21 New Awesome Games Like XCOM 2 (Games Better Than Xcom In Their Own Way)

Games Like Xcom
Fight for the humans’ survival in a futuristic alien apocalypse.

These Are The Best Games Like Xcom. How Many Have You Played?

The XCOM franchise is one of the most popular turn-based strategy games It has that addicting gameplay and deep lore with a very loyal fanbase.

But the long wait for the next installment can be too hard to bear for some. We bring you some hidden gems that might just quench your thirst for this kind of game.

21. Phantom Doctrine

Plan your actions to outsmart your enemies.

Ever fantasized about being a secret agent working for the CIA? Well, this one will be just right for you. Phantom Doctrine focuses the gameplay on stealth and has a very classy style that makes you feel like agent 007, you get to infiltrate complex buildings sidestepping guards and cameras to make your way to your unsuspecting target. Gather information on the enemy to ruin their plans.

Features of Phantom Doctrine:

  • Many options to plan your missions, item management, experience system, skills and more, make each session different.
  • Command a small team of agents with different abilities, choose wisely to send the best fit for each mission.
  • Explore complex layouts, discover secret weapons, alternate routes, ambush your target when they least expect it.

Official Website: http://www.creativeforge.pl/

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGN1qxWu3rTmQltBbWMesw/search?query=phantom+doctrine

20. Phoenix Point

Aim and attack the alien's weak points to get an advantage during a fight.

There’s a lot of hype around this game since it’s creator was involved in the development in the original X-COM. You are mankind’s last hope to survive an alien invasion that’s destroying life as we know it, but not all hope is lost with your elite team of soldiers ready to beat some aliens. I bet many fans are eager to see what ideas it will bring to the table.

Features of Phoenix Point:

  • Manage a small team of soldiers and fight huge and horrible aliens, save the earth and pose for the cameras.
  • Try new features like aiming to specific parts of the body to incapacitate the aliens, a new layer of strategy.
  • Explore a dark futuristic world in the middle of an alien invasion, there will be some alien guts and maybe even a scare or two.

Official Website: https://phoenixpoint.info/

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0spQFNufSII1tPpcA0M_w/videos

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