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Pathfinder - Apex Legends

If you were teased by all the information that came out of E3 recently and you're trying to plan your next game purchase for this year, then read on! We've got the details on the top 10 new FPS games to play in 2019.

Whether you're looking for a good single player game or something you can play with your friends, we've got recommendations for both.

10. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Gameplay Demo

Set in an alternate universe Soviet Union, in a land ruled by communism, you take control of a secret agent for the KGB tasked with investigating facility 3826 after all radio contact has fallen silent. You’ll navigate a world at the height of its technical revolution, encountering once-docile domestic robots whose combat protocols are now activated. You’ll have to uncover the answers to the questions: what happened in this secret facility; why the robots have turned violent; and where are all the human researchers—or what’s left of them?

Why this game looks amazing:

  • the focus on melee combat, which is a bit unexpected for an FPS
  • unique visuals that will make this game feel like a bizarre trip through a distorted reality
  • discovering more about the story and the insane experiments conducted at the facility

Atomic Heart has a wide variety of melee weapons, as ammo at this facility will be in scarce supply.

The robots have risen up and attacked their human counterparts, but the real question is why?


9. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Gameplay Demo

From Obsidian Entertainment and the devs responsible for Fallout: New Vegas comes an awesome new single-player FPS—only this time you’re on the edge of the galaxy instead of traipsing across a post-apocalyptic U.S. The Outer Worlds still has some of that original Fallout flair; for example, you’re recruited to help rescue your fellow settlers yet again. You’ll also be joined by companions in your fight against a rich entity known as the Corporation, who are to blame for, well, just about everything that’s gone wrong really. Your choices will shape your character, so you decide which side to be on, but as usual with these devs, you’ll reap the consequences of your actions. So travel the galaxy, influence factions, create your character’s own unique moral compass, but don’t lose sight of who’s behind it all.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • Fallout in Space - enough said
  • story snippets seen in the trailer look exciting and engaging, and the voice acting is on-point
  • having a Fable-esque moral compass that will affect your character build

The Outer Worlds design is visually stunning, but it’s also kind of what I imagined you’d get if you crossed Fallout with Futurama—you see it, right?

This element of combat in The Outer Worlds functions like Fallout’s V.A.T.S. system but it is also reminiscent of similar mechanics in Mass Effect, as well, allowing for precision aiming with the slowing of time.


8. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood E3 Gameplay Trailer

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a Nazi-killing co-op rampage. The game centers around two sisters, the daughters of the previous game’s protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz, as they search Nazi-controlled Paris for their missing father. This game is the FPS version of a hack’n’slash. Though there are incentives to use more stealth methods from time to time, this game will usually have you gunning down anyone who doesn’t resemble your missing father. Your journey will inevitably lead you to the French Resistance who will recruit your help in liberating the country, which really just leads to even more Nazi-killing. Jump in and be as trigger-happy as you’ve ever wanted to be!

Why this game looks amazing:

  • two female lead characters in one game
  • having a co-op mode that is actually story-driven and not just tacked onto the solo play
  • the partnership with Arkane Studios, the creators of Dishonored, and how their influence will change the feel of this Wolfenstein—especially regarding the stealth mechanics

Emotes have been given a practical function in Youngblood with different emotes providing your ally with different buffs.

Coordinate attacks between yourself and your sister, whether controlled by a friend or the AI, to take down larger, well-armored brutes.


7. Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gameplay

Apex Legends is Fortnite for adults; we ain’t got time for colorful llamas! With Apex Legends, you’ll be too busy building a crew made up of characters with unique abilities that complement and support one another—there’s no option to go solo here. This is a game for the squad to practice teamwork and develop communication skills, and if you don’t have a gaming headset with a mic, don’t worry about it; the in-game communication tools are top-tier and you’ll have no trouble directing your team silently.Special cosmetic gear is earned at random through a loot box system, but there are also plenty of opportunities for microtransactions if you want your friends to be in awe of your super stylish skin. The best part yet? It’s free-to-play, so why not hop on and see what all the fuss is about?  

Why this game looks amazing:

  • puts a new spin on the battle royale system by making it squad specific, great for casual FPS players who struggle to succeed at solo play
  • more adventure in the Titanfall world for fans of the original game
  • revolutionary communication tools for a fast-paced team game that doesn’t require an expensive headset and microphone

Apex Legends comes from the makers of Titanfall, so a lot of the game aspects might look a little familiar.

Don’t forget! This is still a battle royale, so as soon as you hit the ground running, start searching for the best gear you can find!


6. Metro Exodus

10 Minutes of Metro Exodus Gameplay

Commencing two years after the last Metro game, Exodus has protagonist Artyom traveling out of the ruins of Moscow and heading into the East. Much of the game is spent aboard the Aurora, a steam train that will take you from location to location, stopping to allow you to complete tasks and explore the Russian wilds. These areas are semi-open-world but the game still focuses on the linear story, steadily guiding you through events that span seasons brought to life by the engine’s dynamic weather systems.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • a new crafting system resembling that of the Fallout series, resulting in constant scavenging
  • a real-time day/night cycle giving you different creatures to hunt depending on the time of day
  • a new photo-mode that will give you more reason to appreciate this beautiful game engine

Artyom’s new backpack introduces a robust crafting system that allows you to upgrade your gear to give you an edge in combat.

Aurora, the steam engine, is effectively your home, and you’ll spend a large portion of the game in or near it—or fighting to protect it.


5. Rage 2

Rage 2 New & Exclusive Raw Gameplay    

Rage 2 boasts another post-apocalyptic wasteland to wander as the protagonist, Walker, one of the last remaining Rangers. The focus here is really on the gameplay, as opposed to the story campaign. You receive a somewhat generic call to action and you’re sent on a mission which leads to other side missions as you’re exploring the open-world environment. So although the story seems a little basic, the gameplay is intense and engaging with fantastic combat mechanics and movement abilities that leave you wanting to zip from battle to battle as quickly as possible.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • the huge variety of enemies, there are so many different types to fight
  • the fun of the high-speed fight sequences—there are a lot of no-rest shootouts
  • a lot of brand new biomes to explore whether by foot or by vehicle

Off to the races! If you need a break from all the shooting, hop on over and participate in the ChazCar derby race.

In addition to the awesome firearms and other weapons, you also have some killer superpowers.



GTFO Gameplay Demo

While exploring the site of an ancient underground complex, four scavengers must fight off the gruesome monsters that have inhabited the area while searching for valuable artifacts. This is a team-survival challenge and you’re far more likely to succeed when you stay close, operating as a single unit. Strategy plays an important part, so combine your skills and firepower for the optimal offensive tactic and search your surroundings carefully for upgraded gear and equipment.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • missions are procedurally generated so no two are ever exactly alike
  • story elements are revealed not only through character dialogue but also through clues and hints hidden throughout the game setting
  • the selection of gadgets and tools that may help or actually hinder your escape

Move as a team—you’re much more likely to survive encounters if you don’t run off on your own.

GTFO’s dark and gritty graphics, the unsettling sound effects, and the horror soundtrack create an authentically creepy experience—making it a must-play in the dark.



Battalion 1944 Gameplay

If you’ve ever wanted to cross Counter Strike’s play-style with the more modern and polished graphics from the Call of Duty or Battlefield series, then this game should pique your interest. Battalion 1944 is a competitive multiplayer shooter based during World War II, and your task is simple: shoot and kill the enemy. If you’ve played competitive shooters before, you’ll be very familiar with the game’s UI, the game modes, and all the rules of engagement. Navigate the maps with your squad, or solo if you prefer, and rack up as many kills as you can without dying. If playing against die-hard competitive FPS fanatics isn’t your thing, you can try out Battalion 1944’s casual mode or set up your own controlled server through LAN settings and play only with your friends.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • great competitive-style FPS that allows for casual-mode for less-skilled players
  • offers a new alternative to CSGO for people who loved the game
  • quick & easy WWII-based shooter for someone who wants an FPS fix

Battalion 1944 has a Team Economy Token system that will allow the winning team to get better gear at the start of each round, a feature you’ll recognize if you’ve played Counter Strike.

A callback to an earlier era of competitive shooters, can Battalion pull you away from the other FPS games on this list?


2. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal E3 Gameplay Trailer

There’s still some secrecy surrounding Doom Eternal, which is slated for release in November of this year, but the plot for this addition to the series is fairly simple: the denizens of hell are invading Earth and the Slayer is called upon to defend mankind and eliminate the threat. This release will feature a more open-world area with many more locations and settings for the players to explore.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • lots of throwbacks and references to the original Doom hidden throughout the game
  • the new “destructible demons” system, which will show graduation deterioration of your enemies as you damage them
  • awesome new maneuverability skills like wall climbing, dashing, and acrobatic moves

Play the new battlemode where 1 fully-outfitted Slayer is pitted against 2 player-controlled demon spawn!

One feature that will never be forgotten or left behind? One of Doom’s fan-favorites: The Glory Kill!


1. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Character Moze Gameplay

Borderlands 3 is set to be released in September of this year but little is known about the actual story. One thing we do know is that we’ll be introduced to a new cast of Vault Hunters and for the first time, we’ll be searching for Vaults beyond Pandora. Borderlands 3 looks to be the same shoot-and-loot that you’ve come to love with several returning characters and a host of new areas to explore. With the release date fast approaching, more details are sure to be revealed soon.

Why this game looks amazing:

  • the new loot instancing system that will make it easier to share gains in co-op
  • the promise of special events, raids, and 4 additional story-based DLCs
  • the introduction of Sanctuary, the new customizable player hub and the ship that carries you from planet to planet

The Sanctuary will be your home away from home, taking you across the galaxy, as well as providing a variety of shops to buy new gear.

It’s been revealed that Borderlands 3 will now have multiple action skills allowed per character!


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