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Terraria is a game that’s all about the equipment. Your class and playstyle revolve heavily on your loadout. But how do you reach your full potential when the stats on the armor sets you get are all the same? The answer is: Accessories. Terraria has no shortage of accessories that add effects that range from boosting your stats to fighting your battles for you. This is especially true when you plan on min-maxing your build, but what accessories help for all classes?

This list is about accessories that you can include in almost all class setups, making them the most versatile items in the game. Here are the Top 10 Terraria Best Accessories and how to get them.

10. Magiluminescence

Ooohhh! Shiny!

Although a bit difficult to pronounce, this accessory is very easy to obtain. All you need is topaz and some evil bars (Crimtane or Demonite) and you get an accessory that boosts your movement speed by 20% as well as increases your acceleration and deceleration two-fold. Did we mention that it also adds a light aura around you to light up dark areas? Sweet!

What’s good about Magiluminescence:

  • An early source of player-bound light. The only other source at this point is the pets from bombing the evil orbs.
  • Movement speed buff stacks with all the boot-type accessories.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Increases movement speed and acceleration
  • Provides light when worn

How to get Magiluminescence:

Guide on how to get Magiluminescence


9. Arcane Flower

I wonder if it only blooms with mana potions?

Running out of mana in the middle of a boss fight is not pretty. That’s why you should always invest in mana potions. But what if you always forget to use the potion and end up dying anyway? The Arcane Flower is a great solution for you. Not only does it use mana potions automatically, but it also reduces mana usage by a whopping 8%.

What’s good about the Arcane Flower:

  • No need to manage mana potion usage timing.
  • Less mana usage means more spells cast.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Mana Usage reduced by 8%
  • Automatically use mana potions when needed
  • Enemies are less likely to target you

How to get Arcane Flower:

Guide on how to get Arcane Flower


8. Charm of Myths

Looks charming...

Now that we have mana potions under control, it’s time to optimize our health potion usage as well. While it doesn’t use health potions automatically, the Charm of Myths has a unique effect that reduces the Potion Sickness debuff duration by 20%. Not only that, but it also offers an increased rate of health regeneration as well.

What’s good about Charm of Myths:

  • No need to manage mana potion usage timing.
  • Less mana usage means more spells cast.

Item Description and Stats:

  • Mana Usage reduced by 8%
  • Automatically use mana potions when needed
  • Enemies are less likely to target you

How to get Charm of Myths:

Guide on how to get Charm of Myths


7. Destroyer Emblem

No, the Destroyer does not drop this...

Outputting your best damage is one way to get through Terraria’s fiercest battles. The Destroyer’s Emblem gives you a percentage increase in damage as well as a slight buff to Critical Strike chance. It is made by combining the Avenger’s Emblem and an Eye of the Golem and is great with all classes, except summoner (since minions can’t crit).

What’s good about Destroyer Emblem:

  • Excellent boost to all damage. Stacks with other class emblems as well
  • Critical strike chance also stacks with another Eye of the Golem

Item Description and Stats:

  • All damage is increased by 10%
  • Critical strike chance is increased by 8%

How to get Destroyer Emblem:

Guide on how to get Destroyer Emblem


6. Avenger Emblem


Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. Why is the Avenger’s emblem ranked higher than its upgraded version? Let me answer it simply, pure damage. Combining the Avenger Emblem with the Eye of the Golem reduces the overall damage, and sometimes you just don’t want that.

What’s good about Avenger Emblem:

  • An even bigger boost to all damage. Stacks with other class emblems as well
  • Stacks with Destroyer Emblem, the Mechanical Glove, and the Celestial Emblem as well.

Item Description and Stats:

  • All damage is increased by 12%

How to get Avenger Emblem:

Guide on how to get Avenger Emblem


5. Celestial Shell

So that's what combining the Moon Shell and the Celestial Stone looks like.

This accessory is easily one of the best stat-boosting items in the game. The Celestial Shell is an excellent accessory that combines the versatility of the Moon Shell and the Celestial Stone. It gives you excellent buffs that stack with other similar accessories.

What’s good about the Celestial Shell:

  • Enables the Werewolf transformation at night when not underwater which adds great boosts to all melee stats and regeneration
  • Merman transformation negates any movement penalties and drowning while underwater.

Item Description and Stats:

  • +10% melee speed
  • +10% damage (all types)
  • +2% critical strike chance
  • +1 HP/s life regeneration
  • +4 defense
  • +15% mining speed
  • +0.5 minion knockback
  • Werewolf form:
    • +2% melee critical hit chance
    • +5.1% melee damage
    • +5.1% melee speed
    • +5% movement speed
    • +3 defense
    • Slightly increased jump height and jump speed
    • +0.5 HP/s life regeneration

How to get the Celestial Shell:

Guide on how to get the Celestial Shell


4. Worm Scarf

The tag says it's organic.

Having immense damage is useless when you’re dead. That’s why defensive accessories are ranked a bit higher in this list than anything else. The Worm Scarf is something you get very early in Expert mode from the Eater of Worlds but is usually kept until the very end of the game due to its highly useful effect.

What’s good about the Worm Scarf:

  • Gives a huge buff to damage reduction which is highly needed to survive big hits.
  • Can be obtained very early in the game and is useful at any point in your entire playthrough.

Item Description and Stats:

  • All damage taken is reduced by 17%

How to get the Worm Scarf:

Guide on how to get Worm Scarf


3. Master Ninja Gear

There's a ninja in this picture.

Playing defensively often requires maximum mobility. There are only three ways to get the ‘Dash’ ability in Terraria, and the Master Ninja Gear is by far the best item that gives it.

What’s good about the Master Ninja Gear:

  • Gives a ‘Dash’ ability that adds extra mobility
  • Grants you a small chance to dodge which negates incoming damage once

Item Description and Stats:

  • Allows the ability to climb walls and dash
  • Has a 10% chance to dodge attacks

How to get the Master Ninja Gear:

Guide on how to get Master Ninja Gear


2. Ankh Shield

Terraria loves Egyptian lore.

No one loves status effects. No one loves getting kicked around by enemies as well. The Ankh Shield gives you confidence that you won’t ever have to suffer from any status effect ever again. This shield is the best in a long and arduous crafting tree that combines the status negating Ankh Charm with the Obsidian Shield.

What’s good about the Ankh Shield:

  • Never have to worry about most debuffs ever again
  • Plants your feet firmly on the ground

Item Description and Stats:

  • Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
  • Grants immunity to most debuffs

How to get the Ankh Shield:

Guide on how to get Ankh Shield


1. Terraspark Boots

Best boots in the biz

In a game where you’re constantly chased by zombies, flying eyes, and giant skeletons, you’ll always want to be running at top speed. The Terraspark Boots is the last item in the Hermes’ Boots crafting line and provides the best overall mobility in the game.

What’s good about the Terraspark Boots:

  • Best. Boots. EVER!

Item Description and Stats:

  • Allows flight, super fast running, and extra mobility on ice
  • 8% increased movement speed
  • Provides the ability to walk on water, honey & lava
  • Grants immunity to fire blocks and 7 seconds of immunity to lava
  • Reduces damage from touching lava

How to get the Terraspark Boots:

Guide on how to get Terraspark Boots


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