[Top 15] Don't Starve Together Best Mods You Must Have

Don't Starve Together Best Mods, dst best mods
Don't even think of clicking play without these mods.

In ‘Don’t Starve Together’ you can add mods that enhance the game’s experience. You can find mods to download by opening steam, then going to the ‘Don’t Starve Together’ workshop page and subscribing to the specific mods you want.

With all the mods there already are, it may be a little overwhelming to find exactly what you want or need. In this carefully curated list, we’ve put together 15 mods we’ve found that you absolutely need.

15. Gesture Wheel

The Gesture Wheel mod helps with, as the name implies, gestures. While usually you need to type in commands for gestures, the wheel helps with this as you get a hotkey that gives you previews of each gesture to pick from.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Streamlines gestures, giving you more time to play with the game.
  • Simplifies communication when you don’t have time to type.
  • Compatible with controllers.

Get the Gesture Wheel here!

14. Geometric Placement

Geometric Placement helps with placing items in game. Usually, you cross your fingers and hope building items are placed where you want them to be. With Geometric Placement, you don’t have to guess as a geometric grid helps guide you so that your items are placed in the correct position.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • Perfects placement, ensuring things are where you want them to be.
  • Completely customizable, having an interface that allows you to customize every detail of this mod.
  • Ensures safety by making sure columns of wall are placed beside each other.

Get Geometric Placement here!

13) Minimap HUD

Every time you look at the map in vanilla ‘Don’t Starve Together,’ a map screen will fill your view, leaving nothing else to be seen. With this mod, you can pop open a minimap so that you can continue foraging while also ensuring you’re headed in the right direction.

How the mod makes things more fun:

  • A literal life saver when enemies are nearby!
  • Gets rid of pausing your actions to open the full map.
  • Has zoom levels independent of a regular map, meaning you can use both separately.

Get Minimap Hud here!

12. Reign of Runts

In ‘Don’t Starve Together’ there are many different characters to choose from already. Once you’ve mastered all of them the game can feel repetitive, unfortunately. Many mods introduce new characters but Reign of Runts introduces mini versions of characters already in the game!

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Introduces 4 new characters to play as!
  • Fits with the art style of the game as is.
  • Can be used for roleplaying purposes.

Get Reign of Runts here!

11. Uncompromising Mode

The biggest challenges in ‘Don’t Starve Together’ are the seasonal bosses, but after learning to survive them, what is there left to do? With Uncompromising Mode, ‘Don’t Starve Together’ is amped up with new difficulties, including new mobs, new weather, and rebalances.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Gives veterans of ‘Don’t Starve Together’ something new.
  • Still in development, meaning you can help with input and feedback.
  • Reworks (for characters and bosses) that generally make more sense.

Get Uncompromising Mode here!

10. Pickle’s First Person Mod

‘Don’t Starve Together’ is shown in top down, which might be a bit different for people used to playing first person games. With this mod, you can change the viewpoint to give yourself a new look into the world.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • More immersive as you see the world through your character’s eyes.
  • An added challenge for those used to navigating through the world in a 3rd person view.
  • Switch camera button allows you to change between third and first person instantly.

Get this mod here!

9. Charlie: Stranger Newer Powers

In the game universe, there is a storyline that event now is being not only released but continued on with by the devs. One character who has yet to get an in-game model is Charlie, the night monster. With this mod, you get the opportunity to play as her.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Long term development means that this mod will run smoothly.
  • Others in your server can also play Charlie thanks to skins now included with this!
  • Get an understanding of the ‘Don’t Starve’ universe from Charlie’s eyes.

Get the mod here!

8. Simple Health Bar DST

When playing ‘Don’t Starve Together’ you have to do a lot of guesswork as to how much health is left for anything or anyone who isn’t you. With this mod, it’s easier to see the health of items and enemies, however.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • It adds a simple element to the game without changing it much beyond that.
  • It can help you and your team with planning attacks rather than guessing what to do.
  • You can replace items (such as walls) before they become a problem.

Get the mod here!

7. ActionQueue Reborn

There’s no queue for actions in the game, but with this mod you can solve that problem. Based on another mod, ActionQueue Reborn reworks the older mod to refresh it for use past the initial 2014 release of the older mod.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Time saver. Not only does it help you queue up future actions, you can also plan ahead for different portions of the day based on time actions taken, your queue, and the current time of day.
  • While actions are queued, you have more time to chat!
  • Makes for perfection. With this mod you can perfectly plant pines as well as do similar actions perfectly that will make the neatest of base for you and your friends.

You can get this mod here!

6. Admin Scoreboard+

To be expected, when administering a server of ‘Don’t Starve Together’ there are certain abilities you have that are a given, such as kicking and banning. With Admin Scoreboard+, you have an expanded range of control, however.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Ability to control a large server without fear. This mod gives you many different options in order to control your server and those in it.
  • Teleport into action. With this mod, you can teleport to friends or other members of your server at a moment’s notice.
  • Item recovery. If someone is trying to stop the fun by stealing items, there’s a command to force them to drop their items and disable them from picking anything up for a short amount of time.

You can get this mod here!

5. Show Nicknames

While you’d expect a game like ‘Don’t Starve Together’ to show gamertags above each character, it doesn’t. This can lead to trouble, especially when two or three people are playing the same character. To combat this, the Show Nicknames mod shows everyone’s names.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • No more confusion. If xXx_r3ap3r_xXx is causing trouble as Wilson and you want to pvp them but don’t want to mix them up with gamergirl73 who is also playing Wilson, this could really help.
  • Better communication. Instead of guessing someone’s name or messing it up when you try to remember, it’s right there for you to see.
  • Servers will be easier to manage. When you’re admin and you go to kick someone, you don’t have to look for who they’re playing, you can know their name right away.

You can get this mod here!

4. Global Positions

While utilizing the map in game, you have the ability to see the past places you’ve traveled and the biomes located there. With Global Positions, you’re able to see where everyone else is located on the map as well.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • No more guessing as to where someone is, simply see it on the map.
  • Can be used alongside AdminScoreboard+ as a means of fast travel for admin.
  • Makes the map more meaningful than just seeing where you’ve been.

You can get this mod here!

3. Wormhole Marks

Wormholes may drain your sanity by teleporting you across the map to possible areas unknown, but they can arguably help. Without this mod, there’s a lot of memorization to be done as to which wormhole leads where. With this mod, wormholes are color coded so that you know which leads to each other.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Faster fast travel. No more guessing as to which leads where.
  • No unnecessary sanity drains, go exactly where you want.
  • Gives players a reason to NOT avoid wormholes.

You can get this mod here!

2. 50 Save Slots

You can have 5 different save slots for your servers in ‘Don’t Starve Together’ which is fine and nice, unless you want to have 6 or 7 different servers due to your multiple discord servers or online friends (or egirls you paid to play with you). With this mod, you can have up to 50 different servers.

How this mod makes things more fun:

  • Allows you to have up to 50 different servers! The possibilities are endless!
  • Will save your extra servers even if you turn the mod off.
  • No need to delete past servers- just make more!

You can get the mod here!

1. Craft Pot

Using a Crock Pot in game helps immensely with hunger. Following different recipes can help with filling you more or regaining your health. There are so, so many recipes and instead of memorizing or using the Wiki to look up these recipes, this mod helps you.

How this mod makes things more fun: 

  • Helps maximize your cooking experience.
  • No more wasting time searching online for recipes.
  • Will show you recipes you never knew you never knew!

You can get this mod here

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