[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Shotguns To Use (Early To Late Game)

Hunt Showdown Best Shotguns To Use (Early to Late Game)
These weapons are sure to give you the most shot for your gun.

Shotguns are long-barreled weapons usually used in close quarters combat to provide a competitive edge in any heated battle.  The massive damage potential and often one-shot rounds attract many early and late game players with these impressive statistics.

Are some shotguns better than others? Not all shotguns are born equal. Usually, the higher the price, the better the shotgun when it comes to Hunt.

In this tier list, we will be providing you with the top 10 shotguns to use, in both the early and late game, for both new players, and hardcore veterans.


10.  Romero 77


The Romero 77 is a single shot long barreled shotgun designed with the tightest shotgun spread in the game, capable of one-shotting enemies up to 14m away, limited only by its one-shot barrel.

This shotgun wrecks enemies from long range, enabling the player to unleash destruction from afar without worry or care for the enemy that is unfortunately receiving the salvo.

What we love about the Romero 77’s name is its title, the Romero, or Roman in English.  This weapon of mass destruction bears a similarity to Roman might and power not only in its name, but in the destruction it unleashes upon enemies in the heat of battle as well.

Good Range

  • The Romero has the longest one shot range of 15m among all other shotguns in its class
  • It deals a devastating 200 damage per shot, with a spread rating of only 29
  • It can also be paired with slug ammo variant to make for an even better short to mid range weapon

Low Cost

  • At only 66 hunt dollars, the Romero is the cheapest shotgun in the game
  • Capable of being run with any loadout due to its versatile nature (long and short range capability)
  • Overall a great budget shotgun making it perfect for the new and early game players among you


9. Romero 77 Handcannon


The Romero 77 Handcannon is the shortened variant of its bigger brother, the Romero 77.  Combining all the damage of its larger counterpart, this variant adds versatility and speed to the already deadly mix.

Acting like a pocket pistol in CQB, this feisty little shotgun is sure to give you and the enemy a kick anytime it's fired, and almost always delivers devastating close range results.

What we love about the weapon name is its handcannon addition.  This shotgun is the definition of a hand cannon, delivering the punch of a full long barreled shotgun in a tiny package.


  • Multiple variants such as the Romero 77 Hatchet variant are available, giving the player even more versatility and effectiveness in close quarters combat
  • Multiple ammo types are also available, making this weapon great for any form of short to mid range combat
  • The shortened barrel means quicker reload and ADS speed, allowing for an even greater advantage in heated situations


  • With a damage of 161, the handcannon provides great one shot potential at close range, making it the perfect choice for pinch situations
  • The range of the handcannon rivals that of long-barreled shotguns within its class, making it a good choice for 10-15m engagements as well
  • Overall a great early game weapon for those who enjoy CQB and need a quicker variant of a renowned shotgun


8. Caldwell Rival

The Caldwell Rival is a double barrel shotgun capable of one-shotting 2 enemies in quick succession, making it perfect for the aggressive and somewhat irrational player looking for huge damage potential.

The immense damage and short reload time make for a devastating shotgun at a cost lower than most other shotguns that provide similar statistics for 3 or 4x the cost.

What we love about the weapon name is the “Rival” aspect of it.  This shotgun truly does rival all other shotguns in its class, providing the player with great all around statistics and earning its duly given title.


  • With a damage of 175 per shot, the caldwell rival has possibly the best damage potential of all non-semi automatic shotguns, capable of killing 2 players in around 2 seconds
  • With a one shot range of 12m, this shotgun’s capability rivals that of even the long-barreled Romero
  • A reload speed of only 4s (nearly same as the Romero) this weapon ensures you will get the power you need in a tight situation


  • Multiple ammo variants make this weapon great for any short to mid range engagement (slugs increase one shot range)
  • The 2 shot barrel gives any player 2 chances at killing, allowing even the worst of aimers to succeed with this weapon
  • Overall a great early to mid game weapon, great for 3 and 4 star MMR lobby slaying


7. Romero 77 Alamo

The Romero 77 Alamo is a new and improved version of its father, the Romero 77.  Featuring a 5 round extended side barrel, this shotgun is capable of delivering Romero power with a magazine size rivaling that of a Winfield!

Combining high damage with a lot of room for failure, the Romero Alamo is perfect for early to mid game gameplay, when paired with its amazing versatility and efficiency as well, similar to that of a gatling gun.

We love the “Alamo” part of this name, mainly for the subsequent famous quote “remember the Alamo”.  You are sure to remember this weapon as the power and effectiveness it provides is unmatched by other shotguns in its class.


  • With 200 damage, this Romero variant has damage similar and even better than its older counterpart, at little to no disadvantage
  • The 5 round magazine represents a huge improvement from the 1 round that the Romero has, giving the player a huge advantage in CQB
  • The Alamo also retains the one shot distance of 15m, making this weapon perfect for longer range engagements as well


  • This variant, similar to the original, can be paired with multiple ammo variants, including slugs, which make this weapon a versatile no brainer for any mid game player
  • The 5 round magazine also gives a lot of room for failure, allowing the player to miss 4 shots and still be able to kill a player with the last round
  • Overall a great mid game shotgun, providing massive damage with end game magazine capacity


6. Specter 1882 Compact


The Specter 1882 Compact can be considered the little cousin of its older counterpart, the Specter 1882.  It combines the same power of a specter with better ADS and quicker reload speed, all mixing together to form a true weapon of destruction.

The power of a full long barreled shotgun in such a small package may seem like a dream, but in reality it is a dream come true.  This little beast is sure to deliver a powerful punch to any unfortunate enemy in its wake, due to its great damage retention and versatility in CQB.

The weapon name adding “compact” to the end truly describes its function.  The shotgun is basically a compacted version of the Specter 1882, retaining all the benefits while adding many bonuses to the original design

Versatility and Speed

  • With a rpm speed of 41, this shotgun can deliver blisteringly fast rapid fire rounds all while delivering massive damage in a tight spread at the same time
  • Combined with slug rounds, this weapon is renowned and well known in the community for its many uses and capabilities, making it a true weapon of versatility
  • An ADS speed of 0.3s makes for a great close quarters weapon that will keep you alive in any situation


  • A damage of 161 makes for great one shot potential in close range encounters, further amplified by the use of the slug ammo variant
  • A respectable one shot range of 10m makes the weapon great for destroying other shotgun users who often have less range
  • Overall a great mid game sidearm that allows the player to have that one shot potential of a shotgun in a smaller and more compact package


5. Specter 1882

The Specter 1882 truly is the king of combination.  It combines damage and range, all with a huge magazine size of 5 rounds that allow the player to have the edge in any close quarters situation, and making it great for mid game engagements.

This beast of a weapon wrecks enemies from afar with its sniper-like barrel making the spread tight and a nasty surprise for any unfortunate enemy in its path.  This devastating power is owed to its long barrel and damage retention over distance, further amplified by different ammo variants.

We love the “Specter” part of the name.  It truly captures how spooky and unreal this weapon is, providing haunting damage with a side of otherworldly one shot distance and range.


  • At 190 damage per shot, you can be assured that no enemy within its 12m effective range has a change of surviving 
  • A 5 round magazine makes this shotgun perfect for the mid game player looking for a reliable weapon
  • An rpm of 40 makes this weapon perfect for close range engagements, allowing for quick reloads in heated situations


  • Multiple ammo variants such as the slug increase both the damage and range of this shotgun, making it ever more versatile for all types of engagements
  • A long barrel ensures damage retention, meaning this shotgun can be used for more than short range fights
  • Overall a great mid game weapon with a competitive price of 188 hunt dollars, making it perfect for 3-4 star MMR


4. Winfield Slate


The Winfield Slate is a long barreled shotgun widely renowned for its speed and accuracy in close quarter situations.  Combining a lever action with shotgun shells, this shotgun is perfect for those who require rapid fire shotguns in a pinch situation.

With a rate of fire similar to that of a machine gun, this shotgun is sure to deliver devastating damage to all of those caught in its path.  The lever action allows for the firing of bullets in rapid succession, and when combined with its long barrel, the Slate is able to deliver long barrel damage with pistol type fire rate.

We love the “Slate” title given to the shotgun as it perfectly represents the finely grained rock it is named for.  Its refined look and aptly given statistics match the rock not only in look, but in feeling and effectiveness as well.


  • With a damage of 203, the Slate rivals even the Romero in damage output, with a magazine similar to that of rifles (6 round barrel)
  • With an effective range of 12m, further amplified by the use of slug rounds, the Slate is sure to deliver devastating damage to any enemy, short and mid range
  • A magazine size of 6 rounds gives the player plenty of room for error, allowing huge damage potential over a short amount of time


  • With a cycle time of 1s, the Slate has the fastest cycle time out of all non semi automatic shotguns, allowing for the rapid fire of bullets even at close range
  • A competitive reload speed of 9.6s makes this shotgun nearly the fastest reloading shotgun in Hunt
  • Overall a great mid game weapon perfect for those players looking for a rapid fire shotgun combining speed and power into one deadly mix


3. Winfield 1887 Terminus


The Winfield 1887 Terminus is the perfect balance between speed and power, similar to that of the slate.   When combined with the levering trait, this weapon becomes a deadly machine of mass destruction.

A lever action allows this weapon to become basically a machine gun, delivering death to any unfortunate enemies on the receiving end of its bullets.  Its relatively long barrel and large magazine size make it a perfect mix of power and speed, especially combined with levering.

We love the Terminus title, as it perfectly captures the terminator-like aura that this weapon emits.  This weapon can and will terminate anything in its path, delivering volleys of hellfire sure to give any player the edge in sticky situations.


  • A damage of 185 provides great one shot potential at close range, especially when compared with other shotguns in its class
  • The magazine size of 7 allows HUGE room for error, meaning even the worst player is likely to land that killing blow
  • An effective range of 12m also rivals with other shotguns, allowing for a versatile and powerful weapon up close and at range


  • Combined with the levering trait, this weapon has a cycle time rivaling that of semi-automatic shotguns 2x more expensive
  • A reload speed of 14s for 7 bullets is insanely fast compared to other reload times (2s per bullet)
  • A great entry to late game shotguns, perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for close range combat and heated fights


2.  Bomb Lance (Steel Ball Variant)


The Steel ball variant of the Bomb Lance makes for a perfect close quarters death machine.  Combining the already present one shot melee kill with a nearly silent rain of steel ball shotgun ammo, this weapon is perfect for late game CQB masters looking to gain the edge in the heat of battle.

A rain of steel balls that nearly blots out the sun can kill enemies in seconds, all in a nearly silent and tight spread.  This is owed to the nature of the steel balls, as they are tiny and barely create any noise when in flight.

We love the plain and to the point nature of the name.  The steel ball variant is exactly what it says it is, a rain of steel balls, flying at a deadly speed, coming right for the enemies head.



  • With a damage of 210 and a relatively tight spread, the steel ball variant is sure to deliver that sweet one shot potential when in close quarters situations
  • A reload time of 4s, similar to the Romero, is perfect for heated situations with not much time to reload
  • Effective range of 16m beats even the Romero, allowing for a perfect mix of short and mid range viability


  • The melee function of the bomb lance can also be used to one shot enemies at close range, providing a last resort if you miss your shot
  • Other shotgun-like variants also provide great damage and range, allowing for greater and broader versatility of the weapon as a whole
  • A great late game weapon with huge damage and versatility at a competitive cost of 199 hunt dollars + 50 for steel ball variant


1. Crown and King Auto-5

Finally, the top tier #1 spot is here.  The best shotgun to use in late game Hunt is, you guessed it, the Crown and King Auto.  A perfect blend of power and semi-automatic firing speed makes this weapon a perfect late game choice for any hunter looking to get a competitive edge.

Its large magazine and rapid fire nature allows the player to rain death upon all enemies within distance, at a rate of fire similar to that of a modern day rifle., owed to its new technological advancement of a semi-automatic firing chamber.

We love the Crown and King name and brand.  This shotgun truly deserves the crown and is the king of shotguns in Hunt, hence its name.  A perfect mix of power and speed, this shotgun deserves its title as the best late game shotgun in HUNT: Showdown.


  • A damage of 185 per round rivals that of the single shot Romero,  all in a quicker reload and faster muzzle velocity
  • Combined with other ammo variants the damage further increases, as both pennyshot and slug rounds have higher damage compared to buckshot
  • The damage retention is unmatched by any other shotgun given a blazing fast muzzle speed of 425 m/s.


  • At 100 rpm with 0.3s cycle time, this shotgun is the fastest cycling shotgun in the game, and well worth the cost
  • A reload time of 10s or 2s per bullet also rivals the fastest shotguns in its class, tied with the terminus at 2s per bullet
  • Overall the best late game shotgun, in terms of both power and speed.  If you can afford the 600 hunt dollar purchase cost, this shotgun is well worth the money spent.


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