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Don't Starve Together Best Characters, DST best characters
Be Scared and Don't Die

Ah, Don't Starve Together or better yet a game I love to call Don't Die and Be Scared. The base storyline is simple, Maxwell kidnaps all of the players and takes them to the constant. Why do I say kidnap instead of lure? Well because that is what he did. You, the player, have to survive the constant, be scared, and don't die!

We have a total of 19 characters you can choose from on DST. I am going to tell you the 10 best characters that you can or should play.

10. Wormwood

[The adorable living plant]

This cute little guy is great when in a team but harder to play solo. You need to make sure that you find loopholes to his love for plants because picking flowers, plant life, and cutting trees are a problem for him. I mean they are his friends.

What is Wormwood good at:

  • He can plant seeds ANYWHERE! This is great because you don’t. need to plow the ground or use a rigamagig, he just does it.
  • He can make his healing salves using beefalo poop.
  • He can make traps and armor that shoot out stingers.

Wormwood's Details and Stats:

  •  His health is 150
  •  His hunger 150
  • His sanity 200
  • He is a healer for the game, so he is great when playing in a group.
  • He does not like picking flowers, chopping trees, or being near a fire.


9. Willow


[The orphan pyro]

This little orphan is adorable, scared of the dark, and a little crazy with fire. My favorite pyromaniac gives me League of Legends Annie and Tibers vibes.

What is Willow good at:

  • She has a lighter that works as a torch, fire starter, and comfort tool.
  • She has a teddy named Bernie, he keeps her warm and sane.
  • Bernie can fight some of Willow’s battles.
  • She is almost fire-resistant, mainly while putting out smoldering fires.
  • She can light fires more efficiently than the other characters.​

Willow's Details and Stats:

  • Her health 150.
  • Her hunger 150.
  • Her sanity is 120.
  • When her sanity gets low be careful being by flammable objects. She gets nervous and poof there is a fire.

8. Wendy

[The lonely sister]

Wendy, who may or may not be Maxwell's niece, lost her sister before entering the constant. She is haunted by her sister, Abigail, and isn't afraid of the dark. She's weak but her twin sister's ghost hits harder.

What is Wendy good at:

  • She can call upon her dead twin sister using a flower.
  • She can stay in the dark a little longer than the other characters and loses 25% less sanity.
  • She gains sanity when summoning her sister (This is new since her workup which she used to lose 15 sanities).

Wendy's details and stats:

  • Her health is 150.
  • Her hunger is 150.
  • Her sanity is 200.
  • Wendy is a summoner character which means she needs her sister to do most of the fighting for her.

7. Wigfrid

[The little warrior]

The warrior of the bunch who can only eat meat. She was taken into the constant with promises of being in the headlines again.

What is Wigfrid good at:

  • She is a great fighter with a lot of strength, especially when it comes to her spear and helmet.
  • She can craft and spawn into the game with her spear and helmet.
  • She has an increased damage modifier and gains health and sanity from fighting.

Wilfrid’s details and stats:

  • Her health is 200
  • Her hunger is 120
  • Her sanity is 120
  • She can only eat meat; this is her flaw so when you are playing with her solo make sure to stock up on the meaty goodness.

6. Woodie

[The Were Canadian]

This woodsy Canadian has a deeply held secret and an obsession with his ax, affectionately named Lucy. There is no knowing how he ended in the constant, but we do know his secret deals with the full moon. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (The second Monday of October).

What is Woodie good at:

  • He has an ax and is a lumberjack, chopping wood is his passion. Quickly felling the trees with his ax or in Were beaver form.
  • He can turn into a Were beaver, Were moose, and Were goose. Which all have their perks. The downside is that when he turns back to a human, he has a hunger of zero and quickly drains health.
  • His beautiful full red beard grants him an advantage in staying warm during winter and spring.
  • Lucy talks to him and has infinite durability. She makes his love for chopping wood even better by bringing down the trees faster than a normal ax.

Woodie's details and stats:

  • His health is 150
  • His Hunger is 150
  • His sanity is 200
  • He can transform into were forms (beaver, moose, goose) even though they don't last long. All three have their perks, Moose: Attack speed/strength, Beaver: Night vision and immunity to weather, Goose: Night vision, speed, and can walk on water.

5. Winona

[The invalid inventor]

This "you can do it" woman can build, build, and build some more! Her reason for being in the constant is simple, Charlie, Maxwell's assistant is her sister. This gives her one free hit in the dark.

What is Winona good at:

  • She has duct tape that can fix items and aid in building her gadgets.
  • She can craft faster than other characters which make creating tools to survive a little easier. However, she does lose hunger faster because of it.
  • Her one free hit in the dark is a dodge, it only gives you a slight advantage, and still isn't a good idea to stay away from a light source at night.

Winona's details and stats:

  • Her health is 150
  • Her hunger is 150
  • Her sanity is 200
  • With her trusty duct tape, she can repair anything (as long as there are no hounds around).
  • Her gadgets/inventions are pretty useful when playing solo or in a group since they can create light sources, defense, and generators.

4. Webber

[The spider taming spider]

This adorable spider is a monster who can befriend spiders. The downside is that Pigmen and Bunnymen don't like him for his monster-self. I think they are just jealous of his glorious silk beard he can grow.

What is Webber good at:

  • He can eat regular food and monster food. This makes playing him easy when it comes to keeping his hunger up.
  • He can befriend spiders! He can also craft spider nests. The only downside to this is that when Chester the chest is with you the spiders will attack him.
  • His beard is the quickest and easiest way to create silk when you can't find a spider nest nearby. It takes a total of 9 days to grow a full beard, but you can see a short one every three days.

Webber's details and stats:

  • His health is 175
  • His hunger is 175
  • His sanity is 100
  • Though he may seem meek and scared, his spider friends are a great way to survive on your own, just feed them monster meat and you can build an army for roughly 20 minutes (2.5 days in-game).
  • His beard can be used to harvest silk or keep warm during the colder seasons.

3. Wortox

[The little imp]

Wortox the imp sidekick to Krampus, at least until he swallowed up Krampus's soul. This left him with a deep sense of guilt. He feels bad when he has to kill to gain more souls.

What is Wortox good at:

  • His souls can be eaten, used for health, and even used to teleport.
  • He is a group healer (souls).
  • He can gain souls from all living things (clockworks, WX-79, and shadow monsters not included).

Wortox details and stats:

  • His health is 200
  • His hunger is 175
  • His sanity is 150
  • He can only carry 20 souls at a time and if he takes more than he needs he will lose sanity on top of losing half of his souls.
  • He is known as the souls starved for a reason because he craves souls and prefers souls over anything else. You gain 18 points of hunger for each soul he eats.

2. Warly

[The chef]

This chef comes with his own crockpot and seasoning station. He was taken to the constant like many of the other characters after the gramophone in his and Maman Angeline's house started playing distorted music. He loves her dearly and wanted to always cook and care for her.

What is Warly good at:

  • With him coming with his own crockpot and seasoning station he cooks faster than other characters.
  • He comes with a hat that can be used as a backpack.
  • His crockpot has its own set of recipes on top of the usual ones you can make with the plain gray crockpot.

Warly's details and stats:

  • His health is 150
  • His hunger is 250
  • His sanity is 200
  • His hunger drain's 20% faster than the others, because he is always hungry and loves his food.
  • He can't eat anything that wasn't made from a crockpot.
  • He will gain fewer hunger points if he eats the same thing more than once.

1. WX-78

[My favorite little robot]

My favorite of all of the characters, the robot known as WX-78. He is strong and holds a special place in his little robot heart for the science machine. He however doesn't hold empathy for anything and hates eggs.

What is WX-78 good at:

  • He can gain health, strength, and hunger through eating gears.
  • He is a fighter character like Wigfrid but doesn't need much to gain more strength than her.
  • He will eat anything and still gain back stats even if the food is rotting.

WX-78 details and stats:

  • His health starts at 100/400
  • His huger is 100/200
  • His sanity is 100/300
  • The gears are the only way you can gain more stat points up to his max.
  • If you die with maxed-out stats you start from the begging.
  • He can be his own light source if struck by lightning and gains speed from it too.
  • He takes damage and loss of sanity when wet, so avoid the rain!


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