[Top 5] Terraria Best Wings (And How To Get Them)

best terraria wings 2022
Wings are also part of Terraria fashion

What are the best wings you could get in Terraria?

Mobility is one of the key aspects of Terraria. Fighting bosses while not being able to dodge is the quickest way to make yourself a Graveyard biome. Wings are one, if not THE most important mobility accessory in the entire game. Now the outlying question arises, which one of the 45 unique accessories is the Top 5 Terraria Best Wings, and how to get them.

5. Fledgling Wings

terraria fledgling wingsFledgling wings in action


The earliest wing you can get in the game is the Fledgling Wings. Found atop the world in Sky Island chests, these wings are enough to get you started in the game. If you manage to get one early on, you’ll never have to fear fall damage as any wing negates it.


What makes Fledgling Wings awesome:

  • Early mobility
  • Can be achieved upon world creation
  • Best source of early fall damage negation


Item Stats:

  • Flight Time: 0.42 secs
  • Height: 18 tiles
  • Horizontal Speed: 15 mph
  • Vertical multiplier: 150%


How to get the Fledgling Wings:

Video showing how to obtain Fledgling Wings


4. Leaf Wings

Flying using a set of leaves is good, trust me


Once you get through all of pre-hardmode with your Fledgling wings, you’d obviously want an upgrade. As soon as Hardmode hits, move your Witch Doctor to the Jungle. At night, he’ll be selling you these Leaf wings for 1 platinum coin. This is by far the easiest hardmode Wings to get at this point in the game.


What makes Leaf Wings awesome:

  • Can be purchased as soon as Hardmode starts
  • Finding 1 platinum is not that difficult if you save your money since pre-hardmode.


Item Stats:

  • Flight Time: 1.67 secs
  • Height: 53 tiles
  • Horizontal Speed: 32 mph
  • Vertical multiplier: 150%


How to get the Leaf Wings:

Video showing how to obtain Leaf Wings


3. Jetpack

It doesn't run on rocket fuel. Very environmentaly friendly.


After defeating one of three mechanical bosses, you’ll find the Leaf Wings to be a bit lacking. Don’t you worry since once the Steampunker moves in, you’ll have a new set of wings to work with. The Jetpack is sold at 40 gold coins and is immensely better than the patched-up pair of wings you got prior.


What makes the Jetpack awesome:

  • Cheap and easily obtainable
  • Same stats as developer wings


Item Stats:

  • Flight Time: 2.5 secs
  • Height: 77 tiles
  • Horizontal Speed: 36 mph
  • Vertical multiplier: 150%


How to get the Jetpack:

Video showing how to obtain the Jetpack

2. Fishron Wings



A lot of Terraria players opt to skip Duke Fishron, but the Fishron wings make it worth it to fight this boss. These are the second-best wings in the game just because of one little feature. The Solar or Stardust wings will have the wings beat if you just talk about stats, but that’s not where the Fishron Wings shine. These wings enable you to wade through liquids unencumbered, which means you can set up honey bubbles across your boss arena and not get slowed down.


What makes Fishron Wings awesome:

  • Liquids no longer slow you down
  • Leaves bubble trails when you fly


Item Stats:

  • Flight Time: 3 secs
  • Height: 143 tiles
  • Horizontal Speed: 41 mph
  • Vertical multiplier: 250%


How to get the Fishron Wings:

Video showing how to obtain Fishron Wings

1. Celestial Starboard

Warning: Does not come with sprinkles.


After killing all the bosses, you’ll soon find that your journey is still not finished. There are still a lot of things to do after killing Moon Lord, including riding the Celestial Starboard. These wings have the best stats in the game and also allow you to hover!


What makes Celestial Starboard awesome:

  • Hover ability makes the Flying Carpet obsolete
  • Highest stats among all wing items


Item Stats:

  • Flight Time: 3 secs
  • Height: 201 tiles
  • Horizontal Speed: 41 mph
  • Vertical multiplier: 450%


How to get the Celestial Starboard:

Video showing how to obtain the Celestial Starboard

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