[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Neutral Items

Dota 2 Best Neutral Items
Should you open the box? Most definitely!

If you are unsure about which neutral items are keepers and considered to be the best, you have come to the right place!

We all have these “stable” things in our lives that never tend to change. That one hero we cannot stop playing, a lane that we identify ourselves in or even the item builds we keep going back to even though they are nerfed.

DotA 2, on the other hand, changes rapidly. As soon as you believe that you figured out the game to its details, BAM a huge patch drops and changes everything. This year with patch 7.23, 62 neutral items were introduced.

Said items, basically, drop from the neutrals, they are not available for purchase but luckily they can be shared with allies. Apart from being a breath of fresh air to the DotA world, the items also created a new aspect in balancing. Some items such as Third Eye and Tome of Aghanim were even removed from the game soon after the release of the patch.

Surviving neutral items seem to do just fine though and we will be looking into the best of them. If you happen to drop any of these items, you can consider yourself quite lucky!

10- Spell Prism

Could be a necklace you can gift to your significant other!

If you are playing a hero that gets off most his/her damage from their spells(Zeus, Invoker, Lion), you will definitely want this tier 4 neutral item in one of your slots as it significantly reduces cooldowns and gives a nice bit of mana regen.

Item Details

  • Provides 12 strength, 12 agility, 12 intelligence and 4 mana regeneration.
  • Passive ability literally named “Cooldown Reduction” which reduces all cooldowns by 20%

Note: Multiple spell prism do not stack so do not try to bully your teammates to give them any extra Spell Prism they might stumble on.

9- Timeless Relic

A timeless piece that will help you kill your enemies faster.

Let’s continue with spell casters’ dreams. Timeless Relic, a tier 4 item, is another item that spell caster heroes such as Lina, Earthshaker and Skywrath Mage. The item simply increases the applied debuff durations and spell damage. 

The fact that it can also be stacked with other debuff duration items and itself, makes this item a beast!

Item Details

  • Provides 25% Debuff duration and 15% Spell damage.
  • Stacks with additional Timeless Relics and other debuff duration items.

8- Spider Legs

Do these belong to Broodmother?

This tier 3 mobility boosting item is loved by many supports and those slippery heroes we all tend to hate. Yes, I am talking to you Slark. This item also stacks with other movement speed bonuses and may turn you into an F1 racing car. 

Plus if you like playing Timbersaw a lot, the item has an active ability that lets you walk over trees!

Item Details

  • Provides a 24% movement speed and a 30% turn rate.
  • Has an active ability named Scurry that lets grants you free pathing and 24% movement speed for 3 seconds. Any trees that you walk over get destroyed.

Note: You can utilize this item to perform grand escapes by walking over cliffs, etc.

7- Telescope

What is that I see? Enemy team is doing roshan!

Even though telescope does not provide any stat bonuses, it is one of the best utility items if you happen to be running a ranged comp. The item provides a wide aura that gives increases range of ranged heroes and increases the cast range of all allied heroes.

Apart from increasing your range of effectiveness, the item also lowers the cooldown of Scan and lets you be more active around the map. No more sneaking roshans for the enemy team!

Item Details

  • Provides an aura named Prescient Aura that provides 50% scan cooldown reduction, +150 attack range for ranged heroes and +150 cast range for all heroes.
  • The aura lingers for 0.5 seconds and the multiple copies of this aura do not stack.
  • If you happen to transfer this item over to a courier, you will lose the scan cooldown reduction bonus.

6- Repair Kit

No towers will suffer anymore!

Whether we like it or not, sometimes we all have to play from behind. And repair kit is just the item to stall some more time until our carry finishes their first item! 

This tower utility item is living armor on steroids. Apart from repairing towers, it also gives them multishot.

Item Details

  • Has an active ability called Building Repair that:
  • Restores a total of 40% health to towers.
  • Gives a 10 armor bonus to targeted buildings.
  • The multishot buff lets the towers attack up to 4 targets.
  • Gives +13 Health Regen to the carrier.

5- Orb of Destruction

Its name makes any kind of introduction unnecessary.

If your carry happens to find this item, it may be a good time to start fighting or take objectives. This passive item allows attacks to reduce armor and slow the enemy. 

Item Details

  • Provides a passive ability named Impreding Corruption that allows:
  • Attacks slow the enemy by 30% if you are a melee hero and 15% if you are ranged.
  • It also provides an armor reduction of 5.
  • If there are 2 orbs of destruction in your team, the debuffs do not stack. However, the duration gets refreshed.
  • It also works against buildings.
  • Debuff Duration: 4 seconds.

4-Quickening Charm

Your hero will no longer shout “COOLDOWN”.

Feels like cooldown reduction is the theme of the year. Quickening Charm reduces all spell and item cooldowns while providing a nice amount of health regeneration to the carrier.

If you are playing a hero that relies on his/her spells to get some damage done, this is just the item.

Item Details

  • Provides a passive ability named Cooldown Reduction which reduces all cooldowns by 13%
  • Gives +9 health regeneration to the owner.
  • While it can stack with other cooldown reduction items, quickening charm also can stack with itself.

3- Essence Ring

Will you tank for me?

The item that may change the destiny of the early skirmishes. The active ability of the Essence Ring turns the caster into a mini tank for 15 seconds. 

If you are playing a squishy hero this item may save you from the worst of situations!

Item Details

  • Provides +6 intelligence and +2.5 mana regeneration to the owner.
  • Has an active ability named Life Essence that lets you heal for 425 and gain 425 maximum health in exchange of 200 mana.
  • If you have 2 essence rings, a second life essence cast will only refresh its duration.

2- Royal Jelly

No one would mind some extra utility stats.

A simple point of health regen, in the early game, may change the entire course of the game. Royal Jelly comes with 2 charges and each charge gives a permanent buff to targeted allies or yourself.

If your laning phase has been a harassing fest, this item can let you take a deep calming breath.

Item Details

  • Has an active ability named Consume that provides a permanent buff.
  • This buff gives a permanent +2.5 health regeneration and +1.25 mana regeneration to the targeted allies.
  • The buff does not stack so do share this buff.

1- Faded Broach

Movement speed and mana, is there a better duo?

Another item that can turn the tides in the early game. This broach does not only provide a good amount of movement speed but it also provides a decent amount of extra mana. The extra mobility and the spare mana can especially be helpful in the offlane.

Item Details

  • Provides +225 mana and +25 movement speed to the owner.
  • The movement speed bonuses of multiple faded broaches do stack.

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