[Top 3] Don't Starve Together Best Armor and How to Get Them

don't starve together best armor
You've gotta look good when you're conquerin' the world.

Get the Best Armor in Don't Starve Together

Has a Bearger destroyed your base and eaten all of your food in the process? Are you being mobbed by frogs or spiders? Do you need revenge against monkeys who keep stealing your stuff?

Basically, if you’re having any kind of trouble with mobs or bosses (or even Darkness trying to screw you over), the thing you’re going to need is armor. And not just any armor. For a fine warrior like yourself, you’re going to need the best of the best.

However, getting the best armor will take time to grind. But if you’re patient and motivated, victory will be yours.

The assessment of best armor will be based on non-modded durability, damage absorption, and accessibility to resources (in the case that you need to replace your armor). This guide is also based on the Caves being playable during gameplay.

Best Head Armor

3. Beekeeper Hat

It looks like a goal net and a sun hat made a baby. But it's great for protection anyway.

If you’re ever thinking about taking on the Bee Queen, then this hat will do wonders. With its high hp and decent damage absorption, you’ll be a danger to anything with a stinger.

Armors Stats:

  • 1050 hp durability
  • 80% damage absorption
  • 20% water resistance

Why the Beekeeper Hat Rocks:

  • You’ll officially be a beekeeper when you’re collecting honey.
  • You can craft it at anytime and anywhere after you first craft it by the Alchemy Engine. It also helps that silk and grass are easily renewable and easy to locate.
  • It is great protection when fighting the Bee Queen or having to deal with angry bees during Spring (note: the hat only works against bees which is a shame, look at that hp!).

How to Get the Beekeeper Hat:

  • Craft this with the Alchemy Engine; you’ll find it under the Clothing tab.
  • You could also get lucky and find the hat spawned next to a skeleton.

This shows you other head and chest armor that didn't make the cut.

2. Shelmet

Winona looking like DST's version of a Viking.

If you like the idea of wearing a shell as part of your head gear, then the Shelmet is the right gear for you. As seen in the picture above, the top of the shell has a curved fin that ends in a hooked point. Unfortunately, the Shelmet comes in only one color but its use as head armor makes up for its color scheme.

Armor Stats:

  • 525 hp durability
  • 90% damage absorption
  • 20% water resistance

Why the Shelmet Rocks:

  • 90% damage absorption, enough said.
  • You don’t have to go resource hunting to craft it.
  • Doesn’t it make you look like a Viking or a pirate? That’s a plus in my book.
  • Equip this with an upgraded WX and nothing will be safe from your tyranny.

How to Get the Shelmet:

  • You will need to kill slurtles for this item to drop. Slurtles are found by Slurtle Mounds in the Caves. Good luck though. A Shelmet has a 10% drop after killing a Slurtle.

The Shelmet is worth it but it does take patience to get it.

1. Bee Queen Crown

Maxwell does act like he's a King, huh?

Look like royalty with the Bee Queen Crown. Its spiral horns just scream that you mean business. And, as an added bonus, you have a crown that works as head armor. How cool is that?

Armor Stats:

  • 945 hp durability
  • 70% damage absorption
  • 20% water resistance

Why the Bee Queen Crown Rocks:

  • Be the King or Queen you were always meant to be. When you wear this around your friends, they can’t help but bow to you. Seriously, they can’t. No one can resist the Crown’s allure (only works with playable characters).
  • It is one of the two strongest head armors in DST if you exclude the Beekeeper Hat (I’m still weeping over the Beekeeper Hat hp).
  • It grants Sanity gain from insanity auras. Examples of things with insanity auras: Tree Guards and Evil flowers. This is helpful when you’re away from base during Winter. Just stand by Evil flowers and boom, Sanity gain.

How to Get the Bee Queen Crown:

  • There are two ways to get the Bee Queen Crown. One way is to kill the Bee Queen. This method guarantees a crown drop.
  • The second way to get the crown is to defeat Klaus. You get a 1 out of 5 chance for the crown to drop from the 4th bundle.

Part one of thorough preparation to defeat a boss. 

Part two of thorough preparation to beat a boss. It's amazing how far you have to go to get a piece of armor.

Best Chest Armor

3. Night Armor

WX rescued me from having to look too hard for an image that would do this armor justice. Thank you Mr. Robot.

The Night Armor protects your body with its ghostly shadow. Notice how it drapes over WX’s body, like a cocoon of darkness.

The Night Armor also comes with a Dark Sword so imagine the fear that you’ll put into your enemies’ hearts when you come prepared to battle. The one thing that would make it better is a shadow helmet to complete the set.

Armor Stats:

  • 525 hp durability
  • 95% damage absorption
  • Drops Sanity by 10 units per minute

Why the Night Armor Rocks:

  • Do I need to explain 95% damage absorption?
  • You can roleplay as a Dark Knight, equipped with both the armor and the Dark Sword.
  • Craft it with a Shadow Manipulator. After that, you can craft another one anywhere and anytime. The items needed to make the Night Armor are frequently renewable so that is a plus.
  • It’s great for tanking when worn by Wolfgang with his ability in full effect.

How to Get the Night Armor:

  • Craft a Shadow Manipulator. You’ll find it under the Magic tab.

A very thorough guide about armor. Heck, you don't even have to read this article. But please read, it would make me happy.

2. Marble Suit

This armor is too popular for it to not show up on the list.

The Marble Suit is standard high tier armor. It can take a while to craft but it means trouble to your enemies when you put this gear on.

The Marble Suit comes with two skins: the Marble Splint and the Marble Plate. If you don’t want to purchase these skins through the Shop menu, earn in-game currency by unweaving skins you don’t care to own. But even without the skins, you’ll look like a warrior with solid resolve.

Armor Stats:

  • 735 hp durability
  • 95% damage absorption
  • Decreases movement speed by 30%

Why the Marble Suit Rocks:

  • You can create a marble farm so harvesting items to make the marble suit isn’t a problem. You’ll have to wait for a long while though.
  • You can make it anytime and anywhere after you first craft it with the Alchemy Engine.
  • It’s great for tanking when worn by Wolfgang and WX.

How to Get the Marble Suit:

  • You can craft it with the Alchemy Engine. It’s under the Weapons tab.

Full video of how to farm marble and build the suit.

1. Bone Armor

I don't know whether Wes looks nonchalant or confused.

At first look, it seems like you slaughtered some poor creature and ripped out its ribcage. But that’s alright because it suits you more as protection. The battle to get this armor can be long and hard but its benefits make it worthy of being the #1 best armor in DST.

Armor Stats:

  • Has 16 uses
  • 100% damage absorption every 5 seconds

Why the Bone Armor Rocks:

  • It’s a permanent item, you’ll never have to replace it (unless you lose it).
  • You can recharge durability with Nightmare Fuel. 1 fuel equals 4 uses.
  • The armor is great with kiting.
  • If Wes wears it, he’ll be more playable as a character (sorry Wes, but your stats are terrible).

How to Get the Bone Armor:

  • You’ll need to defeat the Ancient Fuelweaver for this item to drop.

If you have the time, check out the full video. It goes into what it takes to fight this big guy.


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