Top 10 Upcoming FPS Games for PC (2018-2019)

Upcoming FPS Games
Does this mask make me look threatening?

The Upcoming FPS Games We're Excited For

You turn the corner, leaving cover to take a final shot at the boss. You drop him, and boom, just like that the game is over. Again. Because you’ve done this mission a million times. If your gaming lineup is getting boring, never fear, 2018 is here! This year’s upcoming FPS’ are exactly what you need to save your tired, weary, gaming. If you’re like me, and you just dropped Alduin for the fourth time, it’s time for something bigger and better. Here we go.

10. Battlefield V (Released)

Battlefield V is taking the Battlefield world somewhere it’s never been before. From prosthetic arms to a woman on the front cover, everything has changed. Let’s parachute in (this is a joke) and talk about this one. On October 19 Battlefield V will hit the public. One of the new game modes, Airborne, lets the player parachute right in to the action. (Get that joke from before?)

This WWII based game will have multiplayer modes, a single player mode (oh thank god, I’m looking at you CoD) and many changes. The multiplayer modes will include Grand Operations, an Operations-based mode of multiplayer. They’ve added scarcity, a challenging new part of the game that means you’ll spawn in with even less equipment. To make things even more difficult, you no longer regenerate health: The Medic’s Medkit is the only cure for what ails you. More and more details are slowly leaking out, but it looks like October is the month to watch for War games.

The war rages on.

Making history with a brand-new cover.

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Released)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Trailer

Black Ops 4 is CoD coming back with an angry vengeance. The first sentence of the promo video is “No one gives a fuck about you,” and ten seconds in you start to feel that. Your favorite Specialists from BO3 are back, and now you can learn who they are. There is no campaign, and that’s because it doesn’t matter anymore.  The single-player chapters are only to teach you about the old characters from yesteryear. Prophet, Ruin, and Warmachine are just a few of the people you get to learn about. BO4 features healing, the Titanic with zombies, and a brand-new Battle Royal mode, called Blackout, which is reported to feature every Black Ops power and weapon ever made. Everything changes when the game drops October 12.

Nothing contains the power of War Machine.

Learn Seraph's story in single player story chapters. 

8. Insurgency: Sandstorm (Released)

Insurgency: Sandstorm Trailer

Last time I was here, I knew guys who’d go outside the wire for patrol, or whatever, and just never come back.

Everything that made 2014’s Insurgency great is bigger, better, and back in Insurgency: Sandstorm. With a September launch date, Sandstorm hopes to bring multiplayer war to the forefront of it’s game. Containing only four modes, all multiplayer, Sandstorm does a little, but it does it well. At launch, about forty weapons will be available, with just as many weapon upgrades. Sandstorm’s defining factor is, not only does it have friendly fire (stop shooting your friends in the back) but it also doesn’t tell you exactly where your squad is. You need to communicate and pay attention to what each person says (I’m looking at you, Leroy Jenkins). Currently, Sandstorm will just be a PC game, as the console versions have been delayed until 2019.

The landscape of a war zone is the background of this entire game.

ACOG? 4X? How can I best eliminate the threat?

7. Quake Champions (Released)

Quake Champions Cinematic Trailer

Quake Champions isn’t a new game, but you know what is? New champions! Coming in 2018 is a revamp of the game, introducing 5 new champions. These champions are kept under wraps, with a new one releasing roughly every other month. To make things even more challenging, the March update turned off all character abilities, turning the game into a challenging, fight for the right to party, kind of game. As Quake becomes free to play, more and more powers are being lost behind a pay wall. Have no fear! The Champion Pack can be bought for a one-time price that will give you access to everything, including the upcoming champions. Fight on!

The clashing of champions makes the one-time payment worth it.

Your hoverboard’s got nothing on my hoverboard.

6. Blackroom

Blackroom Concept Trailer

We know gamers want a return to the old school FPS, and we’re here to prove it.

The creation of Blackroom has been a rollercoaster for the ages. As John Romero and Adrian Carmack fight to create a new game that resembles the creation of the FPS, they started a quickstarter, posted videos to convince us, stopped the kickstarter, and have generally left us scratching our heads. Blackroom is built on the idea that in the future there is a Blackroom which creates holograms that are indistinguishable from reality. As the holograms go wrong and become dangerous, you must fight to break out and stop these dangerous holograms. Created by the guys who brought us Doom and Wolfenstein, they clearly know what they’re doing, and the Winter release can’t come soon enough.

The concept art shows the game’s potential.

This concept art gives impressive depth to the idea of analyzing holograms during gameplay.

5. Overkill's the Walking Dead (Released)

One of Four Walking Dead Character Trailers: Aiden

The Walking Dead Phenomenon continues, and here it is in video game form as Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Washington DC has always been a place full of bloodlust, but now it’s a little more literal. The zombie plague is here, and you must survive. As one of four main characters, you fight to survive the zombie hoard. A co-op FPS, each character has their own skills, abilities, and stories that help them survive. Together is your only chance of survival. Joining the ranks of popular games (I’m thinking Resident Evil, Dying Light, CoD), the developers have described the game as a Destiny-style raid playing, but with zombies. Cooperation is the difference between surviving or dying. The zombies are bumbling, shambling threats who don’t even compare to the people in the game. If AMC’s Walking Dead has shown us anything, it’s that no matter how few people are left, there will always be at least one Negan around.

When the zombies are this slow, a bat with nails in it will do just fine.

The emotion here is palpable. It looks more like a movie still than a game capture.

4. GTFO (Spring 2019)

GTFO Cinematic Trailer

The new GTFO (figure out what that means on your own) is jumping on the four-player co-op bandwagon. That doesn’t mean this is like any game you’ve played before. It’s dark. You’re scared. They’re everywhere. If you live or not depends entirely on those you bring with you. If you don’t have three friends I suggest you go find some on Craigslist. These creepy environments are not for the lone wolf. Together you and your three new Craigslist friends will plan, equip tolls, operate them together, communicate and coordinate. Your survival depends on how well you get together, search for gear upgrades, and defeat the attacking monsters. It’s your job to scavenge for valuables left in an underground complex. If you survive or not? That’s entirely up to you.

These creatures may have been people once, but now they’re just bloodthirsty.

Scavenging has never been as dangerous as it is in the dark co-op.

3.  Metro Exodus (February 15, 2019)

Metro Exodus Announce Trailer

Humanity will never die, or, it probably won’t if the Metro series is to be believed. Metro Exodus is the next in a line of post-apocalyptic games. Following a nuclear fallout, humanity has survived in metro tunnels alone. No longer. In Metro Exodus the world is your oyster. If, you know, your oyster is vaguely radioactive and has mutant animals who all want you dead. Exodus is a one-player game. You utilize stealth, exploration, and survival methods to make it day to day and survive in this new world. There are hostile humans, handmade weapons, and no clear way to escape this world. You are Artyom, and you’re looking for a new life with Anna, your wife. Maybe the train will take you to safety. Maybe it won’t. The game is scheduled for late 2018, though there is some stirring that it may be getting a 2019 release.

Leaving the metro is dangerous and necessary.

Russia has been restructured in an in depth nuclear wasteland.


RICO Announce Trailer

Time to escape the terror, sadness, creatures and apocalypse nightmares! RICO is a buddy-cop game. It’s time to have some fun. A jaunty soundtrack, a group of criminals, and a partner by your side are all you need to have a recipe for success. RICO includes a single player, split screen, and online co-op options. In this title, you and your partner have 24 hours to crack a case. You’re two loose-cannon, RICO (organized crime) cops, and it’s time to crack some heads. There are training levels, there’s door kicking, and there’s shooting. Get out there and crack the case before it’s too late. 

Knock knock! It’s justice!

That wrestling mask is going to look so good face down on the floor.

1. Witchfire

Witchfire Teaser

Described as a combination of Bloodborne and Doom, Witchfire is an FPS with a bleak, dreary look to it. Don’t let that fool you. Watch the trailer, and be sure to turn your visual setting on the video all the way up to 4K. Even with a 1080 p screen, the graphics look amazing. There isn’t too much known about the game, but it looks stunningly beautiful and vaguely terrifying. There isn’t much known about the game yet, but mystery can often be the only thing people need to get a game. I‘ll be getting it simply to find out the origin of this creature:

Is this a demon turtle dinosaur? Whatever it is, it poses an extraordinary challenge.

Zombies, anyone!?

2018 is on track to be a great year for gaming. What was the slogan? MAGA: Make America Game Again. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was it.

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