[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Neutrals To Kill That Give Best Rewards

Neutral creeps are essential as neutral items, you just can’t live without them! Right from the first tier, up to the last, various exciting and enthralling bonuses provide you with various perks and buffs which help you secure victory over your enemies.

To assist you in finding the best neutral items, we have compiled this list of the Best 15 Neutral To Kill That Give Best Rewards. These neutral creeps are very much relevant in the current meta, hence they assist you in your quest for triumph!

15. Kobold Foreman

The Kobold Camp is quite an underrated camp as they are easy to kill and have no active spells in case you want to dominate creeps. But the passive is quite the big deal if you value movement speed or are facing heroes that cab catch up fast. Kobold Foreman has the Speed Aura which gives 12% increased movement speed to you and your allies in a 1200 radius.

Why is Kobold Camp a great neutral?

  • High movement speed bonuses


14. Kobold Soldier

Similar to his fellow brethren, Kobold Soldier is not to be neglected! He has quite the high stats and can disarm enemies for 3 seconds after every third physical attack. If you face heroes that deal immense physical damage, then it’s wise to dominate this creep!

Why is Kobold Soldier a great neutral?

  • Long duration disarm buff


13. Kobold

This is by far the weakest creep in the Kobold camp, yet it has one of the most sought-after components. You get 20 increased GPM (Gold per minute!). This may not feel like much but it is a great deal if you’re a support hero or want your carry hero to have some extra gold in handy.

Why is Kobold a great neutral?

  • Increased GPM


12. Hill Troll Priest

Some may take this creep for granted but this is one of the only few creeps which can heal. On cast, the Troll Priest can heal for 100 HP, and can repeatedly keep on healing if cast once. This is a great creep if you want to sustain in the lane or want to jungle without risking your life!

Why is Hill Troll Priest a great neutral?

  • It Heals for a decent amount
  • Instant cast time


11. Satyr Tormenter

Satyr Tormenter is quite a great creep to dominate if you have trouble pushing lanes or having any AoE damage. The Tormenter uses Shockwave which deals AoE damage in a certain radius with an almost instant cast time!

Why is Satyr Tormenter a great neutral?

  • Decent AoE damage
  • High wave clear potential


10. Fell Spirit

This creep is part of the Ghost camp alongside Ghost. This creep can silence the targetted unit for 3 seconds with an impressive 600 AoE cast range. This can only be used if you have the creep dominated with Helm of the Dominator/Overlord.

Why is Fell Spirit a great neutral?

  • Can silence the targetted unit


9. Satyr Banisher

You may not see this creep being used much if you’re in the low-rank bracket, but this creep dominates the high MMR games. The banisher can purge off any debuffs that enemies have cast on you or your allies. Inversely it can purge the buffs that your enemies have, all the while slowing them by a great deal.

Why is Satyr Banisher a great neutral?

  • Purges debuffs off you and your allies
  • Purges buffs off enemies 


8. Hellbear Smasher

Our favorite tomato boy is a great asset to have on the team. If you can dominate creeps, then this is a great choice for early game farm or harassing and chasing heroes out of the lane. Upon the usage of Thunder Clap, the Hellbear deals extreme amounts of AoE damage, even slowing enemies which makes it easy for you to hunt them down and finish the job.

Why is Hellbear Smasher a great neutral?

  • Deals magical damage in an AoE
  • Provides some serious attack speed


7. Centaur Conquerer 

This Creep is loved by all the Chen and Enchantress players. Their lack of initiation and stuns are fulfilled by the Centaur Conquerer who upon the usage of War Stomp can stun enemies in a small AoE radius. Even heroes like Dark Seer or Beastmaster can use these to follow up with their spells and initiate teamfights.

Why is Large Centaur Conquerer a great neutral?

  • AoE Stun
  • Tanky and reliable in team fights


6. Ancient Granite Gollum

The Granite Gollum is exceptional if you are facing enemies with a high burst or physical damage. This Ancient Creep provides 15% increased maximum HP, which makes you beefy and helps you and even your allies in surviving teamfights.

Why is Ancient Ice Shaman a great neutral?

  • Provides increased Maximum HP


5. Ancient Ice Shaman

The Ice Shaman is extremely underutilized, it is the biggest oversight of recent times! The Ice Shaman is known for dealing extremely high DPS with his Icefire Bomb which deals 50 damage per second for a total of 8 seconds. This can also be used on buildings, making it a great tool for pushing lanes or ratting.

Why is Ancient Ice Shaman a great neutral?

  • High DPS
  • Can damage towers


4. Ancient Black Dragon

One of the strongest ancient creeps in the game has to be the Ancient Black Dragon. This creep can cast a menacing Fireball which causes the enemies in the target area to take 85 damage per second. If you have Helm of the Overlord, then this creep is surely the one that should be considered in the late game.

Why is Ancient Black Dragon a great neutral?

  • Can deal immense magical damage
  • Great for teamfights and shoving lanes


3. Harpy Stormcrafter

Heroes with dominating abilities or items love this creep! Harpy has the Chain Lighting spell which deals 140 damage and bounces off to enemies in the vicinity. This spell is great to have early on in the game if you’re Chen or Enchantress to shove enemies off the lane.

Why is Harpy Stormcrafter a great neutral?

  • Immense damage and harass potential


2. Ogre Frostamage

Ogre Frostmage is the most sought-after creep if you are lacking armor or have heroes that deal immense physical damage to the enemy team. Upon cast, you are given 5 bonus armor, while slowing any enemies that deal physical damage to you under the buff.

Why is Ogre Frostmage a great neutral?

  • Provides 5 bonus armor
  • Slows enemies hitting the armored target


1. Roshan

Undoubtedly the best neutral creep in the game has to be the almighty Roshan. His extreme armor and skills make him unkillable if you plan on going in solo. Killing Roshan requires the whole team or at least more than 2 heroes to make it work. Upon killing him, you receive the Aegis of the Immortal. Which respawns in 5 seconds if slain. Killing Roshan multiple times gives other bonuses such as Cheese, Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter, and even the Refresher’s Orb!

Why is Roshan a great neutral?

  • Drops Aegis of the Immortal upon his death


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