Top 11 Best Upcoming FPS Games You Should be Excited About

Battlefield one gameplay
These shooter games will be the ones all your friends will be playing

11 Upcoming FPS Games To Be Excited About

Ah, it's that time of year again.  Time to search for all the best first-person shooters coming out.  There are many first person shooters that are planned for release in the near future.  In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to select just a few to be the best from the genre.  Luckily, we have done the digging for you and found these eleven titles that you need to check out before you buy your next fps game.


11: Battlefield 1: Apocalypse

Battlefield 1:  Apocalypse Gameplay

Release Date: February 2018

EA is returning with new DLC to one of their most successful games in recent years.  The biggest new addition is two completely new maps that focus entirely over air combat.  All players will be launched into an epic battle for air supremacy in the new Air Assault mode.  There is also plenty of new weapons, vehicles, and accessories for players to use on the rest of the maps.  The assault class will be now be able to equip an impressive AA rocket launcher to take down enemy planes from the ground.  There is plenty to be excited about here for all current players of battlefield and may be a great option for new gamers to join that have been yearning for a game that focuses on air combat.  This DLC requires Battlefield 1 and the Premium Pass or to also buy the DLC to play.


10: Serious Sam 4

Release Date: Est. 2018

Serious Sam is a game by Croteam in which Sam “Serious” Stone faces off against hordes of bad guys to save planet Earth.  This is one that has had much anticipation for its release for a long time.  Mainly because it has been delayed year after year.  Fans of the series have not given up hope though and believe that all this extra time has given the creators time to craft a true beauty of a game.  Serious Sam has an arcade like game style to it which is an art that has been lost over time in the shooter genre as many games try to go for a more realistic feel.  It will be a fresh shake up compared to many games that will come out in this day in age.  There is something to be said about a game that never loses its roots and stays true to its arcade like calling.  Another awesome note is that it is very likely Serious Sam 4 will support VR on launch to put all that hard earned money that was spent on a VR kit from so many people worth it.


9: War of Rights

Release Date: Est. 2018

This is an interesting shakeup to most shooter games.  War of Rights is based in the Civil War which means players will have to use single shot muskets to wage war.  Make your shot count ladies and gentlemen because it will take some time to reload.  The game will require teams also work together to make formations that are viable for the single musket shot warfare.  Teams will have to make sure each shot counts and that formations have reserve ranks once so many of the frontline soldiers are killed.  That is another trait lost in many shooter games.  Many modern shooters let players run around and battle on their own with no collaboration with their teammates.  It is always nice to see a game push the boundaries and think outside the box and that is what we have here.  This is a game filled with innovation that is exciting to see in the industry.



Release Date: Est. Mid to Late 2018

This game is a four-player cooperative survival game.  Players must band together to stay alive while scavenging for supplies in an underground complex filled with monsters.  There will be weapons for players to grab and create with parts found in the game.  The goal is to extract the valuable artifacts that are hiding in the complex and eventually find the way out.  Teamwork is a must in this thrilling shooter that draws inspiration from Left for Dead and adds a gathering and crafting mechanic similar to the DayZ mod for Arma.


7: Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Release Date: March 8, 2018

The sequel to the popular Warhammer: Vermintide is another title that any action gamer must have in their lineup to buy this year.  The game is another cooperative based game that lets players choose between five distinct character like the Ranger and the Ironbreaker that each contain their three different career paths to level up on. The game definitely has RPG like elements that put an interesting twist in this game as compared to many shooters.  Just like the last game in the list, Vermintide 2 draws much inspiration from Left for Dead with the addition of RPG elements and replacing zombies with rat soldiers called Skaven.


6: Far Cry 5

Release Date: March 27, 2018

The Far Cry series always seems to make it into the top list of games.  Far Cry always makes an immersive open world for players to explore and fight in.  This is what sets it apart from the usual first person shooter.  Not many games of this genre employ an open world for players to play in.  There are plenty of exciting vehicles to drive and weapons to shoot across the map and now the series have added the ability for players to recruit locals and form their own militia in the new “Guns for Hire” system.  Players can even tame and use animals in their team.  There is a lot to like here from unlimited ways to play the game to the great visual presentation.  Far Cry 5 is absolutely worth a look.


5: System Shock (Remake)

Release Date: Est. Mid 2018

System Shock was the game that inspired the wildly successful Bioshock series. Now the developers are coming back for a remake of the original System Shock.  Gameplay will be similar to the original Bioshock.  System Shock is a horror infused shooter game where players will go from being afraid of walking down the dark and creepy hall a one point and then duking it out with dozens of monsters at the next.  This game will not change the original formula of its original, but instead will just focus on upgrading the graphics, sound, and user interface to something more 2018.  Nightdive, the producers, are firm believers that System Shock’s original game will be more than enough to entice players, and they are right.  This game looks absolutely terrifying and an absolute blast to play.


4: Hunt: Showdown

Release Date: Est. 2018

Hunt: Showdown is made by the people who brought you the famed Darksiders games.  The game will draw a lot of inspiration from the Darksiders series, but we have enough of its own innovation to be what could truly be a great game.  This game takes place in a 19th century like era with many guns resembling the time period.  Players will work in two’s to hunt terrifying monsters in a variety of locations.  There will be other pairs of players on the map though and only one pair came end up with the prize of claiming the monster’s bounty.  This makes for an interesting and unique form of both competitive and cooperative gameplay required between players that will set the foundation for a fascinating game.


3: Witchfire

Release Date: TBA

Witchfire is a game that does not have many details yet, but what we’ve seen is a game full of promise.  The trailer shows a dark and gritty world full of atmospheric beauty.  Players will fight vicious creatures with magic, guns, and melee weapons in a game that looks to have a Dark Souls like vibe to it.  The developers have made amazingly beautiful games before and now are looking to combine their excellent skills in creating atmospheric worlds with action packed monster fighting.


2: Escape from Tarkov

Release Date: Est. Mid to Late 2018

This is a hardcore survival horror game that focuses on brutally realistic conditions that are only suitable for the hardcore gamers.  This game is unrelenting and will not hold your hand through any part of your playing time.  An interesting twist in the game is that while matches are played in normal 30 minute to an hour sessions, the gear that is found players actually get to keep and take with them to the next match.  That is of course if you survive long enough to make it to one of the maps exits.  A strategy that often can be used is veteran players setting up ambushes at the exits that will require teamwork from other players in order to destroy.  This game is like PUBG on steroids.  Combat is intense and draws comparisons to Arma meaning that players will have to move tactfully and slowly in order to survive.


1: Insurgency: Sandstorm

Release Date: Est. 2018

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a more intense and realistic version of Battlefield.  Great sound effects and character movements create a realistic feeling of fear as you hear the crackles of gunshots above your character’s head as you run into cover.  The game does a great job of pulling you into the experience and making you fear for your virtual life.  Tactics are a must to play this game.  Running around like its Call of Duty will have you killed before the end of the first minute of the game.  Teams must collaborate with use of recon drones, vantage points, and weapons to defeat their adversaries. Insurgency: Sandstorm strikes the perfect balance between realism and action.  This game is not as slow as ARMA and does not take two hours to play a small game, but it does require diligent gameplay and for players to strategize their movement.  It is definitely one of the best first person shooters to look forward to coming out this year.

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