Top 10 XCOM 2 Best Weapons That Wreck Hard

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Equip yourself with the best weapons availabe.

10. Fusion Axe (Alien Hunter DLC)

The Fusion Axe (located on the back) makes your Ranger a dangerous threat. 

Axe-throwing is all the rage now. They have axe-throwing ranges everywhere (even a virtual one at select Dave & Buster’s). One thing these centers don’t have is hostile aliens, for good or for worse. Whatever the case, the Fusion Axe is a blast to use. At the start of the mission, you are equipped with two axes. You can throw the first one, which has crazy accuracy. It’s possibly one of the best options to start your encounter with the ADVENT.

Fusion Axe Stats:

  • Damage: 6-8
  • Critical Chance: 20%

Why the Fusion Axe is great:

  • Has a chance to set targets on fire
  • Great accuracy
  • Fun to launch an axe on an unsuspecting alien

How To Get the Fusion Axe:

  • Scan the Locator Beacon
  • Archon Autopsy

See the Fusion Axe in Action (Note: While this is not the axe, this is what you can expect from using one)

9. Plasma Rifle

Once you complete the Plasma Rifle Research, all of your soldiers' base rifles get upgraded.

The Plasma Rifle will be the default rifle for most of your Specialists, while your highest ranked Specialist will probably wield the Disruptor Rifle (which I will cover a little bit later in the article). However, these guns are no slouch. Equipping the right mod slots and pairing them with great soldiers will make any member of your squad a valuable threat. 

Plasma Rifle Stats

  • Damage: 7-9
  • Critical Damage: +4 (+3 in WOTC)
  • Clip Size: 4
  • Mod Slots: 2

Why the Plasma Rifle is great 

  • Can make your Specialists as dangerous as they are useful
  • Great futuristic design
  • Absolutely necessary in the endgame

How To Get the Plasma Rifle: 

  • Do the Plasma Rifle Research

See the Plasma Rifle in Action


Though it's not a weapon, the GREMLIN's vast utility earns it a spot on our list.

While not necessarily a weapon, the GREMLIN is an invaluable tool in the war against the ADVENT. Paired with the ever-useful Specialist class, they can heal, hack, deal buffs, and deal increased electrical damage to robotic enemies. Useful in every situation, gaining the Mark III should be a priority in your research list. 

Gremlin Mark III Stats

  • Hack Score: +40
  • Aid Protocol gives +40 Defense
  • Combat Protocol: 6 Organic, 8-10 Robotic
  • Capacitor Discharge: 7-10 Organics, 11-14 Robotic

Why the Gremlin Mark III is great 

  • If equipped to a Specialist with the Scanning Protocol ability, they are granted an additional charge
  • Very useful against robotic enemies

How To Get the Gremlin Mark III: 

  • Complete the Sectopod Breakdown Research

7. Celestial Gauntlets

The Celestial Gauntlets will make your Templars a melee nightmare for the ADVENT.

The Gauntlets in their final form. The righteous justice-serving Templars get their upgrades as well. These gauntlets’ ability to slice opponents enables you to enhance your guerilla war tactics the most efficiently. No longer will you feel like a coward when you have to Rend, Retreat and Repeat. Instead, you can attack your foe and move on to the next turn ready for your next strike. 

Celestial Gauntlets Stats 

  • Damage: 7-8
  • Critical Chance: 10%

Why the Celestial Gauntlets are great

  • Rend cannot miss but can be dodged
  • +1 Damage per level of Focus
  • 5% chance to Stun per level of Focus
  • 10% chance to Disorient per level of Focus

How To Get the Celestial Gauntlets:

  • Complete the Power Armor Research

6. Beam Cannon

The Beam Cannon is as fun to fire as it is overwhelming to wield.

With the same stats as the Elerium Phase-Cannon (for the SPARK), the Beam Cannon will get a little more reps due to the Grenadier generally being a better class I’m not aware of any other games that have a laser minigun, but I am happy that XCOM 2 had the idea of incorporating such a satisfying weapon. While subjectively being a great gun that deals high damage, the lasers feel like you’re literally frying the aliens from the inside. And yes, that sadistic sentence might mean I need to go to therapy (I’m working on it), but I just want to hammer home how satisfying it feels to wield this BFG around. 

Beam Cannon Stats 

  • Damage: 8-10
  • Critical Damage: +4 (+3 in WOTC)
  • Clip Size: 3
  • Shreds: 3
  • Mod Slots: 2

Why the Beam Cannon is great 

  • Its shredding is a powerful tool
  • Paired with an extended clip size, it is a very deadly weapon
  • Lasers are cool to see and hear in minigun form

How To Get the Beam Cannon: 

  • Do the Beam Cannon Research

5. KAL-90 Bullpup

The upgraded Bullpup will capitalize on the Skirmishers' double-firing abiltiies.

The KAL-90 Bullpup is akin to a shotgun and the most advanced of the Bullpup models. While this weapon itself may not be the best, it is paired with a good class in the Skirmisher. The Skirmisher’s primary gimmick is their ability to fire twice in a row before their turn is over. Paired with the Fusion Ripjack and some great Skirmisher abilities, your rogue ADVENT can be your biggest ally. 

KAL-90 Bullpup Stats 

  • Damage: 6-7
  • Critical Damage: +2
  • Clip Size: 3

Why the KAL-90 Bullpup is great

  • Short-range shotgun action
  • Ability to fire twice in a row

How To Get the KAL-90 Bullpup: 

  • Do the Plasma Lance Research

4. Disruptor Rifle (WOTC)

Once you defeat the Warlock, you get to wield his Disruptor Rifle.

With all of the weapons you get when you defeat The Chosen, you get four mod slots already filled and decked out. While this one is arguably the least impressive of the four, it’s still a darn good rifle. It’s actually surprising because the Warlock didn’t really use the Disruptor RIfle much, considering his litany of Psionic powers. Your Psi Operative, Ranger, or Specialist will be able to wield this deathbringer and deal some great damage.

Disruptor Rifle Stats 

  • Damage: 7-9
  • Critical Damage: +4
  • Clip Size: 4
  • Mod Slots: Superior Scope, Superior Magazine, Superior Hair Trigger, Superior Stock

Why the Disruptor Rifle is great 

  • Guaranteed Critical hits on Psionic enemies
  • Receiving this means never having to face the Warlock again

How To Get the Disruptor Rifle: 

  • Defeat the Warlock

See the Disruptor Rifle in Action

3. Darklance (WOTC)

Outfitting your Sharpshooter with the Darklance will make picking off aliens a breeze.

The Darklance is one of the reasons why it’s rewarding to build up a Sharpshooter with a Sniper build. The biggest perk about this rifle is that it only takes one action to use, whereas other snipers take two. That means that you’ll be able to reposition and blast away at unsuspecting aliens. 

Darklance Stats (bullet points)

  • Damage: 8-10
  • Critical Damage: +4
  • Clip Size: 3
  • Mod Slots: Superior Scope, Superior Magazine, Superior Hair Trigger, Superior Stock

Why the Darklance is great 

  • Only needs one action to fire, though firing still ends turn
  • Best Sniper Rifle in the game
  • Great edgelord name

How To Get the Darklance: 

  • Defeat the Hunter

2. Katana (WOTC)

The Katana's feature to ignore armor makes it the most threatening melee weapon in the game.

Even though the Fusion Axe and Fusion Blade are worthy melee weapons, equipping these are by far the best melee option in the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the dagger being used in-game or I could just too be occupied killing everything in my path to notice. The fact that they are always a powerful guaranteed hit is another reason it should always be in your arsenal. 

Katana Stats

  • Damage: 8-9
  • Critical Damage: +3
  • Bonus Aim: 100%

Why the Katana is great 

  • Never misses
  • Cannot be dodged (always deals full damage)
  • Ignores 5 armor

How To Get the Katana: 

  • Defeat the Assassin

See the Katana in Action

1. Arashi (WOTC)

The Arashi's sleek design disguises the fact that it is an overwhelming shotgun.

The Arashi is where the game just gets a little bit too easy. This weapon makes even your Squaddie Ranger a killing machine. In the endgame, you can kind of even run in guns a-blazin' and survive with your superior armor. While it sounds reckless, this gun is worth blasting through whoever stands in your way. 

Arashi Stats

  • Damage: 8-10
  • Critical Damage: +5
  • Critical Chance: 10%
  • Clip Size: 4
  • Mod Slots: Superior Laser Sight, Superior Magazine, Superior Hair Trigger, Superior Stock

Why the Arashi is great

  • Less accuracy dropoff at a long-range (compared to other shotguns)
  • Best shotgun in the game

How To Get the Arashi:

  • Defeat the Assassin
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