[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Aghanim´s Upgrades That Are OP

Dota 2 Best Aghanim´s Upgrades
If you play with fire, you will end up burning

Is it allowed to abuse your enemies? Or is it just possible?

Dota has always been a game that gives everyone a chance to compete and have fun, however, there is one item that can benefit you a lot and unbalance the game if you know how to use it wisely. 

Getting an Aghanim´s scepter for your meta is not hard, but the way you may use it changes, since it affects every hero differently. This item improves or/and sometimes adds a skill for you that may be actually considered OP, thanks to the enormous advantage that it gives you among the other players.

Since Dota has over 100 heroes to choose from, it´s definitely hard to know every skill from every hero and every Aghanim´s improvements that exist, especially for new players. For this reason here I show you the top 10 Dota 2 best Aghanim´s upgrades that are OP, considering heroes from each role in the game so that you can exploit your advantage as much as possible.

1. Treant Protector

Rooftrellen, the Trean Protector

This is usually a support hero that will provide your team with healing and fighting advantage. It´s resistant, sneaky, and may start or prevent fights. But what stands out about this hero is his ultimate “Overgrowth”, ability cast around Treant that no matter what, catches the enemy and can cause serious magical damage. And what if you would be able to cast this spell other than only next to you? Here is where the Aghanim´s scepter plays its part.

Grants: Eyes in the Forest

  • You can enchant a tree that gives you a total vision of an area around it
  • Overgrowth can be cast in this area too
  • Tree vision radius: 800
  • Tree overgrowth radius: 800
  • Causes all the trees to respawn much faster (3 seconds)

Eyes in the Forest full details: www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/eyes-in-the-forest-541

2. Snapfire

Beatrix Snapfire and her Dragon-Toad

A pretty versatile hero with abilities that can disable, escape, or attack. With this hero you will have fun forcing your enemies run all the time, turning the fight into a living hell thanks to your ultimate “Mortimer Kiss”. This spell consists of shooting fireballs from an incredible distance that causes magical damage and slows your enemies. Could it get any better? It can, thanks to the Aghanim´s scepter.

Grants: Gobble Up

  • Mortimer globes up a creep and tosses it towards an enemy
  • Mortimer globes up an allied hero and tosses it towards an enemy
  • You can hold this unit up to 3 seconds (before aiming)
  • The unit you toss will land with fire causing damage
  • The unit you toss will land and stun any units around it

Gobble Up full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/gobble-up-602

3. Luna

The Moonrider

A perfect choice for players who like nuker heroes that can lead a team fight. With abilities for farming, fighting, and killing, Luna is a hero that can get the best out of both magic and physical damage. Even so, one of her most powerful spells is her ultimate  “Eclipse”, which allows you to shower random enemies around you with magical beams damaging them. This ability can be also boosted with an Aghanim´s scepter.

Upgrades: Eclipse

  • You can cast Eclipse on an allied unit
  • You can cast Eclipse in a specific area (no need for an allied unit)
  • Increases the number of beams per unit damaged
  • Removes the limit of beams per unit
  • Beams appear twice as fast

Eclipse full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/eclipse-328

4. Sven

The mighty Rogue Knight

Sven is one of the most iconic and favorite heroes among players, commonly known for his ability to kill everyone in the blink of an eye. Being such a killing machine, his main disadvantage is his lack of movement, making him vulnerable to distance attacks or slows that can ruin all your fight. This however can be greatly solved with an Aghanim´s scepter.

Upgrades: Storm Hammer

  • Increases cast range (bonus range 500)
  • Transports you along with storm hammer
  • The transportation goes over the maximum speed of the game
  • Allows you to attack the enemy on impact
  • Replaces the use of a blink dagger

Storm Hammer full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/storm-hammer-221

5. Invoker

The Invoker, or just...Carl

Definitely one of the most complex heroes from the game, and at the same time one of the most fun to play. Invoker is the only hero in Dota who has 10 spells to cast, a fact that makes him very versatile when choosing a role. Having so many things to do, some of Invoker´s spells are actually pure damage, this means they can´t be blocked in any way. And what if it is impossible to run from it?

Upgrades: Cataclysm

  • Adds cataclysm: Casts 2 visible sunstrikes within 160-200 range of the enemy
  • These sunstrikes can be cast all at once on all the enemy heroes
  • Adds one level on stats provided by his skills: quas, exort , and wex 
  • Cataclysm´s damage is pure
  • Cataclysm´s cooldown is 90 seconds

Cataclysm full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/sun-strike-459

6. Kunkka

Kunkka the Admiral

Commonly considered as a mid-laner, Kunkka has different ways to support or lead a team. This hero gives us a balance between physical and magical damage, but it´s with the help of an Aghanim´s scepter that our magical power will literally move the entire fight, allowing you and your team to be a step ahead.

Upgrade: Torrent

  • Adds new ability: Torrent storm
  • Once casted, it summons several torrents around you
  • These torrents appear in a random area
  • Torrents will appear every 0.25 for 5 seconds
  • Cast range of torrents around you: 1100 

Torrent Storm full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/torrent-storm-598

7. Chaos Knight

The Agent of Chaos

With Chaos Knight, most of your outgoing damage will be physical, fast, and lethal. This hero is a hard carry that can take down all the enemies one by one, his strength is visible anytime you receive any type of damage, and most of the time it will be hard for the enemy to focus you, thanks to your ultimate that summons illusions of yourself. However, Dota is a team game, in which Chaos Knight can support with an Aghanim´s scepter.

Upgrades: Phantasm

  • Creates an illusion of an allied hero
  • Creates an extra illusion of Chaos Knight
  • You can control those additional illusions
  • These illusions have %100 same base damage as the original hero
  • Illusions can confuse the enemy and save you and your allies

Phantasm full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/phantasm-416

8. Faceless Void

Darkterror, the face of your death

Void is another hard carry hero that is known for the high amounts of damage that it may cause if it gets to you. One of his main disadvantages if trying to play and kill solo is that you don´t really have much resistance, reason why you have to ensure hitting before they hit you. Thanks to an Aghanim´s scepter we are able to boost Void´s first ability, managing to move and stun nearby enemies almost instantly and effectively.

Upgrades: Time walk

  • Stuns all enemies around you when landing after time walk (first skill that allows you to jump)
  • You can abuse of this, since time walk cooldown is so low
  • Time walk at the same times “heals” you
  • Time walk can be upgraded with a talent to (give it more cast range)
  • It can be used to escape or to dive

Time walk full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/time-walk-53

9. Doom

Lucifer himself

One of the eldest and known Aghanim´s upgrades ever given belongs to this hero. Doom is a versatile character that has many skills and a lot of resistance that allows you to stand up for your team, making you the perfect initiator. Additional to this, his skills and spells are set to disable the enemies as much as possible. Now imagine spells that can be boosted with Aghanim´s scepter.

Upgrades: Infernal Blade

  • Increases its stun duration (1.75 seconds)
  • Increases burn duration (6 seconds)
  • Applies Break on the enemy
  • Its cooldown duration is already low
  • In can be used to farm in the early game and to kill in the late game

Infernal Blade full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/infernal-blade-127

10. Omniknight

The Purist Thunderwrath

Omniknight has always been known for his healing and protecting skills, he is one of the best heroes not only defending but preventing incoming physical or magical damage. In very tight games it rages players not being able to kill because of him. In any case, one of the most iconic spells from Omni is the one who repels all your team from physical damage. This spell in itself is already annoying for the other team, imagine how ugly or cool it is when you improve this with an Aghanim´s scepter.

Upgrades: Guardian Angel

  • Increases duration (8/9/10 seconds)
  • Provides HP regeneration to all affected units (40)
  • Radius becomes global
  • Now the ability affects buildings
  • Can be boosted with healing items too

Guardian Angel full details: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/skill/guardian-angel-272

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