[Top 10] Games Like Atomic Heart (Games Better Than Atomic Heart In Their Own Way)

You’ve conquered Facility 3826 and now you want more? You’ve come to the right place!

So you just beat Atomic Heart. You feel the rush from finally getting to the end and defeating the bosses. But you also have a little bit of emptiness, because you just want more. Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered!

Atomic Heart has a lot of things going on. You have first person shooting, different types of enemies, guns and powers. 

When making this list, I choose the ones that have similar features. At the same time, they all do their own things in their own ways. 

They’re all awesome games in their own ways. And if you’ve enjoyed Atomic Heart, I’m sure you will enjoy the other games as well! Oh, and before we begin. I’ve ranked them by how similar they are to Atomic Heart. 


10. SOMA (Windows, PS4, XBox One, macOS, Linux)

SOMA is a 2015 survival horror game which takes place in an underwater research facility. On the surface, it’s very different from Atomic Heart. It’s in first person, but there’s no shooting. Your goal is to explore, understand and survive.

But to see their similarities, you have to look a little deeper. And then they just start popping up!

  • Atomic Heart has tight and cramped sections inside bunkers that have low lighting and look very creepy. SOMA takes place entirely in places like that.
  • You start off in an area where everyone is hostile to you. You know very little of the ‘why’s and ‘what’s. As you go through the story, it all becomes clear.
  • A lot of background information is told through environmental cues alone. 
  • Both games have sci-fi stories that are full of twists.
  • You will find core philosophical ideas that will make you think. 
  • And both games are chill compared to other survival horror games out there.

We also have to talk about their differences. After all, SOMA is a fully-fledged survival horror game. So it’s bound to do a lot of things in its own way.

  • Since it focuses on horror, the execution of environments, lighting and atmosphere is much spookier.
  • There is no combat in SOMA. You are powerless against your enemies, so you have to avoid them at all cost!
  • Speaking of enemies, they are very creepy and dangerous.
  • The game doesn’t hold your hand at all. No map markers or HUD pointers. You have to figure everything out by yourself.
  • The plot is very well written, and makes way more sense when compared to Atomic Heart. The twists feel more natural.

If you didn’t know, SOMA is from the same developers as the horror franchise of Amnesia. So naturally, the game is designed to be scary. But the story is so well written, everyone should try it out at least once!

Fun Factor: 85/100

Yeah, things are definitely not fine down here.


9. System Shock Remake (Windows)

The remake might have come out this year, but the original System Shock is from 1994. That’s almost 30 years ago! Unlike other games that we might forget about, it’s different for System Shock. It’s so influential that you can see its effects on plenty of other games.

Games like the Bioshock series, Dishonored and Prey all owe it to his game. And yes, even Atomic Heart. So it’s not surprising that there are some similarities. In fact, Atomic Heart even makes a reference! Anyway, you can see how they’re similar in the list below.

  • You play as a guy stuck in a hostile environment full of things that want to kill you.
  • There’s several different kinds of enemies. And both games have robots, mutants and cyborgs.
  • Cameras are always watching you!
  • Both games have inventory management systems.
  • Beautiful and breathtaking environments that make use of lighting.
  • The main villains in both stories are AIs (kinda.)

But we can’t forget that System Shock is a game from a different time and place. And the remake is so faithful, it might just be the original game with some nice tweaks. So yeah, there’s a lot of things that System Shock does differently.

  • In System Shock, the main character doesn’t actually want to be in the station. He’s kind of being forced to do this and has no other option.
  • The game’s level design feels like a maze, so you will have a hard time navigating.
  • Speaking of navigation, the game also doesn’t have map markers. So you’ll have to figure everything out by yourself.
  • System Shock’s villain SHODAN is one of the most memorable AI characters of all time. She will try to kill you, and you will remember her for the rest of your life!

System Shock had a lot of trouble when it was being made. The developers apparently had to restart because they had moved too far from the original. I don’t know if that would have made it easier to play. But I’m quite glad modern players have a way to easily experience this wonderful game.

Fun Factor: 90/100

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!


8. Dying Light (Windows, PS4, XBox One, macOS, Linux)

Dying Light is a first-person action adventure game from 2015. You play as a government agent dropped into a city with a zombie outbreak. Without spoiling the plot, your initial goal is to find a rogue agent.

I’m sure you noticed some of the similarities in that first sentence. You’ll see a lot more as you play this game.

  • Similar settings where a soldier-like agent is dropped into a blocked area full of non-human enemies.
  • In both games, you’re ordered by someone who seems untrustworthy. As the game progresses, you lose your faith in them even more.
  • You start off weak, but your abilities grow as you invest in skills.
  • To upgrade your weapons, you need to find the relevant blueprints.
  • There’s a heavy emphasis on melee combat and dodging.
  • Both games are tough until you master the core mechanisms. After that, you will find ways to really make the most out of it.
  • Even though you get good at combat, you never become too overpowered.

Dying Light’s approach is different, though, which is understandable. At its core, it’s a parkour game. And you can see this in everything that the game does differently, and better.

  • Atomic Heart has a handful of platforming sections. Dying Light, on the other hand, is all about navigating the city through the fastest way.
  • The world of Dying Light has plenty of life in different pockets. You’ll see and help different groups of survivors while you carry out your mission.
  • The day-night cycle of Dying Light really changes things up. During the day, zombies are sluggish and not much of a threat.
  • Night-time is a different story. The streets are pitch black, and a group of zombies called Volatiles are everywhere. They are fast and can easily kill you.
  • You gain double the experience points at night though. So you might have to consider whether it’s worth the risk.
  • The game is full of side-quests and random events, which Atomic Heart lacks.

Dying Light is a little clunky at times. Despite that, the game is incredibly fun and does some things that you won’t find anywhere else. Seriously, where else will you find a zombie-killing parkour playground?

Fun Factor: 80/100

This is why you get vaxxed when you have a chance.


7. Metro 2033 Redux (Windows, PS4, XBox 360, macOS, Linux, Switch)

You might be getting a little confused here. There are three Metro games, so why am I choosing the first one? And the one that came out in 2010? Well, it’s simply because I think it’s the best of the bunch, with a strong story. 

Both Metro and Atomic Heart are linear first person shooters. It’s only natural for them to be similar in some ways. If I tried to write them all down, we’d end up with a huge wall of boring text. So I will make it easy for all of us and summarize them all as bullet points!

  • Both games have a variety of weapons for you to use.
  • You can scavenge for parts and resources and craft or modify your weapons.
  • The linear spaces are very detailed and tell a lot about the world you’re exploring.
  • You will have to do everything it takes to survive.
  • Different types of enemies to kill!

With all that said, Metro 2033 leans more into the linear, survival angle. And because of that, it’s a slower-paced game. Quite different, but quite good as well!

  • The world of Metro has both hostile and friendly environments. It’s not just people surviving, you’ll see how everyday life is in this new world. Even though it’s a little on-the-rails, it’s nice.
  • Metro’s survival goes beyond the health bar. The air is toxic and you’ll need to wear gas masks, have enough filters on you. If your mask breaks, you’re out of luck!
  • This alternate reality is the opposite of Atomic Heart’s. The world isn’t doing so well at all, and Russia is practically unlivable. Except a desolate beauty instead of Atomic Heart’s stunning kind.
  • Since Metro’s approach is more grounded, there’s a bigger focus on realistic weapons rather than the sci-fi stuff.
  • Between missions, you get to meet the people who are living their lives. It’s very nice to see this world being brought to life.
  • The stealth feature is actually functional, unlike Atomic Heart’s. You can turn off lights to create more darkness and successfully sneak around your enemies.
  • There are no robots. But the world is full of scary, mutated beasts. They are quite the challenge!

When the game came out in 2010, everyone praised the story but criticized the mediocre gameplay. That being said, the game was re-released in 2014 titled ‘Metro 2033 Redux.’ That version fixes all the issues. Make sure you play that one!

Fun Factor: 85/100

Do you think you have what it takes to survive in this dead world?


6. Dishonored 2 (Windows, PS4, XBox One)

Dishonored 2 is one of the best games to come out of the last decade. It was released in 2016 and it’s pretty much unlike anything else. Except probably the first game. It’s a first person stealth/action game that gave life back to the genre.

The similarities between Atomic Heart and Dishonored 2 can be hard to spot at times. But don’t worry! I have listed them all down here for you.

  • Both games have stunning, aesthetic environments that make you want to stop and admire the view. If you’re like me, you might just do that between combat!
  • You can use melee, shooting and/or stealth to deal with your enemies.
  • There are several powers to choose from. You can also choose which one to upgrade.

Dishonored’s design, however, is very different. Anyone who has played the game loves it because of how well everything is implemented. And the devs took a lot of time to make everything work perfectly.

  • Atomic Heart is a linear game with open worlds in between. Dishonored’s levels are so open that you will always find new ways of approaching.
  • Dishonored’s stealth is way, way better! Atomic Heart’s feature is broken and only sometimes usable. Dishonored’s approach is to give you all the options and let you use your skills.
  • The melee combat in Dishonored is more like dueling. Atomic Heart’s version is hack-and-slash. Neither are necessarily better and I enjoyed both of them. That being said, Dishonored’s take is much more polished.
  • Shooting is not a big priority for Dishonored. The only weapon variety are guns and crossbows.
  • The powers of Dishonored are wildly different from Atomic Heart. They are rooted in something like witchcraft.
  • You get upgrades in Dishonored by collecting runes and bonecharms. Both of these objects are tied to the game’s magical lore.
  • All Boss fights are completely skippable. You can find an alternate way to anything without shedding blood. That is, if you want the non-lethal route.

Fans of the franchise are still hoping that one day we get a Dishonored 3. But until then, everyone should try this masterpiece and enjoy what it has to offer.

Fun Factor: 95/100

“Now the streets of Serkonos are burning in the sun…” 


5. Bioshock (Windows, PS3, XBox 360, macOS)

Bioshock is one of those games that players think of as legendary. And rightfully so. This first person explorative shooter came out in 2007. And it blew our minds in every way! So much so that not a lot of games after that could come close!

I see most lists like this place this game at the top. But to me, Atomic Heart didn’t seem like it had that much in common in Bioshock. I’m not saying that Atomic Heart wasn’t influenced by it. I’m just saying that other games have more in common.

That being said… This entry is about Bioshock, not the other games. So here are the similarities!

  • Both games have you explore a foreign location which is beautiful, dangerous and memorable.
  • You get to use melee, powers and guns in both games.
  • Powers need resources to be upgraded, which can be found by killing enemies.
  • You can scan your enemies to learn their weaknesses.
  • The main story’s themes are somewhat similar. And they both have major twists.

You see what I mean? The similarities are undeniable, but they’re mostly on the surface. Still, Bioshock is one of the greatest games of all time. And the shared features means you will enjoy it. But you should also know how it differs.

  • Bioshock’s setting is unlike anything else. You will not find any other game that has a setting as unique and stunning as Bioshock’s Rapture.
  • While the gunplay isn’t the game’s strongest suit, the powers are very interesting. They’re unlike anything Atomic Heart has and plenty of fun to play around with.
  • Speaking of power and resources… Yeah, the only way to get extra resources is by killing children. Yep…
  • Bioshock doesn’t have any inventory management, leaving you to just the gunplay and powers.
  • The writing is very strong. It sticks to its core theme and reels you into the story. It’s complicated but the plot twists reveal everything when the time is right.

So the bottom line is that the two games are only similar on the surface. Even so, you can enjoy Bioshock for the same reason you liked Atomic Heart! On top of that, the game is very well written and will leave you thinking about it for days. 

Fun Factor: 95/100

I think we can all agree that none of us want to be followed around by a thing that calls itself ‘Big Daddy.’


4. Doom Eternal (Windows, PS4, XBox One, Switch)

Doom Eternal came out in 2022 and had a tough job ahead. It had to live up to the awesome Doom 2016, which is tough. And yet, Eternal managed to do that with more enemy types, weapons and violence.

You already know that the two games have different settings. In one, you fight robots in a facility. In the other, you kill demons. But they're both fast-paced action games that share a lot of traits.

  • Both games take some time to flesh out the world. Facility 3826 is a stunning place of variety. And Eternal's version of hell has plenty of lore to keep it fresh.
  • You're always surrounded by challenging enemies, making the combat tough but rewarding.
  • And wow, the combat is so fast paced and full of adrenaline! Both games make you feel the stress of fighting your enemies!
  • They are both first person shooters with fun, shooting and dodging mechanisms.
  • There's resource management, although in different forms
  • You'll face many different types of enemies, each with their own visual designs and AI.
  • You can see your enemies become injured as you damage them.
  • There are plenty of weapon and skill upgrades. It keeps your combat experience fresh.
  • And we can't forget good ol' Mick Gordon. He's the composer for both games, and the combat feels ten times more intense because of that.

Doom skips a lot of the stuff that Atomic Heart tries to do. This difference of approach lets it focus on its core. The chaotic gunplay. And because of this, it’s one of the best shooters of all time.

  • Atomic Heart tries to create a facility that could exist. Doom, on the other hand, is creating Hell, and has no restrictions.
  • The worldbuilding and lore is mostly there as fluff. This lets the game focus on designing the areas as shooting arenas. Doom is a shooter all to the core, so this is for the best.
  • The guns of Doom feel way better. The way they handle… Their sounds and animations. They are superior in every possible way.
  • Doom has better enemies. They are more varied and their designs feel more clever. It’s a little unfair, as Doom has had years to develop these. But hey, it’s the truth!
  • Resource management is pretty different. You don’t just find stuff and pick them up. No, you get different things depending on how you kill the enemies. And you need to make this plan during combat!
  • Speaking of combat, Doom Eternal’s is just pure chaos. Nothing really compares to it. You will be confused by all the stuff that’s happening, but you will love every moment of it.

It’s not every day that we see a sequel surpass the original. But Doom Eternal delivers in every way. The game will make your blood pump as you’re surrounded by demons and you’re shooting and tearing them with your bare hands! This is power fantasy at its finest.

Fun Factor: 95/100

If it moves, you can definitely kill it.


3. Prey (Windows, PS4, XBox One)

Prey is an Immersive Sim from 2017. The Immersive Sim genre isn’t as popular as it used to be, so you might not know what that is. It’s a kind of game where things are more systematic than scripted.

While Atomic Heart and Prey play like different games, you are bound to see many similarities. At times, it almost feels like Prey might have inspired some things here and there! That’s just my hunch, by the way.

  • A stunning, alien environment with areas that have their own practical functions.
  • In both stories, something goes wrong and you’re trying to find out what and why.
  • You get lots of skills and powers to upgrade without being forced to choose anyone in particular (beyond the tutorials.)
  • Varied and interesting enemy types that pose a challenge to you. They are powerful and formidable, making you plan. Especially during the early game.
  • You have different types of weapons that use projectile and energy ammo.
  • There’s a weapon in Prey called ‘GLOO Cannon’ that acts almost in the same way as Atomic Heart’s Polymeric Jet.
  • Prey also has the same resource recycling system as Atomic Heart. You have to use Fabrication Stations, which are almost like NORA.
  • Exploration is always rewarded with extra resources or interesting environmental storytelling.

That’s a lot of similarities, right? But trust me when I say that Prey is a completely different game. The developers of the two games had some very different things in mind. That being said, the similarities are mostly on the surface unlike other games on this list.

  • Prey’s level design is very believable. The different sections, shortcuts and many ways of access make it seem like a place that could exist.
  • The levels are also open-ended, letting you approach objectives in multiple ways. If you are creative, you will feel rewarded.
  • Even though both stories are complicated, Prey’s story holds up better for the most part. It also presents it in a more interesting manner, so you’ll feel less lost.
  • You will have many different abilities to play around with. And they will drastically change how you play! You can literally have different builds that make the game feel different. It’s almost like a real RPG.
  • There are many interesting side quests in Prey that flesh out the space station and its inhabitants. It makes you want to understand what really happened.
  • The sound design is amazing. And I don’t mean the soundtrack. The sound effects are very creepy and alien.
  • The enemy types have different sound effects too. So if you pay attention, you will be able to tell them apart just from what you hear.
  • Resources you find will be limited in comparison to Atomic Heart. They’re placed sensibly, but they won’t give you too much stuff.

At the end of the day, Prey is the kind of game that you play over and over again. Because you know there’s something you’ve missed. Or something you could have done differently. The incredibly high replay value alone makes it worth checking out.

Fun Factor: 90/100

You are definitely the prey, and that's your cue to run!


2. Wolfenstein: The New Order (Windows, PS4, XBox One)

Wolfenstein: The New Order dropped in 2014 and we couldn’t be any happier. A lot of us FPS fans have played the older games in the franchise, so we were excited to have another entry. And wow, did this game deliver!

I’ve seen some reviews comparing Atomic Heart to Wolfenstein. And I must say that there are certain similarities. Strong ones, too.

  • For starters, they’re both first person shooters that take place in an alternate timeline.
  • Their intros immerse you into the new world, giving a taste of what things are like in this setting.
  • The environments are very well-crafted with lots of attention to details.
  • Both games offer a nice selection of weapons to choose from.
  • You get to kill some enemies without feeling bad for them.
  • Both have robots in one form or another.
  • The gunplay is deadly, fast faced and violent.
  • The stealth implementation of both games are similar. Not the best approach, but it can be sometimes used.

That’s where all the similarities end. Wolfenstein is a beast of its own, and it shouldn't be a surprise. The franchise was idSoft’s child.

  • Wolfenstein is closer to Metro than Atomic Heart. By that, I mean the level design focuses on smaller levels. And this is why these spaces seem so much more realistic.
  • Like Metro and unlike Atomic Heart, you'll spend downtime between levels chilling with your rebel friends.
  • Other than one or two weapons, all the guns are grounded in reality.
  • The guns are just hands down amazing. Everything I said about Doom actually applies here. Everything from the appearance, sound and feel of the guns are top-notch.
  • The gore and violence you see is insane. Seriously, if you’re not into that, then maybe stay away from this one.
  • The story is simpler and without ambition. But at the same time, it’s not convoluted like Atomic Heart’s.
  • There is a slight replay value as one early-game choice you make changes some of the paths you can take.

At its finest, Wolfenstein is another amazing power fantasy. Once you’re all geared up, you will be going on a Nazi-killing rampage. And seriously, who doesn’t love that?

Fun Factor: 90/100

Whether it be Nazi Humans or Nazi Robots, you’ll get to take them all down!


1. Bioshock Infinite (Windows, PS3, XBox 360, macOS, Linux)

Bioshock Infinite came out in 2013 and became an instant hit. The game’s amazing environment, fun gameplay and mind-bending story really helped make it a must-play.

When comparing it with Atomic Heart, there are a lot of things they both do similarly. You’ll see these on the surface, and even more when you dig deeper. There are so many of them that it’s almost uncanny!

  • A flying city for you to explore. 
  • You have a companion in one way or another. 
  • Very weird and wild lore. 
  • Societies that are perfect looking on the surface but deeply flawed.
  • Intense gunplay with plenty of enemies and enemy-types.
  • Powers, upgrades, natural combos and synergies.

Of course, it would be boring if both games were exactly the same. And Bioshock Infinite does plenty of things differently for it to still be a new experience for you.

  • The game doesn’t use cinematics to take you out of control. The only times you can’t control the character is when they’re trapped or something like that.
  • Unlike Atomic Heart, the entire game takes place on the flying city. This means that it’s more fleshed out with plenty of diversity in the regions and the vibe you experience.
  • The way powers work is also slightly different in Bioshock Infinite. You get them all for free, but you have to upgrade them. 
  • While some of the powers are similar to Atomic Heart’s, the others are different. Bioshock Infinite has a power that lets you summon crows to attack your enemies, and another that possesses machines.
  • The companions from the games couldn't get any different. Elizabeth isn't as good a conversation partner as CHAR-les, nor quite evil. But she can take a more active role in combat.

In some ways, this game might actually be the closest to Atomic Heart. They’re both stunning with their environments and presentation. And they both have plots full of twists and turns that don’t make a lot of logical sense.

Fun Factor: 85/100

Welcome to Columbia! A flying city ruled by magical racists!


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