10 Strongest Dota 2 Teams of 2016

Dota 2 teams
Who is going to win The International?

Which of these Dota 2 Teams will win TI6? 

The International is right around the corner.  Teams from all over the world are looking for glory.  Let’s take a look at the strongest teams and find out who has the best chance to win.

10. Natus Vincere

GeNeraL-qw, SoNNeikO, Dendi, Ditya-ra, Artstyle.

Lineup and best heroes:

Dendi: Pudge, Storm Spirit

Artsyle.: Ancient Apparition, Vengeful Spirit

SoNNeikO: Vengeful Spirit, Io

Ditya-Ra: Lycan, Nature’s Prophet

GeneRaL-qw, Beastmaster, Invoker

We start off our list with an old standard that has been in flux the past few years.  After winning The International 2011 in impressive fashion, Na’Vi disbanded in 2014, came back, disbanded again in 2015, and are now back with a vengeance.

With a 62% winrate in April 2016, Na’Vi only faultered when they got to the WePlay Season 3 finals.  

Led by Dota 2 veterans Artstyle and Dendi, Na’Vi is poised to make a deep run in The International this year.  Dendi is the best solo mid player in the world and has carried his team through tournaments by himself.

Na’Vi needs huge performances from Dendi to advance through The International.  He has the skills, but I’m not sure he has the supporting cast to make it all the way.  There are a lot of very competitive teams this year.

Chances of winning The International in 2016: 4/10

9. compLexity Gaming

Handsken, Zfreek, swindlemelonzz, Limmp, Chessie

Lineup and Best Heroes:

Swindlemelonzz: Dark Seer, Beastmaster

ZfreeK: Enigma, Mirana

Cheesie: Lone Druid, Invoker

Limmp: Queen of Pain, Puck

Handsken: Tusk, Chen

compLexity’s Dota 2 team came along when a North American team called FIRE blasted onto the Dota 2 scene from nowhere.  They combined their ranks and a Dota 2 beast was formed.

Defeated in the WePlay Season 3 finals, compLexity has otherwise been on fire in the past few months.

They would rank higher on this list, as they have beaten many of the teams above them, except for the fact that team NewBee has absolutely owned them.  If they run into NewBee they are going to be in big trouble.

I believe that the main thing to hold compLexity back is running into team NewBee.  They have played well against most of the other pro teams throughout the year.  

Chances of winning The International: 5/10

8. OG

MoonMeander, Cr1t-, Fly-Simba, BigDaddy-N0tail, Miracle_jr

Miracle_jr: Shadow Fiend, Huskar

BigDaddy_N0Tail: Elder Titan, Io

MoonMeander: Earthshaker, Dark Seer

Cr1t-: Winter Wyvern, Jakiro

Fly-Simba: Dazzle, Keeper of the Light

Team OG had a Cinderella run at the Frankfurt Major in 2015.  They defeated Evil Geniuses, CDEC Gaming, and Team Secret to win that championship and put themselves on the Dota 2 map.

Another team with a recent nemesis, team OG has had tons of problems with Team Liquid.  

Miracle_jr is well known around the Dota 2 scene for his ridiculous MMR of 9011 as of this writing.  Yes he is the highest in the world.  He is a great solo mid and dominates the public scene in Dota 2.

Chances of win The International: 5.5/10

7. Evil Geniuses

ppd, SumaiL, Bulba, Aui_2000, Fear

Lineup and Best Heroes:

SumaiL: Storm Spirit, Puck

Ppd: Dazzle, Tusk

Fear: Lifestealer, Phoenix

Bulba: Clockwerk, Abbadon

Aui_2000: Visage, Lifestealer

Evil Geniuses won The International in 2015, so they should be able to do it again right?

Not likely, they have been decimated my free agency (sounds like a pro football team not Esports).  The losses of both Arteezy & UNiVeRSe to Team Secret is a major blow to their chances of repeating.

There is one player, however, who will keep them in every game as he is one of the best Dota 2 players in the world: SumaiL.  SumaiL has brought mid play to a new level over the past few years, changing the meta game and introducing new ways to play heroes.  He is the not so secret weapon Evil Geniuses have to keep them alive no matter what.

I’m not super confident in their chances this year.  They have just had too many losses of great players and the competition is so fierce this year, I’m not sure they can keep up.

Chances of winning The International: 5.5/10

6. Vici Gaming Reborn

Lineup and Best Heroes:


Fy: Rubick, Spirit Breaker

Yang: Clockwerk, Earthshaker

NoNo: Invoker, Templar Assassin

DDC: Visage, Shadow Shaman

END-Zyf-YJ: Wraith King, Gyrocopter

This is a team that has really been gearing up for the International.  They have been one of the most active teams, playing tournaments like crazy in anticipation for the International.

Their best known player, fy, is the best Rubick in the world and probably one of the best support players period.  He is also feared on the 1v1 tournament scene.

This Chinese team was rebranded from Vici Gaming Potential in March, so while the name is new the team is not.  They have won 5 tournaments and placed second in 2 so far this year since rebranding, showing how much potential they have going into the International.

Chances of winning The International: 6/10

5. Fnatic

Lineup and Best Heroes:

Mushi: Omniknight, Shadow Fiend

Ohaiyo: Lina, Nature’s Prophet

chrissy-DJ: Batrider, Enigma

MidOne-Miduan: Nyx Assassin, Invoker

343: Oracle, Vengeful Spirit

Fnatic is technically a European team, though they mostly hail from Malaysia.  With 6 first place finishes in tournaments this year, Fnatic is a team on the upswing going into the International.

Yes they did have a few setbacks, with losses to compLexity and a few lesser teams, but they are still a very formidable foe.

Miduan is a very strong mid carry player who can boast to being the first player to achieve 8000 MMR on the Southeast Asian server.  That is quite a feat and a strong player to lead your team.  

Chances of winning The International:  6.5/10

4. MVP Phoenix

Lineup and Best Heroes:

QO: Templar Assassin, Mirana

Febby: Ancient Apparition, Io

MentalProtector: Omniknight, Invoker

FoREv: Weaver, Nature’s Prophet

DuBu: Witch Doctor

Now we come to the Korean powerhouse, MVP Phoenix.  Notably missing their most well known player, March, who will not be a part of the International 2016 due to military service.  This will put MVP Phoenix at a considerable disadvantage, but not one that I think will hold them back from a strong performance.

DuBu is probably the best Witch Doctor in the world and Febby may be the best Io.  Having two tremendous supports goes a long way in Dota 2.

They have also been on a tear lately, beating just about every team put in front of them (with the notable exception of Wings).  They have beaten the who’s who of Dota 2 over the past few months.  Confidence means something, and that is something that can carry them a long way in the International.

Chances of winning The International:  7/10

3. Newbee

Mu, KAKA, Chuan, kphoenii, Hao

Lineup and Best Heroes:

Mu: Mirana, Dragon Knight

Hao: Sven, Gyrocopter

Chuan: Zeus, Rubick

KAKA: Winter Wyvern, Io

kPhoenii: Doom, Razor

The top Chinese team on our list, Team NewBee has been through a lot of flux the past few years.  Players have been shuffled around throughout the Chinese gaming scene, with teams disbanding and reuniting all over the place.  

No one knows aggressive mid play like Mu.  Known for is hellacious assaults with Dragon Knight, Mu is the man to fear on Team NewBee.  Not to be outdone, Mu’s longtime teammate Hao is also known to dive towers for kills and can be a make or break player for the team.

Team NewBee is one of the strongest and most aggressive teams on the Dota 2 circuit and will be tough to beat.  Their playstyle is much different than many other teams which gives them a big advantage against them.  Look for them to make a long run in the International.

Chances of winning The International:  8.5/10

2. Team Liquid

FATA-, KuroKy, Matumbaman, JerAx, MinD_ContRoL

Lineup and Best Heroes:

KuroKy: Necrophos, Rubick

Matumbaman: Silencer, Gyrocopter

JerAx: Axe, Tusk

MinD_ContRol: Razor, Dark Seer

FATA-: Visage, Puck

Team Liquid has all the momentum going into the International.  They took home a $250,000 payday at EPICENTER in dominating fashion.  They also came in second place in the Shanghai Major in MArch for a $405,000 payday.

This team has had a complete overhaul from last year’s International roster.  After losing all of their team, Team Liquid purchased 5Jungz and made their comeback into the scene.

Matumbaman hard carries this team with his 8000 MMR, a man to be feared with Gyrocopter.  Another team with a strong mid, FATA- is an excellent Puck who continually wins mid lane.

Team Liquid is a great team with a huge amount of momentum going into the International.  I expect to see them in the finals, anything less would be a huge disappointment.

Chances of winning The International:  9/10

1. Team Secret

Lineup and Best Heroes:

Puppey: Batrider, Chen

EternaLEnVy: Bloodseeker, Luna

Pieliedie: Omniknight, Bane

UNiVeRsE: Omniknight, Dark Seer

Arteezy: Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend

Finally we come to the dream team, the true powerhouse of Dota 2: Team Secret.  Free agency is where this team really won, bringing in UNiVeRsE and Arteezy from Team Evil Geniuses. This truly is an All Star team.

Arteezy is the hard carry, the most popular live streamer, and the most outgoing if you ever watch his streams.  Just don’t forget about Puppey’s Chen, his signature hero on the signature team.  Puppey is known as being the best drafting captain in all of Dota 2.  He knows how to put together the perfect team against any strategy, and can play any role necessary.

Team Secret is without question the team to beat in the International.  I don’t see anyone taking them down.

It will be sweet to see Arteezy & UNiVeRsE win back to back championships.

Chances of winning The International: 9.9/10


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