[Top 5] Terraria Best Hammers That Are Great (And How To Get Them)

STOP! Hammer Time!

Hammers are an essential tool for builders in Terraria. They allow you to scape floors, rearrange terrain, and even remove background walls. Some items in the game are also only destroyable with the use of hammers. These include Demon Altars, Shadow Orbs, and Crimson Hearts among many others. If you're curious as to which hammers are the best in the game, then this list is for you! Find the top 5 best Terraria hammers that are great and how to get them.

5. Pwnhammer

Hammer of pure pwnage

Pwn is a game slang for owning or brutally defeating an enemy. The hammer lives up to its name as it's the earliest way to delete Demon Altars from your world to spawn in Hardmode ores.

Item details:

  • Strong enough to destroy Demon Altars

How to get it:

  • Drops from the Wall of Flesh

Pwnhammer stats:

4. Chlorophyte Warhammer

Smash people's heads in! I wanna go to WAAAAR!

The Chlorophyte Warhammer is a tool that's strong enough to be used as a melee weapon. Hammers have the distinction of always just being used as tools, but the damage stat on the Warhammer is greater than most swords. 

Item details:

  • Has the highest base damage among all hammers in the game

How to get it:

  • Crafted from Chlorophyte Bars

Chlorophyte Warhammer stats:

3. The Axe

Shred them to pieces!

The Axe is a drop from Plantera, which pays homage to the heavy metal band Pantera. Its design is based on the band's lead guitarist, Dimebag Darrell. The Axe is a hybrid between an axe and a hammer, which emanates pure awesomeness.

Item details:

  • Plays an electric guitar sound with every swing
  • Works as both an axe and a hammer

How to get it:

  • Drops from Plantera

The Axe item stats:

2. Haemorrhaxe

That's a bloody good hamaxe

The Haemorrhaxe is a hardmode hamaxe that you can get during the Blood Moon event. They're dropped from Blood Eels and Hemogoblin Sharks at a fairly decent rate. Since Blood Moons can happen at any night, this is the earliest high-tier hammer that you can obtain. Its power is relatively comparable to the Luminite Hamaxes which are only obtainable after Moon Lord has been defeated.

Item details:

  • The axe and hammer power of this item is comparable to endgame gear

How to get it:

  • Drops from Hemogoblin Sharks and Blood Eels during Hardmode Blood Moon

Haemorrhaxe stats:

1. Luminite Hamaxes

The endgame hammers of pure destruction, or construction.

The Luminite Hamaxes are the most powerful hammers in the game. Like most endgame hammers, they are already mixed with an axe for extra efficiency. There's no other hammer that can match it at this point in the game.

Item details:

  • Has the highest power among all hammers in the game

How to get it:

  • Combined using Lunar Essences and Luminite Bars

Luminite Hamaxe stats:

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