Phasmophobia: How To Use A Crucifix

When you are trying to figure out what kind of ghost is on the property in Phasmophobia, using a crucifix will be essential. No matter what difficulty you are playing at, this is one of your finest defences against hunts.

When the crucifix has been correctly used, it should prevent any ghost from taking on their physical form and stop them from attacking you. You have two uses for each crucifix you have placed down. Use them wisely!

It’s important to understand how to correctly use a crucifix, as it’s simple once you get the hang of it.

How does the crucifix work?

Step 1: Always Buy One 

It should be easy enough to purchase a cross in every game, right? Just remember one, as this will be your main line of defence against ghosts. I advise buying more than one cross if you can afford to.

Step 2: Being Able To Find The Ghost Room 

You will be using other equipment to find the ghost room, nevertheless, as soon as you know which room it is in, go retrieve your crucifix.

Step 3: Knowing Where To Throw The Crucifix 

What do you do now that you have found the room and your crucifix? Look around the space to see if there are any interactions. This ought to help you locate the ghost in the room. To be effective, the crucifix needs to be at least three metres away from the spawn place.

Step 4: What If It Doesn’t Work?

If the crucifix didn't work, you must have placed it outside of the ghost's three-metre spawning range. Try to recall where you initially saw the ghost so you can place the crucifix there when it goes on the next hunt.

Step 5: Crucifix Has Been Placed

Once the crucifix has been placed down onto the floor in the correct radius (three metres), then you should be able to continue with the investigation without being hunted and killed. You will have two uses for each crucifix.

Step 6: How Will I Know When It’s Been Used?

Keep an eye on your crucifix at all times because you only have two uses for it before the hunting resumes. Once it has been used, one of the crucifix's sides will separate and then vanish. It will glow red after both sides have vanished, signalling that it can no longer defend you from a hunt.

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