10 First Person Games with Stunning Graphics

first person games
These 10 games will bring you into another world.

Experience a rich world with awesome graphics in these first person games

When you play a game with good graphics, you feel like you're really in another place. When you're in a forest, grass and trees are everywhere and they sway in the breeze. When you're in the city, rain falls and soaks into the cement, reflecting the warm glow of streetlights above. When you're somewhere cold, your breath freezes in the air. When you're somewhere hot, sweat beads off your skin. 

Everything looks unique. Believable. Your surroundings pulse with life.

Some games have graphics so amazing, they'll convince you you've been taken to another world. Here's a list of 10 of them.

10) Alien: Isolation

In Alien: Isolation, you play as Ellen Ripley, daughter of Amanda Ripley, the protagonist of the world-famous 1979 film to which this horror game serves as a sequel. In the game you must navigate shadowy hallways, unlit corridors, and shiny futuristic interiors all while being stalked by the Alien, a fearsome insect-like creature with a thirst for human blood.

You know you're always being followed. But you never know from where. Polished chrome floors glisten with the reflection of the flickering lights above, vapor steams from pipes, and long shadows pass over the path ahead of you. 

The game has a perfect sense of atmosphere, aided by its gorgeous high-end graphics. With impressive lighting effects that build a tense atmosphere, it is a terrifying horror experience.

Lurking in the shadows.


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