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What we know so far about Bioshock 4

Recently, a tweet by one of Kotaku’s employees, Jason Schreier, leaked the potential of a new BioShock game in the making under the codename “Parkside.” While this is exciting, especially for long time fans who have been waiting for a new game, there is still not a lot of information available as of yet on the game development. But, we will share what we know so far about the game and what to expect.

1. BioShock 4 Story

There is no story as of late or whether or not the new game will follow the story of the original BioShock series. BioShock 2 was a sequel taking place eight years after the events of the original BioShock, so we were able to learn more on the aftermath of Rapture. BioShock Infinite was a prequel to the original BioShock game taking place near forty years before the Rapture story. Players got to explore Columbia instead and learn how the floating city impacted the underwater city of Rapture with technological advances and unexplainable powers. The majority of the story to the BioShock series comes from before the original game, so it will be interesting to see more of the lore from before the original story. If the new story were to take place after the events of the second game, then a location change may be made in order for the game’s story to make sense since Rapture and Columbia are no more. But there is a chance the new game will have nothing to do with the previous games. We will have to see what direction the new game’s story will go once more information is released on the game.

Will players get to explore more of Rapture or experience a whole new dystopian society?

2. BioShock 4 Release Date

There is no initial release date, but the game will probably not be released for a few more years. The original BioShock games came out three years apart, so the new game could probably take that long to make when thinking on the low side. But with how little there is known of the game’s development, it will most likely take more, possibly as much as five years. By then, the PS4 and XBOX ONE could be replaced with the latest console system. At least the game would have higher quality graphics and gameplay if that were the case.

3. BioShock 4 Gameplay

It is unknown what the gaming style will be like for the game, but it will most likely continue the first person shooter style of the previous games, especially since that is what the BioShock series is best known for. There will probably be new weapons to choose from, and maybe some nods to past games’ more popular weapons. As with any BioShock game, there will most likely be the use of chemical enhancements as another form of weaponry. Whether they be Plasmids, Vigors, or another type of chemical enhancement, players will eagerly await to see what new powers there will be.

Big Daddies and Little Sisters were vital factors in the games, BioShock Infinite making their own versions. So is it possible that these characters will be back or replaced by a different NPC enemy?

4. BioShock 4 Trailers

No game trailers are available currently since the game is in early development and most likely still in storyboard development, far from being ready to be worked on digitally. There are videos talking about the planned game and what could be expected of the game from game centered YouTube channels. WhatCulture Gaming gives fans more information and their own personal opinions on the BioShock series and in what direction the new game could go. We highly recommend checking out what they have to say. While the majority of their fact based information is similar to what is written in this article, they do add their own theory of what the future game could be like.

Check them out here:

Further news and theories on the new Bioshock 4 game in the making.

5. BioShock 4 Developer

The game is still in its early stages and Take-Two Interactive is keeping the game top secret. When Jason Schreier had gone to Hangar 13 to review the latest Mafia III game he learned of the small group of people practically next door to Hangar 13 working on the secret game. The Northern California based team is so secret not even the team of Hangar 13 knew about them or the game they were developing. The secret development team under the umbrella of Take-Two Interactive does not even have a name to be revealed. This is most likely due it being a very small team, so small that not even those of Hangar 13 were able to join them in the development. Most likely, once the game is further along in its development the developing team will be revealed and more people will be hired to work on the long awaited game.

People are worried that the story will be lost with this new development team lacking the original story writer for the games, Ken Levine. Take-Two Interactive had no plans of ending the BioShock series after the shutdown of Irrational Games, the original developers of the series, but without Levine the new development team will need to work hard to maintain the legacy of the BioShock story.

6. BioShock 4 News

Take-Two Interactive has not said anything more of “Parkside” since the initial Twitter leak. For right now, the game is up in the air on development and whether it will happen in the near future or if players will have to wait longer to experience the story of BioShock once again. Stay on the lookout for any more news.

From Rapture to Columbia, where will the new game take players? Players just need to remember: “There is always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city” and we are eager to see more.

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