[Top 5] Don't Starve Together Best Duos That Are Awesome

don't starve together best duos
A collection of Don't Starve characters rushing towards survival- or away from certain death.

Tired of dying alone? Now you can die together!

Ever play Don't Starve and wish it were multiplayer so you'd have a better chance at survival? Oh boy, do I have news for you!

Don't Starve Together (DST) is Klei's answer to the people's desire to share the stress of the popular survival horror with friends and foes alike. Some characters survive better than others, and some characters just work significantly better together. The multiplayer even has a few DST exclusive characters that are fun to try out in addition to keeping the original cast!

So, we're going to look into which duos have the best chance of surviving out there in the wild of ‘The Constant’.

5. Wurt and Wormwood

Wurt and Wormwood is a personal favorite duo of mine, and not just because they're both super cute. Wormwood can plant seeds without a farm or a till; it even gives him back sanity to do so. Wurt is a vegetarian, keeping fish and other sea creatures alive in her inventory longer. They can trade food and Wurt can help Wormwood get seeds for a bigger garden.

What Makes Wurt and Wormwood a great duo:

  • Wurt crafts a Merm King that will exchange fish for seeds.
  • Wormwood can plant seeds directly into the ground.
  • Wurt can't eat meat, but Wormwood can.

4. Webber and Webber

I'm serious, this can be an incredible combination. Webber can befriend spiders, 1 Monster Meat buys the loyalty of a maximum of 5 spiders. They don't have a lot of health, but they make up for it in numbers. The spiders are neutral to Webber and he isn't slowed when walking on webbing. The trade-off is that he angers pigs, bunnies and otherwise neutral mobs, but with an army of spiders nothing can stop you.

What makes a Webber Webber duo great:

  • You both can eat monster meat without penalties.
  • Spider army big enough to fight anything (or crash the game).
  • Neither can befriend pigs or bunnies so it's no loss.

3. Wickerbottom and Maxwell

Wickerbottom and Maxwell work surprisingly well together. Maxwell can read Wickerbottom's books, and without a sanity drain at that. The only other character who can do this is Wurt, but she can't utilize the effects. Based on this unique skill and the efficiency of Wickerbottom's books, this makes them a fantastic duo.

What makes Wickerbottom and Maxwell and great duo:

  • Maxwell can read Wickerbottom's books.
  • Maxwell's shadows and Wickerbottom's knowledge make them excellent foragers.
  • Wickerbottom has advanced knowledge so she can craft more.

2. Wickerbottom and Wolfgang

Wickerbottom is a great multiplayer character. She works well by herself but her skills work best when other characters can take advantage of them. One of them being Wolfgang. Wolfgang's the best fighter in the game and with Wickerbottom's help, he can be even better.

What makes Wickerbottom and Wolfgang a great duo:

  • Wickerbottom's books grow food which can keep Wolfgang in his mighty form longer.
  • Wickerbottom has advanced knowledge and can craft armor and weapons early.
  • Wolfgang can protect Wickerbottom with strength and armor.

1. Wickerbottom and WX-78

Wickerbottom gets the number one spot for most adaptable character in multiplayer and her best partner goes to WX-78. WX-78 is a robot so he gets a lot of benefits humans don't. His biggest power is that he gets super charged by lightning at the expense of being hurt by water.

What makes Wickerbottom and WX-78 a great duo:

  • Wickerbottom has a book that can summon lightning strikes.
  • When WX-78 gets struck by lightning he gets super charged.
  • Supercharging makes him faster, glow in the dark and never freeze.
  • WX-78 can also eat stale food which Wickerbottom can't.

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