[Top 10] Hunt: Showdown Best Traits

Hunt: Showdown Best Traits
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[Top 10] Hunt: Showdown Best Traits

Traits can make a huge difference in Hunt: Showdown, turning a single-shot pistol into a rapid-firing hailstorm of bullets or allowing you to sprint for longer distances. Here are 10 of the best Traits to use in Hunt: Showdown.

10. Fanning

A faster rate of fire when using 1-handed single-action pistols. Blast your enemies away with a hailstorm of bullets in the blink of an eye. Great for all builds and makes people think twice about rushing you if you have fanning. Costs 7 points.

9. Whispersmith

Reduces noise when selecting equipment. Great for switching weapons or equipment and catching enemies off guard. Another great trait to bring if you play a close-range build. For only 2 points, it is well worth the advantage this can give you.

8. Vulture

Always able to loot dead hunters, even after they have been looted by other hunters. This one is great for when running trios, as it enables all 3 of you to be able to loot a dead hunter, rather than only 2 people for each dead hunter.

7. Lightfoot

Vault, Jump, Fall, Climb Ladders Silently. One of my personal favorites. Allows you to sneak up on enemy hunters. Great for all builds and a must-have for shotgun builds. Costs 5 points.

6. Physician


Reduce the time needed to bandage using first aid kits. Every second matters in Hunt. And being able to heal up faster might just save your life. Costs 5 points.

5. Greyhound

Sprint at full speed for a longer duration. Some might say this isn’t that useful but, when you don’t have this trait, you can definitely feel it. Greyhound is always one of the first traits I spend my points on. It’s useful in every situation and great for all loadouts. Costs 4 points. 

4. Quartermaster

Can equip a medium slot weapon in addition to a large slot weapon. Quartermaster gives you so much flexibility, like bringing a long rifle with a shotgun, or a shotgun with double pistols, and whatever else Large/Medium weapon combination you want to go with. It’s no doubt one of the best traits to have. Unless you’re going the fanning route, Quartermaster is always a strong option. Costs 6 points.

3. Packmule

Receive an additional tool or consumable when looting hunters or opening item boxes. Use your tools and consumables and be able to quickly restock using this trait. Definitely, one of the first traits to get for any hunter. Costs 3 points.

2. Frontiersman

Gives you an extra use for all tools. Having 4 first aid kits is really nice, especially paired with the doctor trait which doubles the health healed by your first aid. This works for all tools, allowing 3 uses of a concertina trap mine, 3 uses for choke bombs, etc. Costs 8 points

1. Doctor

Doubles the amount first aid kits heal. This trait allows you to focus more on bringing other consumables. Paired with Packmule, you’re almost guaranteed to stay stocked up on first aid. Doctor is a must-have trait when you have the points to afford it. Costs 8 points.

Honorable Mentions: 

11. Serpent

Very close to making my top 10. Using Dark Sight, interact with nearby Clues, Rifts, Banishable Targets, and abandoned Bounty from a safe distance. Serpent can quickly turn the tables in your favor, allowing you to grab a bounty from outside the lair and track the hunters all around you.

12. Gator Legs

Would’ve been in my top 10 before the new map. Walk and sprint faster in deep water. Also, make less noise while crouched in water. This might not be as useful on DeSalle but, for only 2 points, it’s well worth it to always have Gator Legs for the other maps that have a lot more water.

13. Necromancer

Allows you to revive dead partners from a safe distance at the expense of a small amount of your health. Can change the dynamic of a fight if bogged down and unable to make it over to your partner to revive them. Also nice if your downed partner has the Resilience trait.

14. Bulwark

Reduce explosions and bomb lance harpoon attacks by 50%. Very nice trait to survive all those pesky explosions. Also can withstand a bomb lance harpoon attack.

15. Levering

A faster rate of fire when hip firing using lever-action rifles and lever-action shotguns. Gives a nice boost to any Winfield rifle and makes them much deadlier up close. Not very useful for the Terminus at the moment.

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