Dota 2 TI7: LGD.Forever Young Moves Into Semifinals Without Losing A Single Match

LGD Forever Young, LFY, The International Dota 2
Are we already looking at the winners of The Tournament 2017? LGD Forever Young 2017. Featured image by

Chinese hopefuls LGD Forever Young (which I’ll abbreviate as LFY) are simply not going to be beaten. A powerhouse of a team, who, with their laid-back, confident attitude towards the tournament have effortlessly ploughed through The International 2017 without losing a single match.

On the second day of the tournament, LFY defeated Philippine TNC Pro Team 2-0. After making mincemeat of TNC in the first match, LFY were weakened in the second match when the Philippines regained their energy. However, after a turbulent game, which could have gone either way, the result saw the underdogs TNC losing to LFY. The unstoppable Chinese team later went on to conquer Russians with 2-0 after the latter effortlessly beat the former’s sister team LGD Gaming in the first Upper Bracket round.

Losing only one match – to Invictus Gaming in Upper Bracket round 2, Newbee have also managed to fight through the tournament virtually unscathed. Newbee might have been victorious back in 2014, but they shouldn’t be too confident this time round, as LFY have proven to be the team of the year so far. The semi-finals could go either way, but at the rate that LFY have played so far, and with their taking-no-prisoners approach, they have a pretty decent shot of taking home that gargantuan cash prize on Saturday. 

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