[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes Ranked (Current Meta)

Which Are The Best Mid Heroes In Dota 2?

The middle lane in Dota is by far the most demanding lane in the game.

Mid-lane is essentially where the trajectory of your game is decided. Mid-heroes are highly lethal right off the bat, their abilities make it easy for them to deal immense damage and sustain themselves.

It may be hard for new players to win or even break even in the mid-lane, but with the right heroes, you can even dominate the lane if you play your cards right. It is evident in most games that the mid-lane makes or breaks the game. Choosing the right hero can make the game easy for you.

With so many mid-heroes in the game, it is quite hard to pick the most relevant hero in the current meta. Pick the wrong hero and watch your MMR go down the drain!

We rank the best 15 Mid Heroes in the current patch. These heroes are highly picked and have immense lockdown and damage potential.

15. Queen of Pain

The seductive Queen of Pain knows how to hunt and haunt her prey. It is obvious that she is quite well-versed when it comes to handling damage, and for sure knows how to deal twice back to the caster. Queen of Pain is quite dominant against most mid-heroes, putting them at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to net worth. Her naturally high magic damage is quite hard for low magic-resistant heroes to tolerate. It also takes them ages to farm magic resistance to negate any sort of damage dished out by the mighty Queen. 

You’re at the wrong end of the leash if you face off against the Queen of Pain. There is constant spam and harassment, which is irritating to lane against as if it is overlooked then it can result in your death. She has the perfect skill set to both harass and kill the enemies, her mobility makes her even harder to catch as she can just Blink away if enemies try to initiate on her. Unlike most mid-lane heroes, the Queen of Pain is active as soon as she gets her level 6, allowing her to gank other lanes. 

Why is QoP a great mid-hero?

  • She is extremely good at wave clear and farming.
  • Active hero and a decent early-game ganker.
  • Immensely high magical damage on spells that supplement her ability to kill.
  • Mobile due to her Blink, which helps her initiate or escape from a teamfight.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Queen of Pain

  • Scythe of Vyse - Upon usage it hexes the targeted unit, essentially making them unable to use spells or items, along with reducing their movement speed for 3.5 seconds. Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete enemies from the fight
  • Bloodthorn -  Silences the target for 5 seconds, also dealing them an extra 30% damage at the end of its duration. It can be useful to silence spellcasting heroes and entirely shut them off from the team fight.
  • Black King Bar - Upon usage, it provides spell immunity. This entirely negates the damage from all magic spells.
  • Eul’s Scepter - Can be used to sweep QoP or targeted enemy into the air for 2.5 seconds, making them unable to use spells or move. 

QoP is strong against

  • Drow Ranger - You can burst Drow Ranger down before she has a chance to try and Gust you away. Try to have a teammate bait her Gust out before you Blink and get the drop on her.
  • Huskar - Queen can simply blink away after he jumps on her with Life Break.
  • Slark -Both Scream of Pain and Sonic Wave hits him during his Shadow Dance.

Qop is weak against 

  • Anti-Mage - Because Queen of Pain's spells cost a decent amount of mana, Anti-Mage can easily use Mana Void if she spams her spells recklessly.
  • Death Prophet - Silence will prevent the Queen of Pain from using Blink to escape or chase.
  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere prevents Queen of Pain from escaping with Blink, and her low survivability makes her an easy kill.


14. Templar Assassin    

Templar Assassin, the guardian of the temple’s secrets is a lethal force to be reckoned with. She deals some heavy damage while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on. Laning versus most DoT is quite the task for Templar as she has a very short attack range, making it easy for them to spam spells and deny her the farm. Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to stack and farm as soon as they have the levels and farm. There are various heroes which can cripple under the pressure of Templar once she has the items.

There are various reasons why Templar is an exceptional pick in the current meta. She farms extremely well and fast with her Psi Blades, deals immense damage and armor reduction with Meld which also helps her escape, and she also has Refraction which soaks up a bit of damage dealt to her, allowing her to stand her ground in teamfights without falling off. Her early-game damage may force her mid counterparts out of the lane, which only helps her get stronger to mow them down in the late game.

Why is Templar Assassin a great Mid hero? 

  • Refraction is a valuable form of defense against enemy spells and damage.
  • Psi Blades deals pure damage and spills over instantly. 
  • Immense slow from Trap which can be used to neutralize enemy targets by crippling their movement speed.
  • She does not fall off in the late game due to her immense damage.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Templar Assassin

  • Desolator - Provides increased damage along with armor corruption on physical attacks. It can also gain stacks and increased the mentioned perks with the increase in stacks. Desolator is ideal to mow down squishy enemies.
  • Blink Dagger - On cast, Blink transports you 1200 units in the distance you are facing, can’t be used for 3 seconds if you take any form of damage. Blink is used to close the gap and to get on top of enemies, or it can also be used to escape away from them.
  • Daedalus - Provides a chance to do immense critical damage upon physical attacks.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all of Zeus’ magic damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight. It is always a top priority against spell-damage heroes.
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to True Strike upon physical attacks and also increases attack damage.

Templar Assassin is strong against

  • Shadow Fiend - Shadow Fiend's fragility and lack of a natural escape mechanism make him a great target for Templar Assassin's Meld.
  • Zeus - Zeus is a rather squishy hero, falling easily to Templar Assassin's high burst damage.
  • Puck - Puck high magical burst is almost completely useless against Refraction. Templar Assassin often buys Orchid Malevolence to render Puck useless in teamfights.

Templar Assassin is weak against

  • Windranger - Windranger's Focus Fire tears apart Templar Assassin's refraction very quickly and easily burst her down due to her low health pool against Windranger's immense attack speed.
  • Leshrac - Pulse Nova can easily burn Templar Assassin's Refraction charges quickly, and can also hit her with her  Meld.
  • Dragon Knight - The damage over time from Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form rapidly burns down Refraction, allowing him to attack her.


13. Viper

The venomous Viper knows no bounds and is on the same list when it comes to the most hated heroes in the game. Mid-players can benefit from choosing this hero against squishy enemy heroes like Zeus, Puck, and Queen of Pain, as it is a free win! They have to use spells to last hit against the mighty Viper which in turn cost them a great deal of mana. The DPS and slow from his spells are also quite annoying to play against as a squishy low HP hero.

Picking a squishy hero against Viper is essentially just throwing the game away! Most players despise Viper as he makes their presence and impact disappear from the game. Viper has the range advantage so melee can’t freely come within the attack range to last hit, making them abandon the lane entirely. His ultimate, Viper Strike isn’t even needed to kill certain heroes as only his Poison Attack is enough to do the job. 

Why is Viper a great Mid hero? 

  • Relies more on levels than items, making him able to gank right from the early levels
  • Immense attack and movement speed right off the bat
  • Immense magical damage which enemy heroes find hard to negate in the early game.
  • Annoying to squishy heroes with his DoT (Damage over time)

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Viper 

  • Kaya and Sange - Increases stats along with increasing mana gain and reducing mana cost, allowing him to cast spells freely.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Decreases Nethertoxin duration and increases damage, destroying the squishy enemies in no time 
  • Hurricane Pike - Allows Viper to close the gap and deal immense damage, also provides decent stats and increases attack range
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage to them upon activation.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the magical damage being dished out by enemies.

Viper is strong against

  • Axe - Nethertoxin prevents Counter Helix from triggering, which significantly lowers Axe's damage output in the early to mid-game.
  • Bristleback - Nethertoxin disables Bristleback and prevents Warpath from building stacks. Besides losing his defensive passive, Bristleback also loses his ability to build up damage over lengthy battles.
  • Mars - Nethertoxin disables Bulwark entirely, making Mars far less tanky. Using Nethertoxin inside Arena Of Blood may discourage enemies from following up with Mars' initiation.

Viper is weak against

  • Bane - Viper has no solutions to cancel Fiend's Grip and in addition, he hates buying disabling items like Eul's Scepter of Divinity.
  • Morphling - Viper has no disable, which means he has no way of preventing Morphling from escaping from any of his abilities or keeping him inside Nethertoxin.
  • Rubick - If Rubick can use Spell Steal to take Nethertoxin, he will be able to disable Corrosive Skin, reducing much of Viper's durability.


12. Zeus

Zeus, the Thundergod is quite undoubtedly a great counter-pick to squishy magic resistance heroes. Zeus fares extremely well if he is laning against certain heroes as he can smite them down in the early game as soon as he reaches level six. This allows him to gank other lanes without even being there! Zeus is also an excellent farmer which allows him to acquire multiple items which help him further dominate the game. The game gets slightly icky if the enemies get magic resistance items but as long as Zeus is in the backlines, he can pump out enough damage to turn the tides in his favor. 

Zeus acquires items like Aether Lens and Veil of Discord, squish mid heroes can’t handle the DPS, which proves to be extremely lethal. Ideally, most heroes do not want to build a BKB, but facing a magical Zeus will force them to opt for it, slowing down their progress on other more useful items, which can give his carry an edge over them in the late game. The late game is where Zeus is known to shine bright like a star.

Why is Zeus a great Mid hero? 

  • Zeus' abilities deal high amounts of burst magical damage, which ignores the high armor of certain heroes.
  • Can reveal invisible heroes with Lighting Bolt.
  • His spells deal immense magical damage which enemies find hard to contain in the early stages of the game.
  • He is an annoying laner, making his mid-counterpart ferry in regen items or go back to the base.
  • Zeus' Arc Lightning is also a good way to destroy illusions

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Zeus 

  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete squishy heroes from the fight
  • Arcane Blink - Great for gap-closing or initiating, low mana cost on spells and items on usage     
  • Bloodstone - Provides spell lifesteal and mana regeneration upon activation
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Provides Nimbus which is essential for teamfights in the late game

Zeus is strong against

  • Bounty Hunter- If Bounty Hunter tries to escape a gank by using Shadow Walk, Zeus can gain vision of him with both Lightning Bolt and Thundergod's Wrath.
  • Lich - Lich does not pose a big threat to Zeus in teamfights, as his spells don't have great cast range and Zeus should be too far back for a Chain Frost to bounce among him and his allies.
  • Necrophos - Necrophos' Ghost Shroud increases the magic damage taken by Necrophos.

Zeus is weak against

  • Juggernaut - Blade Fury negates all magical damage from Zeus.
  • Faceless Void - Time Dilation can limit Zeus to casting his abilities only once in a fight, effectively serving as a 12-second silence.
  • Anti-Mage - Anti-Mage can burn mana, which is a big problem for a spellcaster like Zeus who heavily relies on it.


11. Void Spirit

His actions have transcended dimensions, Void Spirit has cemented his name as one of the most spammed new mid-heroes in the game. His swift and lethal moves have made him a threat. Void Spirit is known to be a complex hero as his skill set may be confusing but once mastered, he can turn the tide to his advantage! Void can block most damage coming his way. His incredible AoE spells make it easy for him to farm and clear creep waves. His highly elusive spells make him harder to catch and kill.

Void Spirit is extremely hard to catch as all of his spells help him escape within no time. As long as Void Spirit isn’t silenced, he can devastate the entire enemy team with the same set of spells. He may have a tough laning phase, but he quickly recovers from it if he participates in teamfights. Most heroes find it hard to catch him down in the later stages of the game where he is highly dominant. He is the right pick in the current meta if you’re looking to climb up the MMR ladder and have some fun while doing it!

Why is Void Spirit a great Mid hero? 

  • He is an extremely agile and slippery hero.
  • His power spike is in the early game, where he excels at dealing immense damage to his foes.
  • Void Spirit can farm efficiently and deal decent AoE damage.
  • Good at solo killing squishy enemy supports effortlessly

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Void Spirit

  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, can be used to dodge enemy spells or to set up on them with his remnant 
  • Octraine Core - Provides spell lifesteal and stats along with a 25% cooldown reduction on items and spells
  • Kaya and Sange - Increases stats along with increasing mana gain and reducing mana cost, allowing him to cast spells freely.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making Void Spirit invulnerable in the fight
  • Orchid of Maleovalence - Silences the targeted enemy and makes them take a percentage of the total damage dealt after the duration. 

Void Spirit is strong against

  • Morphling - Void Spirit can greatly pressure Morphling's farm, which is very bad for a hero who needs a large amount of space.
  • Monkey King - Keeping Void Spirit inside Wukong's Command is a very tricky task, especially in the early and mid-game. In addition, if Monkey King is in a bad position, a well-placed Aether Remnant can easily pull him out of the ring.
  • Gyrocopter - Gyrocopter has no escape abilities, which benefits Void Spirit's high mobility.

Void Spirit is weak against

  • Bane - Fiend's Grip and Nightmare are very useful to lock down Void Spirit.
  • Dream Coil - Dream Coil prevents the usage of Void Spirit's escape abilities and limits his damage output in fights almost entirely.
  • Slardar -  Corrosive Haze provides vision of Void Spirit while he is running away and Guardian Sprint allows Slardar to quickly close the gap.


10. Huskar

The ferocious hunter, Huskar, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dominating the game. His crazy damage potential is unmatched by the mightiest of foes. He makes them weaker with his burning rage and strength. Huskar is a very aggressive hero, which fares well against all heroes as they stand no chance in a purely mid-matchup. Enemies in the early game can’t simply deal with the overwhelming damage being dished out by the harrowing Huskar.

Though a slow farmer, Huskar relies more on kills to acquire gold, hence ganking other lanes as soon as possible. He is known to initiate, hence he builds items that allow him to start and sustain team fights. His attack speed can decimate enemies if the fight stretches out for a longer period. He is one of those mid-heroes who can easily 1v5 the entire team with the right set of items.

Why is Huskar a great Mid hero? 

  • Lethal DoT (Damage over time) with his Burning Spears, forces his foes to abandon the lane.
  • High base attack speed which is amplified by his passive, makes him deal immense damage in a short amount of time.
  • Threat to squishy heroes, especially supports who lack mobility and escape potential.
  • Can gank as early as level 6 when he gets his ultimate, Life Break

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Huskar 

  • Armlet of Mordiggian - Provides increased HP and damage, and is toggleable. Huskar benefits highly from this toggleable HP mechanic.
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same for enemies in an AoE.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the slowness and magical damage being dealt by enemies while making him invulnerable in teamfights
  • Heaven’s Halberd - Disarms enemies making them unable to attack Huskar while he can freely attack them. It is a useful item to easily get your attacks onto enemies without much retaliation.
  • Satanic - Provides increased lifesteal on physical attacks upon activation, also provides basic dispel from the latter.

Huskar is strong against

  • Zeus - Huskar's Burning Spears chip through his low-health pool quickly. Consequently, he is forced to either invest in health regen or abandon the lane.
  • Nature’s Prophet - Sprout will not protect Nature's Prophet from Huskar if he has already locked on with Life Break.
  • Anti-Mage - Huskar is not very reliant on mana to cast his spells, therefore, Mana Break is not very effective against him.

Huskar is weak against

  • Ancient Apparition - Ice Blast prevents Huskar from healing, regeneration, and health gained from activating an Armlet of Mordiggian and will kill him when his health dips below a threshold. This makes it very dangerous for him to use his abilities.
  • Axe - Berserker's Call and Blade Mail can be used immediately after Huskar jumps on Axe with Life Break.
  • Viper - Nethertoxin disables passive skills like Berserker's Blood.


9. Ember Spirit

Behold the wise Xin! The humble Ember Spirit is widely regarded as one of the best mid-heroes in the game. He is known to build into many different routes, making him a flexible pick against pretty much all the heroes. He is also known to farm comparatively faster due to his wide range of AoE abilities, which combined with his ultimate ensures his menacing global presence, scaring his allies off and making them vulnerable. Ember is not a common sight in the current patch, but in certain matchups he makes it feel like a cakewalk!

The fiery spirit of this Ember is unparalleled and it is not a surprise that he is back into the meta! Ember is an exceptional counter to most enemies, due to his immense physical damage as well as his mobility which allows him to chase and further lock the enemy down. Being in a pure 1v1 matchup, especially against ranged heroes can be a hard task, especially in the late stages of the game, but Ember defies all odds and is considered to be a great counter to enemies simply due to his AoE damage output along with the ability to soak up some serious damage. His flexibility allows him to obliterate even the creme de la creme of mid-heroes quite effortlessly.

Why is Ember Spirit a great Mid hero? 

  • Multiple builds can be utilized as per the game i.e Physical, Magical, or Hybrid.
  • Ember Spirit can close the distance between his foes easily with his Activate Fire Remnant and further keep them in place with Searing Chains.
  • With the help of Aghanim's Scepter, his enemies cannot outrun Ember Spirit or chase him

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Ember Spirit

  • Mjolnir - Exceptional for pushing lanes and farming quickly.
  • Shiva’s Guard - Can effortlessly push lanes and provides increased armor.
  • Blademail - Reflects enemy damage upon activation.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard - Provides increased charges to Remnant, along with increased range and speed.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the slowness and magical damage being dealt by enemies while making him invulnerable in teamfights

Ember Spirit is strong against

  • Bloodseeker - Fire Remnant allows Ember Spirit to escape Bloodseeker while Ruptured.
  • Templar Assassin - Templar Assassin has no inherent way to prevent Ember Spirit from escaping, a good ember player also will be able to dodge her meld attack.
  • Zeus - Zeus laning against Ember is going to be punished with Sleight of Fist due to his low health pool.

Ember Spirit is weak against

  • Shadow Fiend - Shadowraze can easily remove the protection from Flame Guard and kill Ember Spirit due to his low health.
  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere is also a reliable lockdown for Ember Spirit, although it can be evaded sometimes by Activate Fire Remnant. Additionally, Void can easily negate Sleight of Fist damage with Time Walk.
  • Outworld Destroyer - Astral Imprisonment fully negates all magic damage of Flame Guard and Searing Chains and will temporarily save himself from Sleight of Fist's physical damage, and Ember Spirit is not a hero that can counter these skills.


8. Invoker

Invoker is a quintessential mid-counter to squishy and low magic resistance heroes, and there are various reasons for it. Low magic resistance is a weakness that Voker takes great advantage of. Invoker often breaks even in the laning phase but is known to dominate the late game. Invoker fares well in the laning phase, sometimes even breaking against some annoying and aggressive heroes like Zeus and Viper. An experienced Invoker player will always try to harass the enemy midlaner out of the lane and demote him to the jungle.

Invoker’s skill set allows him to act both offensive and defensive, depending upon the scenario. Unlike most mid-laners, Voker can gank and push lanes fairly early on in the game. This gives him that edge in both experience and farm. Invoker is seen as a squishy mid-hero against the magic damage-dealing lot of heroes, but his abilities allow him to defend himself from the terrorizing lethal enemy heroes. He provides decent crowd control with his spell combos, which can help him turn the tides in teamfights.

Why is Invoker a great Mid hero? 

  • Has a total of 10 spells that can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the situation.
  • Multiple spell combinations and builds.
  • Decent sustain with the Quas Wex build.
  • Decent aggression with the Quas Exort build.
  • Snowballs quickly if not contained in the early game.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Invoker 

  • Scythe of Vyse - Disables enemies and removes them from the fight by hexing them.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity against any magic damage spells.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Reduces the cooldown on spells
  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap-closing or initiating     
  • Refresher’s Orb - Can refresh spells and items and use them again in quick succession to delete Alch from the fight

Invoker is strong against

  • Wraith King - EMP allows Invoker to burn Wraith King's mana to prevent Reincarnation from triggering (only until Wraith King gets his Aghanim's Shard).
  • Huskar - Sun Strike deals pure damage and pierces spell immunity, and Huskar tends to drain his HP, making him a susceptible target.
  • Necrophos - Tornado allows Invoker to purge Necrophos's Ghost Shroud, nullifying any benefits he could get out of it.

Invoker is weak against

  • Faceless Void - If Invoker is caught in Chronosphere, he will most likely be the primary target due to the large teamfight contribution he can provide.
  • Broodmother - Broodmother is both an Orchid Malevolence and a Nullifier carrier. As she can farm it early, she can kill Invoker easily.
  • Pugna - Nether Ward on its own can greatly hinder Invoker from casting many of his abilities, at least until he gets a significant amount of HP or is under the protection of spell immunity from Black King Bar.


7. Primal Beast

The newest addition to the game, the threatening and ferocious Primal Beast was one of the most picked heroes of the recent International 10. He was highly picked due to his exceptional damage and crowd control, making him an excellent mid-laner. He can easily separate the fights with the help of his Onslaught, and deal loads of damage with Trample. He is quite unavoidable if you see his recent pick rate, it has plummeted after finding success at the International. 

The best part about Primal Beast is that he does not rely on items to get his work done, all he needs is a few levels and voila, you have yourself a grumpy mighty dinosaur! Primal Beast can also retreat to the jungle and farm if somehow his early game is sabotaged by the enemies. It is a rare scenario but he fares extremely well at farming due to his high AoE spells which allow him to decimate the enemy mid-laner within no time.

Why is Primal Beast a great Mid hero? 

  • Insane farming capability with AoE damage from his spells.
  • High physical damage right from the get-go can be used to shove the enemy mid-laner out of the lane, which is only amplified by Uproar.
  • Immense base armor and HP right from the laning phase.
  • High mobile due to Onslaught, can easily farm jungle camps without much hassle.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Primal Beast

  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all enemy magic damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - When Primal Beast activates Uproar, he releases 3 waves of 2 projectiles per stack of uproar each in a circle around him. Projectiles deal damage and Break enemies hit. After a short delay, each projectile splinters in two.
  • Blink Dagger - Blink transports Primal Beast 1200 units in the distance he is facing, it can’t be used for 3 seconds if he takes any form of damage. Blink is used to closing the gap and to get on top of enemies and follow it up with Trample.
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed for Primal Beast while reducing the same for enemies in an AoE.
  • Heaven’s Halberd - It is used to disarm enemies, making them unable to make physical attacks while Primal and others can freely attack him.

Primal Beast is strong against

  • Razor - Onslaught prevents all of Razor's abilities from being effective against him during the laning stage.
  • Juggernaut - Onslaught can be used to cancel Omnislash, and can escape Juggernaut's, Blade Fury.
  • Phantom Assassin - Phantom Assassin is famously known to be weak against bursts of magical damage, and Primal Beast does exactly that with the ability to close long distances.

Primal Beast is weak against

  • Death Prophet - Silence can be used to interrupt Primal Beast while he is channeling Pulverize.
  • Disruptor - Glimpse can simply send Primal Beast back after using Onslaught to close the gap.
  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere stops Primal Beast from casting abilities or stopping Faceless Void from damaging allies within.


6. Storm Spirit

This charming and electrifying hero is a top pick in this meta. This is due to his highly active play style and fast farming speed against the likes of Ember Spirit and Queen of Pain. He is widely regarded as one of the best mid-laners in the game. Storm is mostly played as a fast-tempo mid-hero, meaning he usually rotates to gank other lanes and quickly goes back to farming or taking towers. His high mana pool enables him to jump onto Ember and catch him off-guard. Late-game Storm is a disaster for the enemy team.

Storm Spirit fares well due to his ability to escape enemies and or initiate on them. His mobility is the key factor behind his getting picked. Storm also has various ways of disabling enemies, either with his Electric Vortex or with the items he builds. Most heroes find it hard to withstand the immense magical damage of Storm in the early game, though he can be countered when they get magic immunity and disables. But by the time they acquire these items, Storm already is six-slotted and ready to wreak electrifying havoc!

Why is Storm Spirit a great Mid hero? 

  • More dependant on levels as opposed to items.
  • Can control the crowd with Electric Vortex Aghs upgrade.
  • Insane magic damage output with long-range ultimate.
  • Immense mobility with the Lighting Ball ultimate.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Storm Spirit

  • Orchid of Malevolence - Silences the target for 5 seconds, also dealing them an extra 30% damage at the end of its duration. It can be useful to silence the targeted enemy and entirely shut him off from the team fight.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Makes Electric Vortex AoE, meaning you can control multiple heroes at once.
  • Scythe of Vyse - Disables enemies and removes them from the fight, as they can’t use their spells or items. Scythe also slows their movement speed.
  • Kaya and Sange - Increases stats along with increasing mana gain and reducing mana cost, allowing Storm to cast his spells freely.
  • Black King Bar - Provides Storm spell immunity from all enemy magic damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight. 

Storm Spirit is strong against

  • Razor - Ball Lightning breaks Static Link.
  • Sniper - Sniper is very squishy and cannot deal with heroes that jump onto him and lock him down. Storm Spirit closes the gap in a fight against Sniper, and Sniper has no way to escape except for some items.
  • Terrorblade - Terrorblade has low mobility, which makes it easy for Storm Spirit to kite him.

Storm Spirit is weak against

  • Storm Spirit  - Mana Break can quickly burn Storm Spirit's mana, preventing him from escaping.
  • Doom - Doom prevents Storm Spirit from using all of his abilities and items, rendering Storm Spirit useless in a fight.
  • Riki - Smoke Screen prevents Storm Spirit from using his abilities once inside the radius. Riki can utilize this ability to allow his team to fight around Smoke Screen so that Storm Spirit cannot spam his spells to proc Overload.


5. Tiny

Tiny the elemental stone wreaks havoc against most heroes in this meta. The latter is quite a passive laner and Tiny takes full advantage of that right from the get-go. Tiny can be played in multiple positions, due to the flexibility of his skill set but he does extremely well in the middle lane. All Tiny needs is a Blink Dagger in the early game to mow down enemy heroes, as he can follow it up with the Toss combo or Toss them to his allies who finish the job for him.

Although it can be difficult to carry this combo successfully in the late game as enemies purchase Black King Bar which grants them magic immunity, Tiny is much more reliant on his physical damage which is equally threatening in the later stages. A pesky and annoying Tiny can attempt to Toss his enemy mid-laner back into his allies or solo kill them in no time. In the late game, most heroes can’t match the damage or impact of the stone giant.

Why is Tiny a great Mid hero? 

  • High lockdown potential right from the early game with the stun toss combo.
  • Extremely active in the early stages of the game and can rotate to other lanes to fight.
  • Does not require much practice to master
  • Can one-shot support heroes with his physical damage or his toss combo
  • Tree Grab can obliterate enemies in no time if he goes the physical damage route.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Tiny 

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap closing or initiating, allows Tiny to both escape or get on top of Visage.  
  • Echo Sabre - It provides Tiny with insane stats and increased damage and attack speed. It is an essential item that is built in the early game.
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same for Visage if he is under the AoE. Since Visage has extreme amounts of armor, this item is highly useful in the game's later stages.
  • Daedalus - Provides a chance to deal immense critical damage on physical attacks as well as increase your base attack damage. It is an exceptional item to deal high damage to Visage and his familiars.
  • Aghanim’s Shard - Tree Grab has no charges and can be used indefinitely unless you throw it on the targeted unit. This shard is extremely useful as you can cleave through the familiars in no time.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the slowness and damage being dealt by Visage.

Tiny is strong against

  • Naga Siren - Tiny's cleave with Tree Grab and area of effect damage with Tree Volley will easily wipe out illusions.
  • Broodmother - Tiny can quickly clear Spiderlings with his active abilities and cleave.
  • Meepo - Tiny doesn't need to target the weakest clone while he is affected by Tree Grab.

Tiny is weak against

  • Chaos Knight - Chaos Knight has a 3.2-strength growth, making him one of the tankiest heroes and a very difficult target for Tiny to burst.
  • Bristleback - Tiny's nonexistent armor in the early game makes him very vulnerable to Quill Spray's large amounts of physical damage.
  • Juggernaut - Blade Fury protects Juggernaut from all of Tiny's magic burst damage.


4. Kunkka

Kunkka, the Admiral almighty himself, is known to be a great counter to squishy heroes due to his strength and physical damage disparity, both of which are naturally high from the early levels for the claddish general. He can effortlessly survive ganks as his high-status resistance and HP pool come to the rescue. His ultimate proves to be of great use as well as it makes sure he and his allies take the least damage in fights, allowing the fight to be in their favor. The tanky nature of Kunkka is only amplified further by high armor and high HP items. 

Kunkka is an exceptional laner if we theorize a purely 1v1 matchup, he ensures that his counterpart is shoved away from the lane, reducing their farm efficiency. Some heroes are highly effective in the late stages but Kunkka can match their farm due to his AoE physical damage which enemy heroes can’t negate easily. If Kunkka is let loose in the later stages of the game then there is no way the fiery swordsman recovers from this deficit. He is one of the few rare heroes capable of 1v5’ing the entire enemy team.

Why is Kunkka a great Mid hero? 

  • He is naturally known to build high HP and armor items
  • Ghostship makes him and his allies tanky from the enemy onslaught
  • High base armor and HP pool right off the bat
  • Immense damage in the late game which can’t be negated by enemies so easily, he also does not fall off quickly when the late game approaches.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Kunkka 

  • Daedalus - Provides immense critical damage upon physical attacks. Most Kunkka players prefer purchasing multiple Daedaluses as the crits stack.
  • Assault Cuirass - Increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same for enemies in an AoE.
  • Armlet of Mordiggian - Provides increased HP and damage, and is toggleable. Kunkk benefits highly from this toggleable HP mechanic against Ember.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Provides a fleet of Ghosthips, allowing Kunkka to continue his onslaught while also controlling the crowd immensely.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity from all of Ember’s magic damage spells, making him invulnerable in the fight

Kunkka is strong against

  • Meepo - Tidebringer, Torrent, and Ghostship destroy Meepo's clones.
  • Queen of Pain - Ghostship helps your team soak up damage from Sonic Wave and Scream of Pain.
  • Warlock - Ghostship helps your team soak up damage from Chaotic Offering and hit summons hard.

Kunkka is weak against

  • Clinkz - Clinkz's high damage output and insane attack speed late-game can take Kunkka out of the fight before it begins.
  • Ursa - Enrage can be activated before being hit by Ghostship to prevent most of the damage.
  • Juggernaut - Blade Fury negates Kunkka's X Marks the Spot.


3. Puck

Although, relatively a weak laner and squishy, Puck can turn the tides around against enemies if he manages to secure his early game by farming sufficiently and ganking other lanes. Most enemies may prove to have the higher ground in the early game but in the late game, Puck can triumph with his Aghanim’s Scepter which helps him stop enemies in their tracks even if they have Blac King Bar, with the help of Dream Coil. Puck, the dazzling faerie dragon is a mixture of skill and flamboyance. There are various reasons why Puck is ranked so high on this list!

The right items at the right time allow him to sustain himself and deal lethal magical damage without worrying about the damage dished out by both magical and physical damage heroes. Puck is equally nimble and annoying, making it hard for enemies to catch him so easily. His items allow him to catch foes off-guard and deal high amounts of damage to them. Puck does more with levels as opposed to farming, and fighting is always the priority for him.

Why is Puck a great Mid hero? 

  • Illusory Orb and Waning Rift provide great mobility, allowing Puck to initiate on enemy heroes or to escape.
  • Puck is known to deal an immense amount of magical damage right from the get-go, annoying his foes in the laning phase.
  • Dream Coil's immense control is devastating during teamfights, and can also be used to control heroes or synergize with allied heroes.
  • Dream Coil's very long duration combined with follow-up from allies will ensure immense damage done to the foes

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Puck 

  • Blink Dagger - Great for gap-closing or initiating upon enemy heroes
  • Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter - Can lock in spell-immune heroes even if they are under Black King Bar immunity and silence them for a longer duration with the Shard. 
  • Aeon Disk - Saves him from getting burst quickly from Pangolier and also applies a basic dispel
  • Witch Blade - Deals increased magical damage over time.
  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, and can be used to dodge spells or to set up enemies with Dream Coil.

Puck is strong against

  • Sniper - Sniper has no spells to disable Puck. He lacks silence to prevent spell casting and stun to disable, allowing Puck to act instantly against Sniper.
  • Terrorblade - All of Puck's damaging spells deal AoE magic damage, focusing on Terrorblade's low-health pool and ignoring his armor.
  • Void Spirit - Wanning Rift and Dream Coil prevent him from using two of his important mobility abilities: Dissimilate and Astral Step.

Puck is weak against

  • Faceless Void - Hard lockdowns such as Chronosphere can end a Puck's life quickly. A Puck stunned for longer than 3 seconds usually ends up dead.
  • Nightstalker - Crippling Fear silence can prevent Puck from casting spells, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Wraith King - Waning Rift's silence is almost completely worthless against Wraith King, due to him having only 1 active ability.


2. Lina

Lina smokes her enemies with her insane magical burst damage, there is no way you recover from this arson. Lina can be called a beginner-friendly hero but only the most experienced players can understand her true potential. She can rip through enemies effortlessly, with both her abilities and physical damage output. Her AoE spells can easily demolish squishy support heroes. High movement speed allows her to rotate through lanes quickly. Lina has multiple builds which ensure nothing but pain and anguish to her opponents.

You should never play with fire, or you’ll end up getting burnt. Lina’s fiery gameplay cauterizes her enemies, and her quick and dreadful spells burn down her foes within no time. Lina is an exceptional laner due to her quick and available magic damage which mows down her counterparts. She also does not fall off quickly in the late game as she can go the physical damage route if her magical damage seems to wear off.

Why is Lina a great Mid hero? 

  • Immense magic burst potential.
  • AoE and wave clear spells that help her farm faster.
  • Can easily harass/kill enemy heroes after getting her ultimate.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Lina 

  • Shadow Blade - Provides invisibility on the cast which can be used to escape or set up on enemies
  • Monkey King Bar - Provides a chance to truly strike on physical attacks while also increasing attack damage.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter - Her ultimate, Laguna Blade pierces spell immunity.
  • Scythe of Vyse - Upon usage it hexes the targeted unit, essentially making them unable to use spells or items, along with reducing their movement speed for 3.5 seconds. This is extremely useful to shut down enemies while your team slaughters them.
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, negating all the magical damage being dished out by enemies.

Lina is strong against

  • Ancient Apparition - Lina builds Shadow Blade (and upgrades it into a Silver Edge), which makes it hard for Ancient Apparition to land his abilities.
  • Morphling - Light Strike Array catches Morphling while he jumps in from Waveform and also prevents Morphling from using his abilities.
  • Enchantress - Untouchable is decently countered by Fiery Soul, exposing Enchantress' weakness to physical damage due to her low armor.

Lina is weak against

  • Anti-Mage - Blink allows Anti-Mage to get on top of Lina and deal damage with his Mana Break.
  • Phantom Lancer - Phantom Lancer can quickly deplete Lina's mana pool with his illusions and deal massive damage from it simultaneously since Phantom Lancer is a natural Diffusal Blade carrier.
  • Faceless Void - During Chronosphere, squishy heroes like Lina will be the main target of Faceless Void in his ultimate.


1. Leshrac

It’s quite advantageous to pick a ranged hero if you’re facing melee heroes like Naga Siren. Leshrac is known for his high magical damage, AoE, and lockdown potential, all of these elements are lethal against Leshrac. The best part is that Leshrac is often picked as a flex hero, meaning he can be played in quite any lane! Apart from countering Naga’s illusions, Lesh can also mow down buildings with Edict providing equal counter push and ratting in the late game if required. A successful early game for Leshrac translates to domination in the late game, as Naga has no way to stop his lethal magic damage.

Leshrac has been a staple mid-hero in the current meta due to his reliability and readily available ungodly magical damage. Leshrac is relevant right from the laning phase, his damage shoves out enemies from the lane and forces them to purchase magical resistance items early on, slowing their progression on other more necessary items Leshrac can push lanes with his Edict, deal immense damage to heroes, and lock them down with his Split Earth. He is a consistent mid-hero and does not fall off in the late game. 

Why is Leshrac a great Mid hero? 

  • Immense farming and wave clear potential, allowing him to push lanes faster and acquire items quickly.
  • High AoE magical damage output which also works on towers, making him one of the rare spellcasting heroes with decent tower damage!
  • All of Leshrac's abilities, especially Pulse Nova, can easily deal with illusion heroes.

Best 5 End-Game items to buy on Leshrac 

  • Scythe of Vyse - Scythe of Vyse - Upon usage it hexes the targeted unit, essentially making them unable to use spells or items, along with reducing their movement speed for 3.5 seconds. 
  • Bloodthorn - Can silence Naga and turn her into rubbles in no time
  • Eul's Scepter - Provides a basic dispel, can be used to dodge spells or to set up on enemies with Earth Splitter
  • Kaya and Sange - Increased mana regen and overall stat gain
  • Black King Bar - Provides spell immunity, making you invulnerable in the fight

Leshrac is strong against

  • Io - Lightning Storm will usually hit both Io and his Tethered target since both will be close enough for the lightning to jump. It can then be followed up by Split Earth.
  • Meepo - Pulse Nova deals an insane amount of damage in an area around him, which can quickly wear down Meepo clones.
  • Visage - Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova hit all units around Leshrac, making it very easy for him to kill the Summon Familiars.

Leshrac is weak against

  • Pugna - Nether Ward punishes Leshrac's constant mana usage from spamming spells.
  • Clockwerk - Clockwerk naturally builds Blade Mail, reflecting Leshrac's high magic damage output at him.
  • Nyx Assassin - Nyx Assassin's Spiked Carapace will stun Leshrac when hit by any of his AOE abilities. While Mana Burn deals high damage due to Leshrac's high intelligence gain and burns a large amount of Leshrac's essential mana pool.


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