Terraria Most Fun Class - What Should You Play?

Choose your fighter, I mean class!

Terraria is a sandbox-esque RPG in which you can freely choose what to do and what to play as. There are four different classes in the game. These are the Melee, Magic, Ranged, and Summoner classes. Finding out your best class is a chore on its own but is highly rewarding once you've settled on one. That said, the most common question in this game would be which is Terraria's Most Fun Class - What Should You Play?

Melee Class

Sword swinging, yo-yo slinging machine!

The Melee Class is Terraria's version of the Warrior archetype commonly found in most RPGs. They're the close-ranged damage dealers or defenders that always stay close to enemy lines, making them take the brunt of the damage. Their favored weapons are swords, spears, boomerangs, yo-yos, and flails. They also have the highest defense stat in the game.

What Melee Excels In:

  • Dishing out damage in close range
  • Tanking
  • Self-regeneration through increased HP regen
  • Survivability

Pick Melee if:

  • You like being up close and personal
  • You're the type to keep your friends safe

Melee Class Details:

Mage Class

Casting spells from a safe distance

The Magic Class is considered Terraria's heavy damage dealer. They're the game's equivalent to Glass Cannons that can turn the tide of the battle with their powerful magic. Their favored weapons are books, staves, and rods.

What Mage Excels In:

  • Deals the most versatile type of damage in the game
  • Can branch out to the Healer subclass

Pick Mage if:

  • You like dealing huge burst damage
  • You want to switch to the Healer class (Spectre Armor set)

Mage Class Details:

Ranged Class

Sniper ops feat. Robin Hood

The Ranged Class is a perfect balance of long-range and survivability. They deal lesser damage than the Mage Class but have significantly more defense. Their favored weapons are guns, bows, repeaters, and launchers.

What Ranged Excels In:

  • Deals consistent damage from a safe distance

Pick Ranged if:

  • You like dealing consistent damage from further away
  • You like rocket launchers and guns

Ranged Class Details:

Summoner Class

My minions will take care of you

The Summoner Class is a utility class that relies on its summoned minions and whips to deal damage. There is a variety of summons to choose from in the game, each dealing different forms of damage. This makes the summoner a versatile damage dealer. Their only downside is that they have the least defense in the game. Their favored weapons are minions, sentries, mounts, and whips.

What Summoner Excels In:

  • Deals consistent damage from a safe distance

Pick Summoner if:

  • You like to "set it and forget it"
  • You suck at aiming

Summoner Class Details:


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