[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Characters That Are Fun To Play

Wolfgang, Wilson playing guitar, Wendy + mad Abby, and Willow by a campfire
Pick your fighter!

1. Wendy

Wendy DST

Wendy’s quote: “Abigail? Come back! I’m not done playing with you.” Quite haunting, eh?

Wendy, the Bereaved, is a young girl who has a powerful bond with her sister. Not even death can break it.

She embraces her sister’s ghost, doesn’t mind the darkness much, she’s skilled at ectoherbology, and is delicate in fights.

What Is Wendy Great At

  • Fighting many spiders and some other monsters at once with the help of her twin sister’s ghost (Abigail)
  • Ectoherbology - helping the little ghosts (Pipspooks) by the graveyard allows you to craft Abby’s consumables
  • Keeping the shadow creatures away with her large sanity pool
  • Adaptive and flexible; perfect choice for new players

Wendy details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with Abigail’s flower (used for summoning her)
  • Damage output slightly reduced (Damage modifier 0.75x)
  • Wendy's voice is played by an alto flute.
  • Favorite food is Banana Pop
  • Sanity boost, her ghostly sister doesn’t drain Wendy’s sanity

 Pick Wendy if...

  • You don’t want to worry too much about survival
  • You wish to focus instead on building your camp or exploring the map
  • You’re afraid of The Dark (Charlie) - your sister glows with enough light to keep the darkness away
  • You’re not afraid of ghosts
  • This is your first character and you intend to play alone (for now!)

2. Willow

Willow DST

Willow’s quote: “All will bathe in the prettiest of flames”.

Willow, the Firestarter, is a candid girl whose fascination with fire gets her into trouble. She’s protected from shadow creatures by her sweet teddy bear, Bernie.

She deeply dislikes the cold and can always rely on her special lighter to keep the darkness away or set a forest on fire to sit in the middle of for a quick sanity boost on a charcoal collection trip.

What Willow Is Great At

  • She can always rely on her teddy bear to protect her from nightmare creatures
  • Can set fires easily and keeps Darkness away with her trusty lighter
  • Immune to fire and gets a sanity bonus from being around fire
  • She’ll have an easier time during Summer
  • Can cook food easily and quickly with her special lighter, not needing a campfire for it
  • Cooks food over fire faster
  • Bernie will become a large teddy bear with 2000 HP when placed on the ground while Willow is low on sanity and he will fight the nightmare creatures if her sanity drops below 15%

Willow details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 150 Hunger, 120 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with Willow’s lighter and Bernie
  • Immune to fire damage and won’t be affected when struck by lightning
  • Her favorite food is Spicy Chili
  • Willow's voice is played by a flute

Pick Willow if...

  • You like to burn down entire forests for charcoal and you don’t want to worry about getting fire damage
  • You’re ready to add extra layers during Winter
  • You embrace magic and collect nightmare fuel to craft dark swords and armor
  • You like to play with fire, but still love the comfort of your cuddly teddy bear

3. Wilson

Wilson DST

Wilson’s quote: “I’ll conquer this world with the power of my MIND!”

Wilson, the Gentleman Scientist, is a true man of science. He will never be able to resist attempting to decrypt the mysteries of the Unknown. He can also grow a glorious beard.

What Is Wilson Great At

  • Easy to get beard hairs after shaving
  • Better at survival during Winter, due to the insulation his beard provides
  • Can easily make a Meat Effigy for reviving players and restoring a little sanity

Wilson details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with nothing in hand
  • His favorite food is Bacon and Eggs
  • Will grow a short beard in 4 days, a long beard in 8 days, and a magnificent beard in 16 days
  • Upon death, the beard growth resets
  • Wilson's voice is played by a harmon muted trumpet

Pick Wilson if...

  • You want a basic character to start with
  • You don’t want any character with drawbacks
  • You like beards and science
  • You’re a smooth gentleman at heart

4. Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom, the Librarian, is an older woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She publishes her own books, is very insightful, insomniac, stern and formal, has a sensitive stomach, and she’ll probably remind you of one of your first teachers.

Wickerbottom’s quote: “Shhhh! No talking!”

What Is Wickerbottom Great At

  • Her special power is crafting Books, which give her the ability to craft five different magical books with papyrus and other different ingredients
  • She can read these books for beneficial effects
  • She can make all Science Machine recipes without having to build the Science Machine

Wickerbottom details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 150 Hunger, 250 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with 2x Papyrus
  • Her special items are six books she can craft
  • Her favorite food is Surf’n’Turf
  • Can’t sleep due to being an insomniac
  • Spoiled food causes her to lose sanity
  • Any food that she consumes while it’s not fresh (green) will restore less hunger and health

Pick Wickerbottom if...

  • You’re interested in her special ability surrounding books and won’t mind her drawbacks
  • You’re ready to head into dangerous swamp areas to collect the reeds needed for papyrus
  • You’re a lovely but grumpy old lady bookworm at heart

5. Wigfrid

Wigfrid’s past is unclear. She’s a method actor who excels in battle, can absorb the power of fallen foes, performs very well under pressure, and only eats meat.

Wigfrid’s quote: “All the wörld’s a stage. För me!”

What Wigfrid Is Great At

  • Battle! She’s a very strong warrior and a badass through and through
  • Easily kills pigs, spiders, and frogs, which makes early survival less challenging
  • Can attack Slurtles in their shells with a hambat or walking cane to regenerate her health and sanity
  • Koalefant hunts
  • She has access to Stagecraft, which allows her to craft her Battle songs
  • She can sing up to 3 battle songs at the same time to apply buffs to herself and allies near her

Wigfrid details and stats

  • 200 Health Points, 120 Hunger, 120 Sanity
  • Only eats meat (also eggs, since they are an animal product) and goodies, such as taffy, jellybeans, and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid
  • Enters the Constant with 4x Meats and her special items, Battle Helm and Battle Spear
  • Her favorite food is Turkey Dinner
  • Her Battle Helm protects 80% of incoming damage and has nearly double the durability of a Football helmet
  • Her Battle Spear deals 42.5 damage when wielded by Wigfrid
  • She gains Health and Sanity from fighting
  • Has a unique Inspiration meter, which allows her to perform her Battle Songs
  • Wigfrid is voiced by brass horns

Pick Wigfrid if...

  • You like to be fierce in battle
  • You’re prepared to accept that she can’t take advantage of beneficial foods available early on and easy to gather, such as berries, carrots, and butterfly wings, nor manage her sanity through cooked cacti flesh and green mushrooms
  • You want to eat monster meat for survival, as Wigfrid can regain lost health and sanity from killing mobs
  • You’re a warrior at heart

6. Walter

Walter’s quote: “A Pinetree Pioneer is always prepared!

Walter, the Fearless, is a strange but cheerful boy. He isn’t very good at understanding dangerous situations.

He’s great with a slingshot, has a four-legged friend, and an allergy to bees. Has no interest in fashion and no fear (outside actually getting hurt).

What Is Walter Great At

  • During Night, Walter can tell stories at a campfire or endothermic fire by right-clicking them, increasing the Sanity of players nearby
  • Cooks food over fire faster, like Willow and Warly (he can also use Willow’s lighter to cook)
  • Only loses half the normal hunger during sleep
  • His special Pinetree Pioneer hat reduces sanity drain from damage
  • Can craft an exclusive item called Camper’s Tent, which has 10 uses and is portable
  • Has Woby, his special pet with nine inventory slots, like Chester
  • Woby can be fed moster food to transform into big Woby, and can then be mounted, like a Beefalo!
  • Can use his slingshot while riding Woby
  • Does not lose sanity from negative aura effects such as monsters, dusk/night, nightmare light or night light
  • Is not affected by the sanity effect (negative or positive) from equipped items, such as the Tam o’ Shanter, Spiderhat, Seawreath, or any other wet equipped items (though he still suffers sanity drain when being wet)
  • His exclusive weapon, Trusty Slingshot, has no durability loss and can be loaded with a variety of ammo for different effects.

Walter details and stats

  • 130 Health Points, 110 Hunger, 200 Sanity
  • Damage modifier: +10 when attacked by bees
  • Hunger modifier: -0.5x when sleeping
  • His campfire stories generate a sanity aura of +10 sanity/min for for himself and other survivors nearby
  • Enters the Constant with Trusty Slingshot, Pinetree Pioneer Hat, 10x slingshot ammo
  • Favorite food is Trail mix
  • Walter's voice sounds similar to an out of tune Bugle or a Blade of Grass whistle

Pick Walter if...

  • You’re ready to deal with losing sanity when you lose health (the sanity loss is halved when wearing a pioneer hat)
  • You’re up for the challenge of continuously losing sanity when your health is not full
  • You don’t mind not being able to adopt a pet from the Critter Den, since Walter already has Woby
  • You don’t rely on clothing items for sanity
  • You’re prepared to take extra damage from bees
  • You’re a boy or girl scout at heart and you love having four-legged companions to follow you around on your adventures!

7. Warly

Quote: “Nothing worthwhile is ever done on an empty stomach!

Warly expresses his love and gratitude to his loved ones through cooking.

He has his own line of portable cookware, can spice things up, has an insatiable appetite and only eats gourmet food.

What Is Warly Great At

  • He can cook special recipes
  • Can season foods for additional benefits
  • Cooks food faster than other characters
  • His special Portable Crock pot (which only he can use) can be carried around and placed anywhere, so he never has to build a Crock pot for his meals
  • He has an exclusive Chef Pouch that reduces the spoilage rate of Food items placed in it

Warly details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 250 Hunger, 200 Sanity
  • Hunger modifier -1.2x
  • Enters the Constant with Portable Crock Pot, 2x Potatoes, 1x Garlic
  • Special items: Portable Crock pot, Chef Pouch, Portable Grinding mill, Portable Seasoning Station
  • Has no favorite food
  • Warly's voice is played by a steel drum

Pick Warly if...

  • You don’t mind that he has a 20% faster hunger drain
  • You’re thoroughly prepared for his snobbish attitude about what he chooses to eat (he won’t eat anything that is not a fancily prepared dish from the crock pot)
  • You’re ready to regularly change the menu for Warly, since he remembers foods that he has eaten for 2 days. He will get penalties for eating the same foods, which get more severe as they are repeated
  • You’re picky with food as well, and you’re ready to embrace your inner foodie

8. Winona

Winona’s quote: “Anything can be fixed with hard work and elbow grease.”

Winona, the Handywoman, is a former assembly line worker. She has a lively attitude and a profound love for all things mechanical.

A skilled builder, she likes to invent her own gadgets. She gets one free hit from The Dark due to her mysterious past connection with Charlie.

What Is Winona Great At

  • She has the ability to craft items and structures at twice the speed of other characters
  • Can dodge one hit from Charlie in the dark
  • She has access to Engineering, where she can build five extremely useful items: Trusty Tape, Winona’s Catapult, Winona’s Spotlight, Winona’s Generator, Winona’s G.E.Merator
  • She can fix things easily

Winona details and stats

  • 150 Health Points, 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity
  • Enters the constant with 3x Trusty Tape
  • Favorite food is Vegetable Stinger
  • Winona's voice sounds similar to a percussive PVC pipe instrument, such as a tubulum

Pick Winona if...

  • You’re ready to lose a small amount of hunger when she crafts
  • When Winona’s hunger is below 50, you won’t mind that her crafting speed will be reduced (she won’t suffer any extra hunger costs below this threshold)
  • You’re intrigued by The Darkness and you’re willing to experiment with going insane from it in order to farm nightmare fuel
  • You’re a tinkerer at heart and you like to help your allies by fixing their stuff and quickly building complex structures in your camp

9. WX78

WX78’s quote: “Empathy module not responding.

WX78, the Soulless Automaton, does not hide a sensitive soul behind their rigid nature.

[please note: this character has recently gotten a refresh]

What Is WX78 Great At

  • Doesn’t mind not eating proper foods (stale and spoiled foods are eaten without the usual penalites), which enables you to stockpile food. However, any other negative effects from eating still apply to them (such as eating monster foods)
  • Getting struck by lightning fills their charge meter by one unit (instead of providing a buff, after the character refresh)
  • Can upgrade with Circuits
  • One of the most useful circuits early on is the Optoelectronic circuit, which you can get from scanning a moleworm and using a moleworm and a firefly to make it
  • The Optoelectronic circuit provides infinite night-vision so long as you have the charge, which enables you explore at night, as well as the caves early on
  • WX-78 gains one unit of charge every 90 seconds, as long as they are not Wet or Starving

WX78 details and stats

  • 125 Health Points, 125 Hunger, 150 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with: Bio Scanalyzer, Circuit Extractor
  • WX-78's special power is their Charge Meter, which can be visible at the right edge of the screen. The meter has 6 bars, each of which can be occupied by a Circuit.
  • After the latest update, WX-78 does not have System Overload. They also do not gain permanent stat upgrades from eating gears any longer, however they still recover 60 Health, 75 Hunger and 50 Sanity Meter
  • WX-78 can receive one unit of Charge by: being struck by lightning, from fueled Winona's Generators, eating Electric Milk or Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, or using a recently struck Lightning Rod
  • Their favorite food is Butter Muffin
  • Their voice is played by what is explained as a "crazy processed synth".

Pick WX78 if...

  • You love playing around with Electricity and Nikola Tesla is one of your heroes
  • You won’t mind always having Rain protection gear ready
  • You’ve always wanted to be a robot and don’t care much for feelings

10. Webber

Webber’s quote: “We’re always together, and never alone!

Webber, the Indigestible, is a sweet-natured young monster. He cares deeply for all his friends, whether they are human or not.

As a spider himself, he can befriend other spiders and grows a silky beard. His sad life story reveals him to actually be a child living inside the spider that tried to eat him long ago.

What Webber Is Great At

  • Can safely eat monster foods without any damage to health
  • Grows a silky smooth beard, which can be shaved to obtain Silk
  • His beard provides insulation from Freezing
  • Making friendships with Spiders by giving them meat, they will follow and protect him without a loyalty timer
  • Spiders are neutral towards him, as they recognize him to be one of their own. As a result, he does not lose Sanity from being close to spiders and does not alarm a Spider Den when he walks on their sticky webbing. His walking speed is not slowed from walking on the webbing.
  • Can upgrade Spider Dens with silk, and craft new Spider Dens
  • Is able to shave spider dens to downgrade them, and will receive silk from them
  • Sleeping inside level 3 Spider Dens to gain HP and Sanity in exchange for Hunger
  • Can put sleeping and trapped spiders in his Inventory, which can then be fed with meat to extend their lifetime

Webber details and stats

  • 175 Health Points, 175 Hunger, 100 Sanity
  • Enters the Constant with 2x Monster meats, 1x Spider egg and his Webby Whistle
  • His favorite food is Ice Cream
  • When revived by a Touch Stone, Meat Effigy, or Telltale heart, his beard will disappear
  • It takes him 3 days to grow a short beard, 6 days for a long beard, and 9 days for a silky smooth beard
  • Has his special Spidey items to craft, including Spider Eggs
  • Webber's voice sounds like someone dropping a synthesizer down a flight of stairs

Pick Webber if...

  • You’re not afraid of spiders
  • You’ve always had a spidey-sense
  • You don’t mind that Pigs, Bunnymen, and Catcoons will attack Webber on sight and cannot be befriended
  • You’re prepared to manage a low maximum Sanity
  • You’re ready to embrace the monster life!


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