[Top 5] Terraria Best Weapons Against Eater of Worlds

This worm is going to get it!

In order to progress through Terraria's early game, or to just get good items like the Shadow armor and all the 'evil' weapons, you have to defeat the Eater of Worlds. This giant worm is possibly one of the easiest or the hardest early bosses depending on who you ask. Although we'd like to lean on the former, you'd need to have good preparation before summoning this boss, as fighting this worm in a small space is not ideal. Once you've built your arena, here are our top 5 Terraria best weapons for the Eater of Worlds. Make sure you teach this worm who's boss

5. Gold/Platinum Bow + Jester's Arrows

Ready, aim, FIRE!

The most common way to beat the Eater of Worlds that anyone will tell you is to use a bow with Jester's Arrows. At this point, your best bow would probably be either the Gold or Platinum bow, depending on what ores your world gave you. Any bow that fires the Jester's Arrow will not be affected by gravity and allows the arrow to pierce infinitely until it reaches its max distance. The worm boss, who is ultimately just a pile of smaller segments, is very vulnerable to this kind of damage.

What makes the Gold/Platinum Bow awesome:

  • This is the best bow you can have at this point in the game
  • The projectiles travel straight and pierce infinitely 

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 13 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 0
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 25 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 6.6

How to get Gold/Platinum Bow + Jester's Arrows:

  • Craft the bow with the respective ores
  • Jester's Arrows are Wooden Arrows combined with Fallen Stars

4. Grenades

Grenades go BOOM! Take that, worm!

Another popular way of fighting this boss is with the use of Grenades. As you progress through your spelunking sessions, you're sure to find some bombs which in turn unlock the Demolitionist NPC. Grenades are quite cheap for the amount of damage they can do to this boss. If you're feeling a bit spicy, you can add some slime gel into the mix and make Sticky Grenades. Just be careful not to get caught in the blast zone.

What makes the Grenades awesome:

  • Has comparable damage to hardmode weapons with the caveat that you can easily kill yourself with it
  • Deals splash damage to multiple segments if aimed correctly

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 60 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 8 (Very strong)
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 45 (Very slow)
  • Velocity - 5.5

How to get Grenades:

  • Buy them from the Demolitionist

3. Abigail's Flower

'It's hauntingly beautiful.'

Abigail's Flower is a crossover weapon from the Don't Starve series of games. It can be obtained as soon as you start your world, you'd just need to die a lot. Abigail proves to be an effective weapon against the Eater of Worlds, combined with whips like the Leather Whip and the Snapthorn which you could also get at this point. It's fairly common to try and die to this boss, but if you manage to get any Shadow Scales from the segments, go and make yourself an Obsidian armor set for more summon damage.

What makes Abigail’s Flower awesome:

  • Scales throughout the game, gaining more power with every additional summon slot used
  • Is great with the Flinx Armor, or if you got Shadow Scales from the segments, with the Obsidian Armor

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage - 6 (Summon)
  • Knockback - 2 (Very Weak)
  • Crit Chance - 4%
  • Mana - 10
  • Use Speed - 36 (Very Slow)
  • Velocity - 10

How to get Abigail’s Flower:

Guide on how to get Abigail's Flower

2. Demon Scythe

Just like a whirling dervish of pain and suffering!

Okay, hear me out here. Some people would say that this weapon cannot be obtained at this point. The Demon Scythe is a drop from Demons and Voodoo Demons in The Underworld and can be obtained at any point in the game. This makes this an extremely powerful weapon if you've taken the time to increase your character's mana pool.

What makes the Demon Scythe awesome:

  • Each projectile pierces up to 4 times
  • Given that each segment of the worm has relatively low health (150/210/267 in Classic/Expert/Master modes), you'd be able to whittle them down to dust very easily with this weapon

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 35 (Magic)
  • Knockback - 5 (Average)
  • Mana - 14
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 20 (Very fast)
  • Velocity - 0.2

How to get the Demon Scythe:

Guide on how to get the Demon Scythe

1. Terragrim

Finding the sword in the stone is no easy task

The Terragrim is a sword based off of a Castlevania series sword called the Crissaegrim. This sword is an extremely rare find in most worlds, with a more common chance of not being in one at all. Although the weapon seems a bit impossible to get, you CAN use seeds to get it from another world. Once obtained, the Eater of Worlds can easily be dispatched by holding down a button.

What makes the Terragrim awesome:

  • Fires off a barrage of swings at your cursor's direction.
  • Ignore the use time, it doesn't explain this weapon's ridiculous speed

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 17 (Melee)
  • Knockback - 3 (Very weak)
  • Mana - 10
  • Use Speed - 25 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 15

How to get the Terragrim:

Guide on how to get the Terragrim


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