[Top 5] Terraria Best Weapons For The Wall Of Flesh

Feeding the Hungry with Water Bolts

The Wall of Flesh is the greatest challenge before getting into hardmode. It's a massive wall that creeps towards you throughout the entire fight so you're forced to run in the opposite direction. A lot of preparation is needed for this fight, including building a hell bridge or just mining enough room. But even with the best preparation, you're doomed if you can't kill it fast enough. Here are our top 5 picks for the Terraria best weapons for the Wall of Flesh

5. Hornet Staff

It always hurts to get a stinger in the eye

The Hornet Staff is one of two decent summoner weapons at this point of the game, the other being the Imp Staff. We chose the Hornet staff because it generally has a better AI and will attack enemies more efficiently than the Imp counterpart. Summoning the Hornets while firing a secondary weapon like the Spiky Balls or Grenades is sure to have enough DPS to kill the Wall of Flesh before it gets you.

What makes the Hornet Staff awesome:

  • Has good AI to deal with the Wall and the Hungries
  • Hornets fire faster projectiles than the Imp
  • No need to control them manually

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 12 (Summon)
  • Knockback - 2 (Very weak)
  • Mana - 10
  • Use time - 22 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 10

How to get the Hornet Staff:

Guide on how to get the Hornet Staff

4. Flamarang

It deals massive damage when you hit with it

The Flamarang is a fast-firing weapon when you've built a tunnel to face the Wall of Flesh. The boomerang can be spammed as long as it hits something and comes back. Being at a constant distance from the Wall allows you to continuously rain a barrage of boomerang hits without the fear of missing.

What makes the Flamarang awesome:

  • Fast fire rate due to the boomerang return distance being short
  • Sets the Hungries on fire

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 32 (Melee)
  • Knockback - 8 (Very strong)
  • Use time - 15 (Very slow)
  • Velocity - 14
  • Inflicts the 'On Fire!' debuff

How to get the Flamarang:

Guide on how to get the Flamarang

3. The Bee's Knees

Not the bees! Not the BEES!

The average Terraria player will tell you that The Bee's Knees is the best bow pre-hardmode. This bow is excellent for dealing with the Wall of Flesh, so long as you don't run out of arrows or running spaces. The bees fired from this weapon are strong enough to deal consistent damage to the boss.

What makes The Bee's Knees awesome:

  • The bees can kill the Hungries easily, allowing you to deal more direct damage to the Wall of Flesh
  • Bees are deadly in an enclosed space, making the popular 'tunnel' strategy a great fit for this weapon

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 23 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 3 (Very weak)
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 24 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 8
  • Wooden arrows turn into a column of bees

How to get The Bee's Knees:

Guide on how to get The Bee's Knees

2. Water Bolt

Water doesn't bounce like that. Oh, never mind!

The Water Bolt is one of the best magic weapons when using the infamous 'tunnel' strategy against the Wall of Flesh. These precious bolts of magic will bounce around the arena causing a great deal of damage to whatever it touches.

What makes the Water Bolt awesome:

  • Low mana cost, high fire rate
  • Projectile lasts for 30 seconds, or until it bounces 5 times or hits 10 enemies, whichever comes first

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 19 (Magic)
  • Knockback - 5 (Average)
  • Mana - 10
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 17 (Very fast)
  • Velocity - 4.5

How to get the Water Bolt:

Guide on how to get the Water Bolt

1. Beenades

Remember what we said about the bees?

As we mentioned earlier in this list, bees in enclosed spaces are very dangerous. In fact, the easiest way to fight the Wall of Flesh is with the use of our good old Beenades from the Queen Bee. These bees will obliterate the Hungry and attack the Wall of Flesh at incredible speed.

What makes the Beenades awesome:

  • Easy to make with materials and the item itself dropping from the Queen Bee

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 12(Ranged)
  • Knockback - 1 (Extremely weak)
  • Consumable
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 15 (Very fast)
  • Velocity - 6

How to get Beenades:

Guide on how to get Beenades


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