[Top 10] XCOM 2 Best Enemy Mods For A New Challenge

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Spice up the warfare with these Steam mods

10. Advent General Revamp [WOTC]

These Generals can bring in troop reinforcements and feel like an actual General.

If you’ve been playing XCOM 2 for a little while, it has the chance to feel a little bit formulaic. You know the story beats, the enemies, and what tactics will help you net a successful mission. Thankfully, Firaxis approves/encourages the use of mods. What better ways to spice up the game than add more enemies? The first of many exciting additions to this list is the Advent General in new garb. He also has a new weapon, the deadly NEKO-90 sidearm. He also has a whole bunch of new abilities including calling reinforcements. Having a tough new challenge on the horizon is always a good way to spice up the alien war. 

Advent General Revamp Details

9. Advent Custodians Standalone [WOTC]

The Custodians are a walking tank that bring close-range danger. 

This photo does not exactly do it justice, but these aliens are the closest things to fighting a personified wall. They don’t use cover but will move steadily towards you with a shotgun and dangerous melee capabilities. The mod also comes with an Advent Custodian Master, which carries an assault rifle and a rocket launcher. I can’tthink of aname as non-intimidating as the custodian, but their tanking capabilities will keep you from camping in high cover. 

Advent Custodians Standalone Details

8. The Very Angry Sectopod Mod [WOTC]

Sectopods' don't get enough love. With this mod, they get some game balancing.

It’s about time someone showed the Sectopod some modding love. While they don’t have a lot of personality, there’s potential in buffing this big goofy-looking mech. The Sectopod is outfitted with healing and melee capabilities, two new regular abilities, and stat buffs. If the Sectopod wasn’t hard enough, this mod will for sure be able to scratch that itch for you. 

The Very Angry Sectopod Mod Details

7. Armored Viper [WOTC]

With this mod, a Viper can form an even more formidable foe.

Couldn’t get enough of these scaly boys either? I don’t blame you. Even though their Alien Hunter mission was very much a crash course into developing ophidiophobia, there is still much to explore. Their armored versions have increased immunities and some even have Psionic capabilities. They are also equipped with Templar abilities, making them scary from any distance. 

Armored Viper Details

6. Berserker Omega [WOTC]

Another Berserker Queen looms in the distance. Can you handle this upgraded Ruler?

The big sister to the Berserker Queen has come out to play. Even though she looks a little bit more put together, The Berserker Omega still has her massive anger issues. She is able to rally her allies with buffs and has more offensive weapons at her disposal. Increased traversal and plasma-infused punches will have you running around like a chicken with your head cut off–which may or may not be foreshadowing if you face this titan. 

Beserker Omega Details

5. Children of the King [WOTC]

This mod will introduce more vipers into the game.

Snakes are all the rage in the modding community. Their base models already look great and they have a unique skill set. In this mod, you face off against the three princes and one princess to the Viper King. They are all outfitted with unique weapons and looks but possess 3 actions per turn (not like their father, who had those pesky Ruler Reactions). They’re all greatly designed and will meet your daily snake exterminating needs. 

Children of the King Details

4. Alien Elite Pack [WOTC]

The Mutons should get more upgrades as well. With this mod, they get even deadlier.

The awesome thing about the modding community is that everyone gets a chance to shine. Like the Sectopod, this particular mod comes with three upgrades over their standard classes: The Mutons, Sectoids, and Vipers. I always thought about how unique and iconic those Muton and Sectoid designs were. Even so, they were never really given a whole lot more love. This mod changes that, with increased stats, redesigns, and new abilities. Everybody gets an upgrade!

Alien Elite Pack Details

3. Avatar Ruler

Once you defeat the Avatar Ruler, you get your own Ruler armor and Avatar Amp.

Who doesn’t love the evil twin trope? While facing the Avatar early in the game, we do know we get to control our own during the last mission. However, fighting a bigger, badder version of yourself always is a solid addition to the game. It’s like we’re in a Marvel movie! 

However, the Avatar is no slouch. They operate withRuler Reactions and have a nasty Psionic arsenal. If you end up surviving the encounter, you can unlocka very powerful Psionic suit/amp combo. 

Avatar Ruler Details

2. LEB’s Lategame Enemies [WOTC]

The giant Pokeball becomes an Ultraball with this mod.

Why not invite the giant Pokeball and evil Cortana to the party as well? Everyone gets upgrades (as they should because the last third of the game becomes a little bit too easy)! They also come with new abilities each as they pose more formidable opponents this go-around. Included in this mod is a new SitRep too, which is pretty uncommon in these enemy mods. 

LEB's Lategame Enemies Details

1. A Better Advent [WOTC]

Introducing more enemy upgrades than any other mod, ABA turns XCOM 2 into a different experience. 

The piece de resistance of XCOM 2 enemy modding. Nearly everyone gets an upgrade and will bump up the alien diversity up to eleven. Having so many new enemies will greatly change the game, the way you play, and the amount of fun you will be having. This package is so expansive, you would have thought that this was DLC. If this isn’t a testament to how talented some of these modders are, then I don’t know what to tell you. 

A Better Advent Details

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