XCOM 2 Best Armors For Each Class

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Make sure your soldiers are fitted up in their fight against invaders.


The SPARK only gets standard armor upgrades but do benefit from having built-in armor points. 

Unfortunately for the SPARK, it doesn’t get that many upgrades in the way other classes do. Similar to the other DLC classes, it only gets armor upgrades (not those provided by bosses or rulers). It would be nice if they were able to get some reinforced plating or special abilities once you start defeating Sectopods or Andremedons. 

Best Armor: Anodized Chassis

Second Best:  Reinforced Frame

2. Psi Operative

Like many of your soldiers, the best armor option for them may be the Serpent Game. 

The Serpent Armor (Light) may very well be the best armor set in the game. Not only does it look kind of cool, slightly ridiculous on most of your soldiers, but it provides some very great perks. Choosing the right soldier is the most difficult part of acquiring the set, as there is only one per game. It has a grappling hook, a frost grenade-like ability, and the ability to panic enemy Vipers. 

You want to keep your Psi Operatives as untouched as possible so you can have them train instead of healing back on the Avenger. Thankfully, this suit is tied for the highest mobility in the game. The Wraith suit (Light) is also a great option, as higher Psi Operatives can use its intangibility to get better positioning for its Null Lance ability. 

Best Armor: Serpent Armor

Second Best:  Wraith Suit

3. Skirmisher

Unfortunately for the WOTC classes, they only get standard armor upgrades throughout the campaign.

The Skirmisher is the first War of the Chosen (WOTC) class on this list and thus is relegated to faction-only armor. Thankfully, they already have a grappling hook and their ripjacks allow them to reach their opponents faster than any other soldier class. Maybe it’s just Firaxis’ way of balancing the classes a little bit more. 

Best Armor: Powered Resistance Armor

Second Best:  Plated Resistance Armor

4. Grenadier

The Berserker Queen grants you some wild armor that'll turn heads (before they roll at your expense).

There is nothing scarier than the Berserker Queen, in my opinion. I have never seen my squad cleared out as fast as that behemoth did. On the off chance you best her, you are rewarded with the R.A.G.E. Armor (Heavy). This Titan-esque armor allows for a powerful melee option and heavy weapon-wielding capabilities. What better class can use its talents than the Grenadier? It covers every explosive option and can use the Rage Strike if caught in a pinch. Mutons and Berserkers have a chance to panic as well. 

Best Armor: R.A.G.E. Armor

Second Best:  Serpent Armor

5. Templar

The Templars' high mobility makes up for their inability to equip Ruler armors. 

The Templar is a powerful enough class and probably doesn’t need any Ruler armor. While they are not exactly a bullet sponge, their Momentum and Invert abilities can usually get them out of tough spots. They can also use Reflect, Deflect, and Parry to protect themselves from oncoming attacks. 

Best Armor: Powered Resistance Armor

Second Best: Plated Resistance Armor

6. Sharpshooter

The Serpent Armor is good enough to be on most classes, most especially the Sharpshooter.

Another class that supremely benefits from the Serpent Armor. If going the Sniper route, the grappling hook comes in handy when capitalizing on Death from Above. Paired with the Darklance, this could be the most OP soldier in the game. If you are using Gunslinger abilities, the Frostbite ability will help you as you can pick off a lot of frozen enemies in one turn. Vipers possibly being panicked from your sight is also a huge boon as they are probably the worst match for a Sharpshooter because of their solo tendencies. 

Best Armor: Serpent Armor

Second Best:  Serpent Suit

7. Ranger

With the Serpent Armor equipped, expect your Ranger kill count to rise. 

A late-game Ranger is a scary thing alone. Sporting scales in the Serpent Armor makes them a master of traversal, killing machine, and ghost all in one package. If you decide that your Serpent Armor should go to another soldier, the R.A.G.E. Armor is another great option. It can panic Mutons and Berserkers, who are melee threats to the Ranger and you can use whatever heavy weapon if your shotgun is too far away.

Best Armor: Serpent Armor

Second Best: R.A.G.E. Armor

8. Specialist

To get the Icarus Armor, you must defeat the Archon King.

The Archon King finally makes his appearance on this list. His Icarus Armor (Medium) is best for the Specialist in my opinion. Not only does it grant your Specialist an extra utility spot for another Medical Protocol charge, but a Guardian Specialist can also really benefit from high mobility. Getting to the higher spots on the map easily can net you another action to set up your Overwatch. With Archons likely to panic and move, they are also on their way to meeting their king in the afterlife.

Best Armor: Icarus Armor

Second Best:  Serpent Armor

9. Reaper

Though they don't get special Ruler armor, the Reapers persevere just fine. 

Last but not least, the Reapers do not get any special armor capabilities as they are a WOTC class. Fortunately for them, they don’t exactly need the armor padding or extra perks as much either. Their Shadow mode keeps them fairly stealthy and they are equipped to stay there. If worse comes to worst, they also have a lot of traps and sabotaging abilities that’ll keep aliens away. 

Best Armor: Powered Resistance Armor

Second Best:  Plated Resistance Armor

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