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You're finally breaking down; you have decided it's time to find out for yourself what the hype regarding Destiny 2. You've been on the fence but here you are. It downloads quickly enough and the start catches your eye. An ancient brawl between the forces of light and dark... Time to pick your character for combat. The 3 options catch your eye a powerful Titan, a roguish Hunter but it's the Warlock stands out... eldritch electric energy crackles as you highlight the character. The character exudes learned powers as he stands and you confirm your choice. Time to face the dark with ancient lore and primal energies beseeched by the Traveler. Character classes in Destiny 2 now serve a more combat-oriented role on the battlefield, while in original Destiny class options felt more like a fancy dressing with little difference with each other. This time around each seems more specialized in their roles. The Warlocks take on the mantel of crowd control more skillfully than the Titan or the Hunter. The character begins with 2 class features.

Healing Rift: The character creates a circle of light that heals himself and other guardians.


Empowering Rift: Producing the same circle of light but it empowers your allies, boosting their attacks. The class is then further broken down into three distinct sub-classes each with its elemental theme (Solar, Arc, and Void) Here is the breakdown for each.

1. Dawnblade

A character class that grants the wielder the power of Solar attacks. A blade of flame manifests as the player activates his super, allowing him to make quick work of the enemies around him. This subclass replaces the Sunsinger from Destiny and allows the user to swath great arches of flaming death towards the enemies.

Super Ability: Daybreak: Focusing the use of the flame the warlock can use Solar energy to forge a sword and make multiple attacks at the enemy or hurl Solar blades at the enemy.

How it affects your Grenades:

  • Solar: creates an area of effect damaging those inside it with solar energy.
  • Firebolt: rains a stream of damaging solar shocks towards the enemy.
  • Fusion: A sticky solar grenade that damages enemies it is attached to.


  • Burst Glide: After jumping in the air gains an additional boost of speed (think double jump).
  • Strafe Glide: After jumping move through the air with great ease with great directional control.
  • Balanced Glide: A gentler midair controlled jump.

Attunement of Flame:

  • Phoenix Dive: Gain health by dropping quickly from the air.
  • Igniting Touch (melee): Burn the enemy to the ground and blow them up!
  • Fated for the Flame: energy from your super now become seeker.
  • Everlasting Fire: extends your super ability by killing enemies.

Attunement of Grace:

  • Icarus Dash: You can dodge in the air.
  • Heat Rises: Killing enemies while airborne recharges melee and grenade energy.
  • Winged Sun: While gently gliding rain death from above by firing your weapons and throwing grenades.
  • Celestial Fire: Shoots out the three spiral blats of solar energy towards enemies.

Attunement of Sky:

  • Divine Protection: converts the grenade into a blessing that drops shields and heals allies.
  • Benevolent Dawn: Healing allies refills melee, grenade, and super energy.
  • Guiding Flame: Striking an enemy with burning melee energy heals the fireteam.
  • Well of Radiance: Thrusting the sword into the ground it creates an aura that heals and empowers the fireteam.

Why pick this subclass.

This would be your greater offensive option within the Warlock class. Strong offensive damage, the great movement features, and a Solar-powered death sword; it's designed to bring the enemy down in piles and piles of Vex, Cabal, and pretty much anyone's ash.

2. Stormcaller

A subclass that brings the thunder and the lighting to battle. You use this built up super to fry enemies that surround the player. It levitates the user and allows him to blast his enemies with lighting from his fingertips.

Super Ability Stormtrance:

Brings forth the elemental power or Arc lightning towards your hands where the Warlock continually fires Arc energy from his hands towards his surrounding enemies.

How it affects your Grenades:

  • Storm Grenades: Brings forth lightning in a concentrated storm.
  • Pulse Grenades: A pulsing grenade that damages enemies periodically.
  • Arc-bolt Grenades: A grenade that damages enemies with chain lightning.


  • Burst Glide: After jumping in the air gains an additional boost of speed (think double jump).
  • Strafe Glide: After jumping move through the air with great ease with great directional control.
  • Balanced Glide: A gentler midair controlled jump.

Attunement of the Elements:

  • Arc Soul: Create a rift that brings forth and arc soul for you or an ally to attack the enemy.
  • Landfall: Casting Stormtrance, Arc energy shoots out of the ground.
  • Gale-force: Arc energy melee ability that hits at a distance. Restores some energy to your melee and grenade attacks.
  • Rising Storm: Rift ability charges faster when your allies are near you.

Attunement of Conduction:

  • Transcendence: When used with both melee and grenade energy full, transcendence lasts longer and quickly regenerates health.
  • Arc Web: A chain reaction of arc electricity damages an enemy then chains to the surrounding enemies.
  • Ionic Blink: While in transcendence you can teleport a short distance.
  • Chain Lightning: This melee attack chains arc energy to the surrounding enemies. 

Attunement of Control:

  • Chaos reach: cast a wave or arc energy.
  • Ball lighting: fire a bolt of arc energy that shoots forward then damages at a perpendicular stream of energy.
  • Ionic Tracing: defeating enemies grants this energy that helps fill up both melee and grenade gauges.
  • Pulse Wave: speed boost to your warlock, and your fireteam.

Why pick this subclass:

In two words. Crowd control; out of the three subclass options, this would be the one most designed to both help one's allies and thing down the numbers by being a constant stream of damaging energy. In this case, you're not only the lighting you're the storm itself constantly pounding aggression towards your foes. So, if your fireteam needs support this would be it.

3. Voidwalker

This subclass allows the Warlock to harness the power and energies of the void and life force of enemies to obliterate his adversaries. The special is described as a Nova Bomb and focuses the dark energy to cause massive damage.

Super Ability:

Nova Bomb: Create a bolt of Void light; hurling it disintegrating all enemies in its explosive radius.

How it affects your Grenade Abilities:

Scatter: Large grenade that explodes into smaller explosives catching a larger area of effect.

Axion Bolt: grenade of void light that splits into smaller bolts of light that seek out enemies.

Vortex: Creates a cone of light that continually damages enemies captured within.


Blink: teleports forwards some distance.

Strafe Glide: After jumping move through the air with great ease with great directional control.

Burst Glide: After jumping in the air gains an additional boost of speed (think double jump).

Attunement of Chaos:

Entropic Pull: Melee strikes an enemy to drain their energy and charge your grenade.

Chaos Accelerant: siphon power from your super and pour it into the grenade to make it deadlier.

Cataclysm: (Modifies Novabomb) makes your super travel slower when it detonates it becomes smaller seeker projectiles. You can detonate it early by shooting it.

Bloom: Void kills cause enemies to explode.

Attunement of Fission:

Atomic Breach: melee hits as an extended explosion covering a greater range.

Handheld Supernova: delay the release of the grenade to create a short-range void blast.

Dark Matter: void kill refills grenade, melee, and super energy.

Nova Warp: teleport then reemerge causing an explosion of nova energy.

Attunement of Hunger:

Devour: melee strike an enemy to refill health. For a short while melee still, heal the player. Feed the Void: use grenade energy to heal oneself. Charges Devour.

Vortex: (Nova Bomb) damages enemies caught inside.

Insatiable: While in devouring the energy collected goes to your grenades.

Why pick this subclass:

This subclass is defensive in nature granting all the health and area of effect boons to the Warlock himself. He is quite dangerous with the Nova bomb granting him some offensive skills but definitely focused on players that want to let the titan and the hunter lead the way. Now armed with the knowledge of the character mechanics go forth and fight for the light or for the loot. Whatever motivates you most.

Good Game.

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Destiny 2 Best Warlock Subclass - What To Pick

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