DOTA 2: How To Turn On Auto-Cast

DOTA 2: How To Turn On Auto-Cast

There are all sorts of Hero abilities in DOTA 2. While some are passive, being on all the time, others can be cast on demand, when you wanna use them. Some of these spells can be used a lot, which can make pressing the button each time a drag. Thankfully, Valve’s got you covered. You can set some abilities to Auto-Cast, giving you the headspace to focus on the task at hand.

Setting abilities so they Auto-Cast is easy. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Make sure your Hero can Auto-Cast an ability.

Not every DOTA 2 Hero can Auto-Cast abilities. You should start off by identifying the ability in question.

Abilities you can Auto-Cast have a unique outline in the in-game HUD. This should be a dark square surrounding the ability icon.

If your icon can be Auto-Cast, the next step is simple.

Step 2: Set your ability to Auto-Cast

You can set abilities to Auto-Cast by right-clicking the ability icon. If done right, you’ll see a glowing square where the dark outline used to be. It’s now on Auto-Cast.

Another, easier way to do this is to use keyboard shortcuts. Press Alt + the ability button to put the ability on Auto-Cast. By default, the abilities are set as Q, W, E, and R. If it’s the second ability you wanna use, press Alt + W to switch to Auto-Cast. The third would need Alt + E and so on.

And that’s it! Now that you’re casting abilities non-stop, time to focus on the more important stuff. Like farming.

Here’s a video tutorial if you still need some help.

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