Apex Legends Best Energy Weapons (Ranked)

Apex Legends Best Energy Weapons
Wraith, a fan favourite since the release of Apex.

4. L-Star

The L-Star LMG

The L-Star, underappreciated and underused.  A hybrid between an assault rifle and light machine gun - you get the best of both worlds: the strafe and movement speed of the assault rifle class and the huge ammo capacity of an LMG. This gun is often ignored as it takes a bit of effort to master and adjust to the projectile speed, but once you manage it the payoff is huge. 

The L-Star is best used in close quarters or at close to medium range, you may have to soak up some damage before getting the kill, but the unlimited magazine capacity will come through for you in the end. Recently, the L-Star began getting some love from the professional scene, give it a go and find out why.

Why the L-Star is great:

  • 2× headshot multiplier.
  • High damage per shot.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Large projectiles.
  • Weak projectile drop.
  • Projectiles will open doors if they impact with the handle.
  • Same speed penalty when aiming down sights as assault rifles.
  • Using Ziplines and Jump Pads doesn't affect accuracy.

3. Devotion (with turbocharger)

The Devotion LMG.

Turbocharged Devotion is arguably one of the best weapons in the game. It boasts the fastest projectile speed across all weapons, a terrifying rate of fire and a large magazine to go with it. Unlike the Spitfire, this is perfect for close quarter gunfights as the fire rate can compete with even the R99, with the ammo capacity giving it the advantage over SMGs. 

The large recoil jump after the first shot makes it impractical for use at medium to long range, the best strategy for this weapon is pre-aiming corners and slow, methodical pushes.  Pair it with a sniper or SMG to balance the loadout for all scenarios.

Why the Devotion is great:

  • 2× headshot multiplier.
  • High fire rate after ramping up.
  • Fastest projectile speed in the game.
  • Highest damage per second in the game after ramping up.
  • High magazine capacity.

2. Volt

The Volt SMG

SMG’s usually come out as the dominant weapon class, the Volt takes second place for that reason alone. Maneuverability, speed, fire rate and the lack of a movement penalty all work together to bring you to the top. 

As an added bonus, the Volt has excellent (arguably best in game) iron sights. A very clear sight picture with almost no obstruction to your field of view gives you an advantage when swapping between and tracking targets.

Why the Volt is great:

  • Fastest reload time  of all SMGs.
  • Fastest projectile speed of all SMGs.
  • Lowest projectile drop of all SMGs.
  • Excellent performance at long and medium range, rivaling the R301.
  • Great performance at close range.

1.Havoc (with turbocharger)

The Havoc assault rifle

The fire rate and magazine size are close to the Devotion, it has the movement penalties of an assault rifle meaning your strafe and aim down sight times will be faster, the recoil is similar to the R301 and the sight picture is clear too. What more could you want from a weapon?

The Havoc combines the best aspects of multiple weapon classes with none of the downsides. Usable in all situations, pair this with the Peacekeeper or Eva-8 for a deadly combination.

Why the Havoc is great:

  • High damage per shot.
  • High damage per second.
  • Highest mag capacity and fastest projectile travel speed of all assault rifles.
  • Low projectile drop.

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