[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Attack Speed Items (Ranked Good To Best)

There are many aspects in Dota that can change the trajectory of the game if paid attention to. One such is the feature of attack speed, a higher attack speed allows your hero to deal with faster attacks, providing them an edge over their enemies. Attack speed generally matters more on carry heroes, as it allows them to do great physical damage as quickly as possible. Various items can help you achieve increased attack speed, outpacing your enemies and decimating them in the nick of time.

We rank the Best 10 Attack Speed Items, which provide you an edge over your enemies. We have included only the best items, from all price ranges, ensuring you have your late game covered along with your early game. The items mentioned in this list are highly relevant to the meta, giving you an edge over the at any point in the game.

10. Mask of Madness (1775 Gold)

We start the list out with a favorite item of the carry heroes. Mask of Madness is an exceptional item if you’re a carry hero who lacks early-game attack speed. It provides 10 attack speed and damage, which may not seem like a lot but it does wonders in the early stages of the game. 

Mask is a highly prioritized item on both melee and ranged carry heroes, as it also provides lifesteal which can make them survive through the early game and sustain themselves in teamfights. Though it comes with the downside of getting silenced, which should not be a problem for physical damage-dealing heroes as they do not rely on their spells so much.

Get Mask of Madness if

  • Your hero lacks early-game sustain, as it provides you with ample lifesteal
  • You have low attack speed and lack attack damage, both problems are solved by this item
  • You need an item that helps you excel in teamfights, Mask of Madness is the perfect early-game teamfight item due to its lifesteal and attack speed


9. Yasha (2050 Gold)

Another item desired by most carry heroes is Yasha, it's an excellent stat item to have early on in the game. It provides various benefits, such as + 16 agility, +8% movement speed, and +12 attack speed. Yasha is an excellent item if you lack early-game stats as a carry hero.

Yasha can also be upgraded into items such as Manta Style or Sange and Yasha. The sheer benefits that this item seems to provide at such a low cost are mind-boggling. Though no one buys this item just for the attack speed, the bonuses make it an excellent purchase in the early game.

Get Yasha if

  • You lack early-game stats such as agility, attack, and movement speed, Yasha provides all 3 of these stats for a very cheap price
  • Yasha can also be brought so it is upgradable into other items such as Manta Style or Sange and Yasha in the late game.
  • Yasha also soles your early game damage problems by providing you enough damage which makes you farm swiftly and be impactful in fights


8. Hand of Midas (2200 Gold)

Hand of Midas is the perfect item if you are having a terrible early game and desperately want some farm as a carry hero. This golden hand provides you with +40 attack speed as well as an option to target and consume an enemy creep for 160 instant gold and 2.1x the experience. This allows you to get ahead in the gold and level charts eventually.

The sheer amount of attack speed provided by this item combined with the increased gold and level potential makes it a suitable item for all heroes. The cost of this item justifies its perks and bonuses.

Get Hand of Midas if

  • If you’re behind in levels and farm in the early game, Midas can help you regain control by providing increased gold and experience when you use it
  • Midas helps in increasing your attack speed in the early game, it may not feel like much but it is a ton of attack speed if you’re a hero with low attack speed
  • Hand of Midas is an exceptional item if you’re a struggling core hero, the gold you get from this item is impressive7. Revenant’s Brooch (6200 Gold)


7. Revenant's Brooch

The new and refreshing Revenant’s Brooch is a breath of fresh air from the usual and monotonous high-tier attack speed items. On activation, your next 5 attacks deal immense magical damage which also has a true strike. You’re also able to attack ethereal units, making it hard for them to survive a teamfight. 

Though not a commonly seen item, Revenant’s Brooch can be a decimating item if purchased under the right circumstances. It provides 40 attack speed and 300 projectile speed, making it an exceptional item for ranged heroes.

Get Revenant’s Brooch if:

  • Your enemies have heroes or items with ethereal abilities (Necrophos, Pugna)
  • If you’re playing against low magic resistance heroes, this item will do wonders as it deals immense magical damage
  • If you’re a ranged carry hero, then this item can benefit you heavily as it increases your intelligence (+45), while also increasing your projectile speed, which makes your hits reach faster to your enemies


6. Silver Edge (5450 Gold)

Silver Edge is a highly beneficial item if you’re trying to escape from a fight, or sneakily trying to initiate a fight. It increases your attack speed by 35 while also providing 52 increased attack damage, making it an excellent item for all carry heroes.

The crucial reason why this Silver Edge is one of the most bought items is because of the break it provides, which temporarily disables the passive abilities of the targeted hero when you attack them and break invisibility. This item is highly essential for carry heroes to stand their ground in teamfights and disable any passives their enemies may have.

Get Silver Edge if

  • If your enemies have strong passive spells (against heroes like Bristleback, Lifestealer, Lina, etc.), you can counter them by using Silver Edge which essentially disables their passive for a few seconds
  • Silver Edge is highly viable in the late game as it allows you to escape or initiate on your foes due to the invisibility aspect, catching your enemies by surprise 
  • Silver Edge also solves your attack speed and attack damage issues as it provides both the bonuses,


5. Assault Cuirass (5125 Gold)

Assault Cuirass is a great offensive item that provides increased attack speed as well as increased armor to not only the hero wearing it but also to their allies and allied buildings. This sinister Cuirass reduces the same perks for enemies and buildings in an AoE. This item is suitable for core heroes who seem to lack armor or attack speed.

This item can also safeguard your allies and towers in case of a teamfight, keeping them sustained throughout the fight. It is a perfect core item as it increases your attack speed by 30 while also providing you with 10 armor, allies get half of both perks but it is still a ton if purchased early in the game. High-damage-dealing tanky heroes like Kunkka, Mars, Dragon Knight, etc. gain a ton from this item.

Get Assault Cuirass if

  • Assault Cuirass is exceptional if your enemies have high armor as it helps weaken their armor and reduce their attack speed
  • If you have low attack speed then it increases attack speed for you and your allies in an AoE
  • Along with increased attack speed, Assault also increases armor (also in an AoE), making it a suitable item if you’re playing a squishy hero


4. Monkey King Bar (4975 Gold)

If your enemies have heroes that can evade physical attacks or you just need extra attack damage then Monkey King Bar will fit like a glove. This item provides you with 40 Attack Damage and 45 Attack Speed, making it an exceptional item in the late game to deal damage as a carry hero.

The passive grants you an 80% chance of piercing through evasion essentially dealing true strike damage which also deals additional 70 magical damage. This item works wonders against heroes like Phantom Assassin and items like Butterfly as the attacks can’t be evaded anymore due to True Sight.

Get Monkey King Bar if

  • If your enemies have evasion-based heroes, then this item will do wonders against them as they won’t be able to evade your attacks
  • If you lack attack damage in the late game, then Monkey King Bar is an exceptional item as it provides both attack damage and speed.
  • Monkey King Bar also provides a very high chance to true strike on physical damage which prevents enemies from evading your attacks


3. Mjollnir (5600 Gold)

If you’re on a hero lacking physical and AoE damage, this is the right item for you. Not only do you get increased damage, but you also have a chance to proc on hits, passing AoE damage to your foes, making it easier to farm. 

The active also allows you to deal damage when the enemies hit you. Or you may put the active on your allies to ensure they deal damage. Heroes such as Windranger and Lifestealer profit a lot from this item in the early game. 

Get Mjollnir if

  • If you lack farming potential, the chain lighting aspect from Mjollnir can help you farm faster as it procs lighting attacks on units in an AoE, dealing decent attack damage to them.
  • Mjollnir also provides immense attack speed (+70) which is incredible in the early game, as it allows you to deal attacks faster to heroes in teamfight
  • Along with attack speed, Mjollnir also provides increased attack damage (+24), which is useful for dealing more damage in fights and also helps you farm fast


2. Bloodthorn (6800 Gold)

Spell-casting foes can be a thorn in the side as they can interrupt your spells, disable you and ultimately mow you down. To stop this, Bloodthorn serves as a great tool. It is the upgrade of Orchid of Malevolence, allowing you to silence your enemies for 5 seconds and making them take an additional 30% of all the damage dealt under the duration and a chance to crit 130%. This item shuts down spell-casting heroes who are usually squishy, leading to their demise.

Get Bloodthorn if

  • If you want a trusty disable in the form of silence, which cripples down enemy heroes making them unable to use their spells
  • If you wish to True Strike and have high chances of extreme Critical Damage dealt, the true strike aspect essentially ruins the 
  • Bloodthorn also provides decent bonus attributes which overall increase its desirability in the late game


1. Moon Shard (4000 Gold)

Moon Shard is the best choice in the late game if you’re lacking attack speed. It provides 140 attack speed along with increased night vision if consumed. This impressive shard is stackable, meaning you can have multiple shards, providing increased attack speed. Some heroes benefit well from this item, such as Nightstalker, Alchemist, Wraith King, etc.

If you have trouble with your attack speed or if you have enemies who can mess up your attack speed then this is the right item for you. Moon Shard can be consumed, making space for another item in the inventory. You can also give this item to your teammates, providing the same buffs of attack speed and night vision, which can be extremely useful in the late game.

Get Moon Shard if

  • It provides increased attack speed, making it an excellent item for heroes that seem to lack it
  • It does not take up an inventory when consumed, and also provides increased night vision
  • Moon Shard can also be gifted to allies, providing them with the same attack speed and night vision buffs


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