[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Character Mods

don't starve together best character mods
Team Fortress 2, ASSEMBLE!!!

What are Character Mods and Why Do You Need Them?

Do you want to change up your DST gaming experience? Well, look no further because I have something for you: character mods!

For those who are unfamiliar, a mod (in DST and similar styled games) is a program made by players like yourself who want to add a little more spice and everything nice to the DST experience. Character mods consist of characters inspired by anything from anime, television, movies, or real life. They could also be original characters that the creator(s) imagined on their own.

But character mods don’t always have to be actual characters. They could be mods that add skins, texts, or actions to the existing characters in the game. Two examples are Health Info by star and NubsPixel and More Actions by Isosurface (which are honorable mentions in this article).

It should always be remembered that mods are capable of glitching which can affect gameplay. This is either due to the mod’s programming, conflicts with other mods, or updates by DST developers. So players should always be aware of how stable a mod is when they apply it in the world generation menu. It’s also good to know what type the mod is and how active the creator is with their mod.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get into the Top 10 Best Character Mods of DST.

This assessment is based on varying factors from popularity and total number of subscriptions to how recent and/or frequent the creator(s) update. It should also be noted that all of the mods in the list are All Clients Require mods.

10. Weston the Wandering Cactus (modded port) 

Weston at his best.

It may never have been your dream to be a cactus but fantasy has now become reality (sort of). You can walk around showing off your spines to friends and enemies alike.

But Weston has more going for him than his looks. Let’s get into his stats to see why he would be a great asset.

What Makes Weston Fun:

  • He has decent Hunger and Sanity but his Health (135 hp) will make him a challenge when fighting bosses. The plus side is that he can inflict 25 damage with an unarmed punch. Enemies will also take 12-18 damage whenever they inflict damage on Weston since he comes with his own skin-worn weapon.
  • He’s immune to Summer’s heat so if you’re absolutely done with burning up, Weston’s your cactus. He isn’t immune to fire, however. So keep him away from wildfires or you’ll be dead faster than you can say “Fire hot.”
  • Surviving Winter and Spring will be a challenge since Weston does not like the cold. He freezes faster than most characters so always keep your raincoat and fire pit ready.
  • Weston can attract insects which will make it easy to capture and/or kill butterflies. However, the range for angry bees increases. You'll need to be a step ahead if you don’t want to get stung.

9. Marisa Kirisame

Don't let her DST face fool you, she's ready to play.

Marisa is a character you don’t want to miss! Based on the character from the Japanese game series, Touhou Project, Marisa is straightforward, hardworking, and may have a hoarding problem.

She’s also a magician so you can craft brooms and potions if you’re feeling a notion to get magical. That being said, Marisa’s default stats make her a challenge to play. But there’s no victory without difficulty, right?

Why Marisa Would Be a Good Fit for You:

  • If you want a challenge to play, Marisa’s Health is 120 hp combined with 90 Hunger.
  • You can readjust her stats if you feel the default is too much of a challenge (you can also adjust the stats for her broom).
  • Her hat is 50% water resistant and can be considered as head armor (25% damage reduction). This will be a definite bonus in Spring.
  • The greatest thing is that she can read books! For default characters, only Maxwell and Wickerbottom have that privilege. Get ready to prepare your library!

8. The Scout

Scout and Heavy decide to take on the world of DST.

Based on the character from Team Fortress 2, this character isn’t afraid to use his bat to bash in some skulls. It’s best to look up this mod on steam because there’s no way I can list everything that makes this character mod awesome. Let’s just say, you can change how battles are fought (and won) if you use this mod.

Why Scout is the Man:

  • First, let’s get into his speed ability. If the character moves without stopping for 20 seconds, he can get a 35% speed increase. How awesome is that? Imagine using this against bosses like Klaus.
  • He has custom voice lines because the creator was kind enough to give him an in-game personality.
  • Except for Health (125 hp), he’s a pretty stable character. He has 150 Hunger and 175 Sanity which gives you more time to prepare for his descent into starvation and madness.
  • There are cool items you can craft if you have this mod but I’ll just mention two. The first is that players can craft Sandman (you need the Alchemy Engine; it’s found under the Weapons tab). It’s a bat that can launch a baseball as a projectile. When hit, mobs are put to sleep.
  • The second item is the Hot Dogger (you need Science the Machine; it’s found under the Clothing tab). With this, you won’t have to worry about Hunger for 10 days. The item feeds a player 5 Hunger every 30 seconds. What’s more awesome? Anyone can craft it! So no need to play Scout if you want to take advantage of 10 days worth of food satisfaction.

7. Myth Words

This mod is number 7 because it's received so much attention since its creation for the past 3 months. If you want to try something new and original, then this mod is the one for you.

But let’s be honest here: you get to be a monkey warrior king. If that doesn’t impress you, then I’ll have to try harder to brag about this mod’s benefits.

How Myth Words Could Benefit You:

  • He has night vision. The downside is that your Hunger and Sanity will drain quickly when night vision is enabled but (let me say it again) NIGHT VISION. If you’re done with Charlie beating you to a pulp or keeping track of twigs and grass to make a torch, then the benefit weighs out more than the cons.
  • He comes with his own weapon: the Golden Cudgel. It can inflict 59.9 damage and it comes with a special ability which will increase damage to 100 hp to anything in its ways (you'll want to read up the on consequences to using this special ability).
  • All fruit items (uncertain if this is compatible with More Fruits mod) will increase 15 Sanity for Monkey King so go out and hoard as much fruit as you can.
  • You can build an Alchemy Furnace. With this thing in your camp, you can make pills that can do anything from preventing overheating to increasing damage on enemies.

6. Devon, the Hunter

Devon would get along with Wendy; they're both depressed loners.

According to the creator, Devon is a skilled thief and hunter… which makes up for the fact that he’s weak and not the smartest person in the room. If you want to pretend that you’re an emotionally and psychologically troubled character with a tragic past, then you should give this mod a try.

What’s Intriguing about Devon:

  • He has his own pet crow named Birdy. She’s not just a cosmetic for the character either. If worn on his head, Birdy can give Devon a Sanity boost. The Sanity boost also works if she’s on the ground and Devon is standing close to her.
  • If you like jumpscares, the mod has a personal touch in which Devon will experience random panic attacks. So you could be fighting a boss and all of a sudden, Devon suddenly loses control. This is definitely a benefit because it will keep players on their toes even more so than they usually are in DST.
  • He doesn’t lose Sanity in rain. Enough said.
  • Nearly forgot to mention, Devon’s stats are: 50 Health, 100 Hunger, and 50 Sanity. So basically, a character with worse stats than Wes. Enjoy the challenge.

5. Shipwrecked Characters

If you want a collection of characters instead of just one (or you’re a fan of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked), definitely thank this creator. They took the time to make these characters playable in DST so they deserve a round of applause.

And what’s great is that you don’t have to worry about choosing which one! DST’s Celestial update gives players the chance to choose a new character within the world they’ve created.

Why You Should Check Out Shipwrecked Characters:

  • I’ll be listing one benefit of each character. First up, Walani. This character doesn’t receive a Sanity drain from wetness. So put the raincoat away, Walani is ready to play!
  • Warly has his own portable crock pot. No more having to run back to camp because you’ve run out of meatballs. However, you’ll have to be careful with ingredients; Warly remembers food items that he’s eaten for 1.75 days; if he eats a food item that he remembers, there will be penalties. So get out your notebook and jot every food ingredient down.
  • Wilbur can not only spawn manure, he can throw it. So if you’ve always wanted to throw poo at your enemies, Wilbur’s your monkey.
  • You’ll already have 3 gold nuggets in your inventory if you choose Woodlegs. Finding gold can be a pain in DST so a character who spawns in with gold is a definite plus. You’ll be able to make a Science Machine on day one without having to do much exploring.

4. Playable Pets

You're the boss of the world now!

Not to be confused with the other Playable Pets mods by the same creator, this mod allows you to play various mobs and bosses that can be found in DST. You can be a tentacle, a Treeguard, or even the Dragonfly.

Why Playable Pets is Awesome:

  • Imagine a one on one fight with the Dragonfly as the Dragonfly! Let the best boss win.
  • This mod is especially great with friends. You can either roleplay with PVP turned on or off. I recommend PVP on because how hilarious would it be to fight as a Tallbird and a Varg?
  • Mobs that can’t eat won’t experience Hunger drain. You can explore the world without ever worrying about starvation.

3. The Medic

Quite a bit of commenters don't agree with this list. That's okay, I only care about The Medic.

And next on our list is another character from Team Fortress 2. Say hello to the Medic! Just know it’s always good to have a doctor on the field to heal your wounds..

Although, you might want an actual doctor than this guy. This character just has an obsession with plunging giant needles into skin.

Why the Medic Rocks:

  • He spawns with a Telltale Heart. So if you’re playing with friends and one of them is accident prone, then an already made heart is a necessity. He also spawns in with 5 Health kits to heal other players.
  • If you have trouble getting bone shards, use the Medic to craft a Bonesaw. The Bonesaw delivers 42 damage with 100 uses. The best part? It drops bone shards once you kill your target.
  • What’s funny is that you can craft a dart that heals players. Once the Health Dart hits a player, they receive 70 Health.

2. Nanachi

Watch as Nanachi tries to survive in a cruel and undeserving world.

This mod is based on the character from the Japanese manga and anime, Made in Abyss. She’s sweet and friendly which is a benefit to DST gameplay. Besides her sweet nature, the character has a strong resemblance to a rabbit. So bunny lovers, here is the mod for you.

Why Nanachi Would Be Your Best Friend (as a mod):

  • She has 300 Sanity meaning that it will take longer for her to see shadow monsters during Winter.
  • She won’t scare rabbits which will make them easier to catch.
  • Nanachi gives off a fragrant smell. This smell helps the players near her regain Sanity.
  • Best ability: Nanachi can tell when something special is near so she can find gears, Chester’s eyebone, Pig King, and etc.

1. The Engineer

Watch out! The Engineer is a man on a mission.

It wasn’t difficult determining which mod would be the number 1 mod on this list. With it being #5 as most subscribed and #2 as most popular of all time character mods (based on the date of this article), I give you The Engineer!

How the Engineer Can Change Your DST Experience:

  • Check out the Engineer’s items! He can build a Sentry Gun (which is upgradable) so you can take out enemies that cross into your turf.
  • He can create teleporters all over the map. Bye bye walking from one side of the map to the other.
  • He comes with his own unique emote.
  • His hardhat absorbs 70% damage with a 295 durability. He comes with one upon spawn.
  • The Ghostly Gibus is an easy craftable hat. Just collect 2 silk and 2 coal (mod description does not say whether you need a machine) and presto! You have a hat that will give you Sanity for 5 days.


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