[Top 10] CSGO Best Weapons Used By Pros

CSGO Best Weapons
Spoiler: They'll kill you with anything

10. MP9 - The CQC punisher for light buys and light buy counters.

It's not the size of the gun, it's the punch it packs

The fast shooting and inexpensive MP9 is great for when you’re on a budget, when you know they’re gonna be on a budget, and in any scenario that you’ll be within swinging distance of the enemy.

  • Devastating for close range engagements
  • Good for a light buy to net some cash
  • Cheap gun to drop if counter-eco goes very wrong
  • High speed and mobility
  • Good reload time
  • Best SMG damage dropoff
  • Optimal for spray-n-pray style play

MP9 details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/MP9
See Weapon in Action:

9. UMP-45 - The Jack of All Trades SMG

Because sometimes rifles are just too expensive

The middle of the road pick for that SMG feel without that SMG damage.

  • Slow rate of fire provides easier recoil and ammo management
  • Easy recoil pattern to learn
  • High damage and armor penetration
  • Cheap for the power
  • SMG mobility with a harder hitting punch

UMP details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/UMP-45

See Weapon in Action:

8. SSG-08 - The marksman’s choice on eco round.

Reach out and touch someone

To call it the poor man’s awp is to misunderstand the weapon. Make distance your ally and squeeze the enemy eco dry - if you’re accurate, that is.

  • Headshots, even through cover, and stomach shots without armor will one-tap
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Excellent price at $1700
  • Highly mobile weapon, even when zoomed
  • Lower than usual movement penalty on shots
  • Weirdly accurate at the apex of your jump (if you’re into that)

Scout details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/SSG_08

See Weapon in Action:


7. AUG - The CT side angle-holding, scope-and-shoot entry level rifle.

They'll call it a COD gun, but they also die to it so... who really wins

The iconic bullpup design on the Steyr AUG makes it a visual standout. With the right playstyle and habits you too can stand out by being verbally assaulted for using the AUG.

  • Has a scope
  • Excellent at holding defensive short to mid range angles
  • Decent capacity mag
  • Great down scope accuracy
  • Excellent entry-level weapon
  • Controlling spray is easy, especially scoped

Aug details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/AUG

See Weapon in Action:

6. SG 553 - The very deadly T-side response to the AUG.

The Swiss-made SG 553, and the terrorist’s answer to the AUG. With one-shot potential and high penetration it’s a gun to be feared.

  • Has a scope
  • Good one-tap potential
  • Great angle holding for post bomb plant
  • Great accuracy
  • The only gun with 100% armor penetration
  • Easy spray pattern

SG details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/SG_553

See Weapon in Action:


5. Desert Eagle - Like it even needs an introduction.

The loud and flashy hand-cannon everyone knows and loves

MRI’s answer to the question “how can we make a cannon both semi-automatic and handheld?”. The flashy, montage making, 7 round monster bought countless times in the endless pursuit for the perfect Juan Deag (or five).

  • One of the most satisfying one-taps in the game
  • 2-3 body shots to kill with armor
  • Only $700 for the power
  • Long range and damage dropoff
  • Very good standing accuracy
  • Only pistol with high penetration

Deagle details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Desert_Eagle
See Weapon in Action:


4. M4A1-S - The sneaky-beaky CT alternative to the M4A4.

Little is more frightening the not knowing where you're being shot from

The silenced M4 may have a few less bullets and a slower rate of fire then the M4A4, but it definitely makes up for it.

  • The silencer makes this weapon hard to audibly detect
  • No tracers make this weapon harder to visually detect
  • Excellent recoil control
  • Incredibly simple recoil pattern
  • The very appealing $2900 price tag

M4A1-S details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/M4A1-S
See Weapon in Action:

3. M4A4 - The workhorse rifle for the CT team

The tool for all your CT-sided needs, provided your need is dead terrorists.

The tried and true CT side classic, boasting a greater magazine size, ammo well, and faster rate of fire than the M4A1-S.

  • Slightly smaller profile (for hiding around corners)
  • Greater ammo capacity
  • Good rate of fire
  • Good recoil control
  • Very easy recoil pattern to learn

M4A4 details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/M4A4
See Weapon in Action:

2. AWP - The long reaching, hard hitting cannon of CS:GO.

When you need to kill someone, the guy behind them, and destroy some property behind that guy

The high-risk, high-reward rifle, known for having devastating stopping power and pinpoint precision. The infamous AWP can drop enemies in one shot in almost every scenario, regardless of distance and armor.

  • One-tap potential anywhere except the legs
  • Very high penetration and base damage for wall-bangs
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great option for lane control
  • Top choice for mid-long angle holding
  • No range penalty in accuracy or damage

AWP details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/AWP
See Weapon in Action:

1. AK-47 - The cheap and dependable T-side terror.

The go-to T side purchase for all bomb and hostage related activities

Topping off the list at #1 is the affordable and powerful AK-47. No other weapon comes close to presenting the type of trouble an AK can put down range due to its unique combination of power, range, and price.

  • One-tap potential - even with a helmet
  • $2700 price tag
  • Very high first-shot accuracy
  • First 8 shots have a simple recoil pattern
  • High accuracy and damage even at range

AK details: https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/AK-47
See Weapon in Action:

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