165


  6. Caldwell Rival and Pax Trueshot

As we make our way towards the more expensive loadouts, we meet in the middle with the Caldwell Rival and Pax Trueshot pair.  A perfect combination of accuracy and damage, the Caldwell Rival gives the player 2 chances at a one shot kill, while the trueshot has the highest accuracy of all pistols in its class, owed to its obscenely long barrel. 

The Caldwell makes for a powerful entry-level shotgun, combining mid-tier stats with an entry level cost, making it perfect for mid game players.  The Pax Trueshot combines improved accuracy with the same damage as a Caldwell Pax, with only a minor increase in cost.

High Damage

  • The Caldwell Rival unloads 190 damage with each shot, making total damage potential 380, or 2 enemy players
  • Caldwell Trueshot has a slightly higher damage than its original counterpart, at 114 with similar stats across the board aside from greatly improved accuracy
  • Caldwell Rival has a relatively tight shotgun spread compared to others, at a rating of 80, meaning kills can be attained at longer distances
  • The Trueshot has an improved muzzle velocity of 410m/s, meaning you can easily lead your shots and have improved aim when in heated fights
  • Overall a great mid-tier loadout with huge damage potential and accuracy

Low Cost (For the damage)

  • When comparing the damage potential of the loadout with others in the mid-tier, this loadout stands out at the low low price of 291 hunt dollars
  • Caldwell Rival at 150 hunt dollars is one of the cheapest shotguns next to the Romero, but has the huge bonus of 2 rounds rather than 1 with the Romero
  • Trueshot is somewhat expensive at 141 hunt dollars, due to its heavily improved muzzle velocity and accuracy, but still cheap compared to other pistols
  • Caldwell Rival also has many ammo variants that are also cheap and provide great increases to overall damage potential, making the weapon very cost efficient
  • Overall a great “budget” loadout for 3-4 star players looking for a reliable and cheap mid game loadout


5. Berthier Mle 1892 and Lemat Mk2


The Berthier Mle 1892 and Lemat Mk2 is a perfect match at the #5 spot, providing a perfect mix of mid-tier cost and end-game power, along with huge versatility and damage retention across all ranges.

The Berthier makes for a perfect mid to long range option in the mid-game, combining mosin damage with Winfield speed.  The Lemat is the definition of versatility, combining mid range capability with close range effectiveness, due to its short shotgun fitted barrel along with its regular pistol fitted barrel.
Huge Versatility

  • The Berthier is perfect for the hybrid sniper, having a deadeye variant combined with high ADS speed for the quick moving sniper who wants to snipe on the go
  • The Lemat Mk2 has both pistol and shotgun barrels, providing a great mid range sidearm that can be converted to a one-shot capable shotgun in a pinch
  • Both weapons have great accuracy and one shot range, at 305m for the Berthier and 80m for the Lemat
  • The Lemat has a blazing fast rpm of 25 rounds per minute, having a huge 9 magazine barrel so even those with the worst accuracy can succeed
  • Great for a quick moving sniper who needs versatility and one-shot potential in a pinch

High Damage

  • The Berthier has a whopping 130 damage per shot, with an enormous 305m headshot range, perfect for snipers and heavy hitters
  • The Lemat Mk2 buckshot that comes standard with the pistol has 157 damage, making for a great one shot option in close quarter situations
  • The regular pistol bullet damage of 97 in the Lemat combined with a magazine size of 9 bullets makes for a damage dealer similar to that of a gatling gun
  • Berthier has a crazy quick reload speed of 2.7 seconds for 3 bullets, allowing the firing of bullets in quick succession, perfect for heated and fast-paced situations
  • Overall a great mid-tier loadout that provides end game damage with great versatility at the same time


4. Drilling and Nagant Officer

As we make our way towards the more bougie side of the tier list, we end up with the Drilling and Nagant officer pair.  These high dollar weapons make for a prime example of when versatility and damage output have a baby, formulating into a perfect mix of the two superpowers of loadout criteria.

The Drilling provides versatility in the form of 2 rifle shots and a shotgun barrel, while the Nagant officer provides rapid fire raw damage output with its blazing fast cycle speed making for a perfectly crafted loadout of destruction.

High Damage

  • As is a common theme with higher tier weapons, both of these weapons provide solid damage output at blazing fast speeds, making them perfectly crafted weapons of mass destruction
  • The drilling provides 2 rifle bullets in a double barrel style weapon, each dealing a whopping 120 damage with 0.6s cycle time, and a shotgun shell with one-shot potential at 179 damage
  • The Nagant officer has a 7 bullet chamber, each bullet dealing 91 damage with a 0.7 cycle time interval, meaning a quick death for the unlucky receiver of these bullets
  • Both weapons have muzzle velocity upwards of 300m/s, making for great damage retention over range
  • Overall a great entry to high tier loadouts, providing massive and quick damage at mid tier costs

High Versatility

  • The Drilling’s combination of 2 rifle bullets fired in quick succession with a one shot shotgun barrel make for an expert blend of versatility at both mid and close range
  • The Nagant Officer is renowned for its quick firing speed, making it a perfect choice for close range engagements
  • Despite both weapons having great close range capabilities, both are simultaneously able to handle long range engagements as well, having great muzzle velocity and damage retention over range
  • Nagant Officer spread rating of 50 makes for a great mid range choice (nearly highest among pistol class)
  • Great versatility owed mainly to multiple ammo types and great stats all around make this a perfect entry to the world of late game loadouts


3. Specter 1882 and Caldwell New Army Swift

The Specter 1882 and Caldwell New Army Swift provide the player with both high damage potential and an extremely low cost for a certified late game loadout that ensures you have the edge in any close quarters situation. 

The Specter 1882 functions as a multi-shot Romero, providing that sweet long barrel spread distance combined with a magazine capacity that rivals that of a Winfield.  The Caldwell New Army Swift is a perfect combination of huge damage combined with a blisteringly fast reload speed, owed to its 6 shot speed reloader mechanism.
Low Cost

  • Coming in at a dirt cheap cost of 296 hunt dollars, this is the most cost efficient endgame loadout you will find within the game of HUNT
  • The Specter is an absolute steal at 188 hunt dollars, with a cost rivaling that of the Caldwell Rival for a massive increase in damage output and reloading speed owed to its 5 round magazine
  • The Caldwell New Army Swift is also clearance sale cheap at 108 hunt dollars, which is doubly worth it when you factor in its added speed reloader and respectable damage output at 97
  • Both guns also have many ammo types at relatively cheap prices, making both weapons a perfectly versatile low cost loadout choice
  • Overall a perfect end game CQB loadout for the hunters that may be a bit low on cash

High Damage

  • The Specter 1882 at 210 damage per shot, along with its headshot range of 14m and magazine size of 5 rounds is arguably the best shotgun in the game
  • The Caldwell New Army Swift is a perfect choice for those most interested in high tier CQB, combining quick reload with a cycle time of 0.5 seconds for razor fast shooting
  • Combined with dum-dum ammo, the Caldwell New Army Swift is renowned and respected for its huge damage output when in close quarter situations
  • The Specter 1882 is also known to have great wall-bang capabilities, owed to its tight spread and long barrel
  • A great mid-tier end game loadout, perfect for the budget hunters looking to dabble into 5 star MMR


  2. Crown and King Auto-5/Dolch 96

​Coming in at #2 is the rich man’s dream loadout, the Crown and King Auto-5 and Dolch 96 pair. Combining top of the line damage with new technological advancements of semi-auto capabilities, this loadout is THE choice when it comes to close-mid range encounters in Hunt.

The Crown and King puts Specter-like power into a semi-automatic shotgun, meaning super fast cycle times with huge damage potential. The Dolch 96 provides massive damage with muzzle velocity speeds that make it perfect for close-mid range engagements.

High Damage

  • The Crown and King does 194 damage for each of the 5 shots it has in its magazine, with the cycle time being a blazing fast 0.6 seconds in between each shot
  • Dolch 96 has 97 damage with a 10 bullet magazine, combined with the ability to reload using stripper clips, making reloading a breeze even in the heat of battle
  • Both weapons are semi-automatic, meaning they have the fastest cycle times in the game, but with damage that would come out of single shot rifles
  • The Crown and King has very low vertical recoil at a rating of 20, meaning shots are able to be fired in quick succession with precision accuracy
  • Overall a true endgame loadout, giving the player top of the line damage and accuracy.  Just dont be mad when you lose 1200 hunt dollars in a single loadout.

​Fast Reload

  • As stated previously, both weapons are semi-automatic, with the Crown having a cycle time of 0.6s and the Dolch 0.4s, the fastest times in the game
  • The Crown has a 5 round magazine, a huge amount for a shotgun, while the Dolch has a 10 round capacity, one that is unmatched by any other pistol in its class
  • The Dolch has a reload time of 6s, which is insane considering its magazine is 10 bullets, and compared to other pistols that have double the reload time with half the magazine capacity
  • The Crown and King has a reload speed of 10.7s, which is respectable when looking at other shotguns in its class (Specter 1882 has a reload time of 14.8s with the same magazine size)
  • A great and versatile loadout for any endgame player looking to get the competitive advantage in any upper-tier fight


  1. Nitro Express Rifle and Dolch 96 Precision

 ​Finally, the long awaited and fabled #1 spot is here! The best end game loadout (also the most expensive) is here. This loadout is the definition of perfection. Combining the two most expensive weapons in the game, we would expect nothing less from this glorious loadout.

Combining the highest damage output in the game from the Nitro Express, and the quick reload speed and high damage potential of the Dolch Precision owed to its improved stock and in turn improved statistics, this loadout is easily the best end game loadout in Hunt.

High Damage

  • The Nitro Express Rifle has the highest damage in the game at 364 per shot, meaning you can one shot a player up to 30m away to the upper torso/head
  • The Dolch 96 precision has the same 97 damage as its smaller counterpart, but improves upon nearly every other statistic, (example being cycle time decrease from 0.4 to 0.3s)
  • Combined with dum-dum ammo, the Nitro Express is known and feared as the deadliest weapon in the game, as it can one shot a player from up to 50m
  • The Dolch Precision also has an increased accuracy of 87 up from 77, making the pistol ever more viable for mid range engagements
  • Combining the long range capabilities of the Nitro Express and the versatility of the Dolch Precision, this loadout is easily the deadliest loadout in Hunt.

Long Range Capability

  • Utilizing the scope mounted to the Nitro, players can one-shot enemies from up to 50m with a torso hit, and up to 250 m with a headshot, making it the best for damage retention capability
  • The Dolch Precision improves upon nearly every aspect of precision compared to its smaller counterpart, improving both accuracy and sway statistics by nearly 1/5th of their original value
  • Both weapons are perfect for mid to long range engagements as they provide great damage retention over extreme distances
  • The Dolch Precision also has an almost negligible vertical recoil of 12, meaning even the worst aimer could survive and thrive with this masterpiece of a gun
  • Overall, this is the top of the line when it comes to end game loadouts.  Combining huge damage and overall excellent statistics, this loadout is the pinnacle of loadouts in HUNT: Showdown


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