Steam Summer Sale Leak: Real or Fake?

steam summer sale 2017
Is it true that the Steam Summer Sale will begin in June 2017?

Steam Summer Sale Leaked Dates Real or Phony?

It has been widely reported that a Valve employee recently emailed PC game publishers informing them that the 2017 Steam Summer Sale will run from June 22 - July 5 (13 Days).

Just so you know, leaks like this have been reported in the past and have actually materialized. For example last year, an anonymous game developer leaked the 2016 Steam Summer Sale dates (June 23 - July 4), which came to fruition pretty accurately.

One thing to note is that summer holidays for high schools in the US begin on June 20 this year and end 31st August (lasting for 2 months and 10 days).

Based on this info, it makes strategic sense for Steam to launch their summer sale to coincide with the start of the US summer holidays.

Why Steam Summer Sale is a Great Time to Shop for PC Games

PC gamers around the world will be happy to know that the Steam Summer Sale has a history of offering top rated AAA games at up to 75% discount.

Details about Steam's 2016 Summer Sale show us that the sale may feature different games on different days, so users should check back on a daily basis to see what the best deals are for each day.

Gamers can expect to see at least a hundred AAA games go on sale on the steam store in June.

It would be wise for Steam users to hold back their wallets for now, to ready it for some heavy shopping once the Steam Summer Sale launches next month.

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