[Top 5] Terraria Best Weapons For Mechanical Bosses

All the weapons in this list in action

Getting through Terraria's early game is an achievement enough. But the Wall of Flesh is just the beginning. After reaching Hardmode, you'll soon realize that the next big challenge is looming just around the corner. Underpowered and ill-equipped, we present to you our Top 5 Best Weapons for the Mechanical Bosses.

5. Golden Shower

Looks like you need to drink some water, bud

The Mechanical Bosses are one huge jump in difficulty as you've just started out your journey into hardmode. One thing these bosses have in common is their high defense. This is where the Golden Shower comes into play. The magic spray that this weapon does reduces enemy defense by 15 and can be used against both Skeletron Prime and The Twins.

What makes the Golden Shower awesome:

  • Affects 2 out of 3 mechanical bosses
  • Especially useful for Skeletron Prime
  • Can be used up to Moon Lord
  • Reduces enemy defense by 15 for 10 seconds

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 21 (Magic)
  • Knockback - 4 (Weak)
  • Mana - 7
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 18 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 30

How to get the Golden Shower:

Guide on how to get the Golden Shower

4. Sanguine Staff

The skies shall turn red with blood!

With the viability of using hybrid setups at this point of the game, the Sanguine Staff holds the highest place among summoner weapons. Not only does it provide a good amount of DPS, but it also boasts one of the most accurate minion targeting at this time. 

What makes the Sanguine Staff awesome:

  • Great for dealing consistent damage to The Twins who are notorious for being fast
  • It's basically a "set it and forget it" weapon

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 35 (Summon)
  • Knockback - 8 (Very strong)
  • Mana - 10
  • Use time - 36 (Very slow)
  • Velocity - 10

How to get the Sanguine Staff:

Guide on how to get the Sanguine Staff

3. Nimbus Rod

A little rain never hurt anyone, except the monsters in Terraria

This mage weapon can be acquired relatively early in Hardmode. Although the damage may not seem much, its potential lies with it being a 'sentry' weapon. The rain clouds make it rain down a straight column which has infinite piercing capabilities. This makes it very useful against the Destroyer.

What makes the Nimbus Rod awesome:

  • Infinite pierce makes it an excellent weapon against the Destroyer
  • Like the Sanguine Staff, it can be utilized even by non-mage classes
  • Can summon two clouds at one time for double the damage

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 36 (Magic)
  • Knockback - 0
  • Mana - 10
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 22 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 16

How to get the Nimbus Rod:

Guide on how to get the Nimbus Rod

2. Daedalus Stormbow

The skies look cloudy, with a chance of arrows

You'll often be fighting the mechanical arrows above ground, which makes the Daedalus Stormbow one of the best ranger weapons for the upcoming battles. This bow excels at raining down damage upon a huge area, making it hard to miss your shots. Pair this with good ammo, like the Holy Arrows, for a very fun time.

What makes the Daedalus Stormbow awesome:

  • It is the only source of Ichor for mages
  • Defense reduction can be used even after its damage is no longer relevant

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 38 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 2.25 (Very weak)
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 19 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 12.5

How to get the Daedalus Stormbow:

Guide on how to get the Daedalus Stormbow

1. Sergeant United Shield

How does this shield fly back?

Melee class players often have a hard time starting out in Hardmode. This is due to the lack of weapons that can damage, or even hit, the faster mech bosses. The Sergeant United Shield which was added in 1.4 was the best answer to this dilemma.

What makes the Sergeant United Shield awesome:

  • The weapon can be bought as soon as the Traveling Merchant has it
  • Travels very fast when thrown and ricochets off of enemies up to 2 extra times
  • Excellent for all mech bosses as they all consist of multiple parts

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 80 (Melee)
  • Knockback - 0
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 36 (Very slow)
  • Velocity - 20

How to get the Sergeant United Shield:

Guide on how to get the Sergeant United Shield


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