[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Earth Spirit Builds For Godlike Rampage

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit is undoubtedly one of the best gankers in the game. His Rolling Boulder ensures that no enemies escape. Along with the stun, he can also silence and slow his enemies and deal them damage over time with his ultimate, Magnetize. Unlike most heroes on this list, Earth Spirit can be played in multiple roles, his flexibility ensures he fits in every other matchup.

If you are interested in playing Earth Spirit or want to enhance your gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the best 5 builds that guarantee you a rampage! These builds are tried and tested by pro players, which means they’re relevant in the current patch! 

5. NoOne’s DPS Build

Being one of the best CIS mid laners with such a high rank is not an easy task. NoOne defies all the odds and surprises his viewers with quite an impressive performance. Earth Spirit is frankly a rare sight from him but whenever he gets his hands on this beast, he never seems to disappoint! With quite the unorthodox yet impactful item like Radiance combined with the usual Shiva’s Guard, Sange and Kaya, Black King Bar, Overwhelming Blink, his powers reach the maximum level in the late game. The existent DPS from Magnetize combined with Radiance is just the icing on the cake!

Why is this build good? 

  • High DPS
  • High Sustainability 
  • Immense initiation potential

4. Magical Damage Build

This build is often seen in the highest tiers of ranked matchmaking, as it requires quite the mechanical skill to pull off. As you may know that it’s not a cakewalk to achieve that! This build includes items such as Spirit Vessel, Veil of Discord, Aghanim’s Scepter, Octraine Core, and Black King Bar. Veil amplifies the damage you dish out which is further worsened by the damage done by Spirit Vessel and Magnetize (your ultimate). If you gank lanes successfully in the early game then you can quickly acquire these items! The only con of this build is that it is only effective in the early game. 

Why is this build good? 

  • Offensive right from the early game
  • Great against heroes with high armor/Physical resistance 
  • Great spellcasting potential 

3. W33’s Burst Build

W33’s gameplay is not short of thrill and excitement, it is always enthralling to watch him stream. His mid-gameplay, especially on non-traditional heroes like Earth Spirit is quite commendable. He loves opting for the burst build, which includes items like Dagon, Ethereal Blade, Sange and Kaya, Black King Bar. Along with the CD reduction offered by Sange and Kaya, you also get to see Ethereal Blade and Dagon which ensure that the enemy is neutralized quite quickly. The only con of this build is that it is more farm-dependent which is hard to achieve if you’re trying to be more active around the map. 

Why is this build good? 

  • High Burst Potential
  • Magic Immunity 
  • Status Reduction

2. JerAx’s Menacing Build

The best to ever do it! JerAx is quite undoubtedly the best Earth Spirit player in the entire universe! The two-time International champion has triumphed multiple battlefields with this hero. JerAx loves the Spirit Vessel into Sange and Kaya build if he goes in the middle lane. These items, if acquired early can guarantee you an edge over your enemies, by offering you CD reduction and regen! If further combined with items like Octraine Core, Black King Bar, and Shiva’s Guard, your enemies will see nothing but death and destruction on the battlefield.

Why is this build good? 

  • Heal/HP reduction for enemies
  • Low Cooldown on spells
  • Sustainbility

1. Cr1t’s Build

Cr1t loves to play a mean Earth Spirit, and after JerAx, he has become the latest embodiment of the hero. Not only does playing Earth Spirit require high skill, but it also requires quick reflexes and decision-making. Cr1t can mold and stretch him into any lane, but the mid lane is where he deals the most damage. With items like Blade Mail, Spirit Vessel, Black King Bar, Shiva’s Guard, there is no way you can stop this menacing hero from getting a rampage if all goes well in the early game! 

Why is this build good? 

  • High CD Reduction
  • Immense slow 
  • Armor Reduction
  • Sustainability

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