Top 10 Online Survival Games (Build, Craft, Kill, Survive!)

Online Survival Games
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With outlasting waves of zombies or other starving mad men, the survival game genre brings the best (and worst) out of every player. From massive sandbox games to city-builders, everyone’s instinct for self-destruction eternally plays out in the cybersphere. The best survival games bring something new in every round, whether it’s a new way to survive or (more likely) a new way to die. If mass starvations, PvP slaughterfests, or 10 minute sessions are your thing, then welcome to the perfect list of games for you.

10. Rust

Rust gameplay

Trust no one to survive. You start off as a naked guy running around while everyone’s trying to kill you. Build enough things from shelters to SAM sites and you get to hunt the naked guys yourself! Play with your friends and live a bit longer.

naked man starting for Rust

Everyone starts Rust as the naked man (or woman)

A team runs on a hunt in Rust

Increase your odds by teaming up and stealing to make armor and weapons

9. Scum

Scum gameplay

Scum is the ultimate prison. You’re a prisoner thrown onto the free-for-all Scum Island, with huge mechs and other prisoners hunting you down for viewing entertainment. Based on the Unreal 4 engine, in Scum you decide whether you’ll help strangers or murder them for their stuff, all the while getting gunned down by mechanoids. Be part of the game in Early Release.

A convict on the convict island of Scum

Start off as a prisoner thrown onto a wild island

Backpacking near a river in Scum

The devs at Scum rightfully boast of their amazingly realistic graphics

8. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles gameplay

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women in this online survival game based off the iron age barbarian adventure legend. Chop off heads, paint the walls with blood, and raid others’ castles. Set in a world of hostile mammoths and savage killers, survive as long as you can solo, coop, or PvP.

A demon in Conan Exiles

Stain your sword with blood as you fight to the death

A warrior woman with a bloody sword in Conan Exiles

The world is filled with angry creatures that will lead to your early demise

7. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved gameplay

Dinosaurs and dodos abound on this mysterious island. You start naked on the beach and have to craft your way to survival. Make tools, tame, breed, and ride dinosaurs, and kill other players with your own unique species of creatures. Either rule the island as a violent tyrant or escape the clutches of another.

A hunter becomes prey in ARK: Survival

Become a dino’s dinner while trying to make dinner for yourself

Ride the backs of giant beavers in ARK: Survival

Ride dinos and giant beavers as your team struggles to survive

6. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis gameplay

Wield steel, mace, and bow in this epic medieval MMORPG. Build a kingdom and invade your neighbors in a low-fantasy medieval world. Join the action in one of three kingdoms and choose your own playing style as an archer, swordmaster, huntsmen, healer, or anything you can imagine.

Battle on the beach in Gloria Victis

Fight other players in forests, castle tops, and beachfronts

An archer aims at an ogre in Gloria Victis

The massive world is full of giants, ogres, and other mystic monsters

5. Miscreated

Miscreated gameplay

Can’t get enough of the Walking Dead? Miscreant takes you into a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been all but wiped out and all that’s left are mutants and a handful of survivors. Find and repair cars and bikes, hide in bunkers, explore the sewers, and team up with others to keep alive against the mutant horde.

Mutants attack in Miscreated

Mutants rule the Earth in Miscreated

Ride boats down a river in Miscreated

Ride boats, motorbikes, and cars to help others and find supplies

4. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown gameplay

Go down into the bayou into a world of rugged bounty hunters and ghoulish monsters. In Hunt: Showdown, you can play solo or on a team to track and hunt fiendish targets. After completing a hunt, you become the hunted yourselves as everyone’s after your prize. But don’t worry if you die, your character’s children will take on their family’s name.

Giant beast hacks at a hunter in Hunt: Showdown

Take on savage beasts hidden in the swamps of Louisiana

Fire a shotgun in the face of a zombie in Hunt: Showdown

Evil creatures lurk down the sights of every barrel

3. Unturned

Unturned gameplay

The voxel zombie apocalypse is upon us! This free to play free-for-all has players running from zombies and turning on each other. Nature doesn’t help either as you’ve got to plant crop, forage for food and hunt animals. Go hunting yourself or build your castle to fend off other players and zombies alike.

A voxel man looks down a highway in Unturned

Ain’t nothing but an empty road ahead of you… and a crap ton of zombies

Blood splatters in a tunnel in Unturned

Zombie killing turns into a blood bath every time

2. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die gameplay

Craft, hunt, and create your way to survival in this post end of the world scenario. This MMORPG is like if Minecraft had gravity and really amazing graphics, with a solid dose of storyline. Find abandoned houses and mines, fortify them, and defend from the oncoming hordes. Still in its early access stage, this open world is already set to frustrate and amaze.

A woman blasts a zombie with a shotgun in 7 Days to Die

Blast a hole in the chest of the zombie devils

Zombies attack in 7 Days to Die

Zombies don’t go hunting alone, but that means more for the chopping

1. Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together

This cartoonish twist on the survival genre takes you into an animated land cursed by the evil shadow queen. Giants, catcoons, glommers, and more seek you out as you hunt down Charlie and her endless minions that creep out when night time comes. Originally a single player game, Don’t Starve Together brings you out into this beautifully animated fantasy world multiplayer style.

Giant spiders attack a small man in Don't Starve Together

Giant spiders and other monsters are waiting to make you dinner

A man stands near a bonfire in Don't Starve Together

Make a fire to stay safe at night, or at least so you can see the lurking evils that come


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