[Top 10] Dota 2 Most OP Heroes For 1vs5

Dota 2 Most OP Heroes
There is no "I" in team but I'm pretty sure you can win this game by yourself.

Take back the game or assert your dominance further with these picks that can singlehandedly wipe the enemy team off of the map. Whether it’s a combo of spells, just one press of a button, or even just how absurdly broken a hero is, take a look at the heroes you can pick to 1v5 and win the game.


10. EARTHSHAKER, Echo slam

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL13orpjwRE

The more enemies there are, the strong Earthshaker can be with his Echo Slam. Earthshaker can take advantage of the time where all the enemies are clumped up retreating together or trying to take objectives. Never pick too many melee cores who can’t space away from each other or Earthshaker will take advantage of it and steamroll in.

Why Earthshaker is OP:

  • Lots of AOEstuns
  • High magic aoe damage with echo slam
  • Strong base stats so makes a strong laner
  • Enchant Totem makes it easier to secure last hits and deny creeps in the lane
  • Can be built as a secondary source of damage if he has farm


9. BRISTLEBACK, Quill Spray

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc61pxG0iAo

The epitome of cool guys don’t look at explosions, all Bristleback needs to do is face the opposite direction of his opponents. Continuously stacking quill sprays and dealing heavy physical damage, the more damage you do to him, the more damage he will return. When he has his eternal shroud, it becomes increasingly harder to kill him as he life steals off of the quill spray. Even when against Silver Edgeor other break items that remove his passive, his innate tankiness makes it hard to kill him.

Why Bristleback is OP:

  • Very high base stats and base hp
  • All you need to do is press two buttons, Q and W to play him
  • Strong laner and can bully almost any carry out of the lane
  • Passive skill, Bristleback, also reduces the damage he takes by up to 40%
  • Just turn you back at the enemies, and they won't be able to kill you, you will be killing them in the fountain instead


8. ENIGMA, Blackhole

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K01LMV6A_lA

Enigma is the scariest late-game hero as his ultimate can wipe a full slotted team with all their items ready with his ultimate, Blackhole. A 4-second channeling AOE spell that deals huge pure damage, stuns the enemies, and pulls them towards its center. This skill can only be canceled by a few heroes when Enigma already has his BKB, but even then, they have to be careful not to get caught in this spell and becomes an easy pick-off as they will have to play away from the main fight.

Why Enigma is OP:

  • Can farm jungle on his own with Eidolons
  • Can rotate and kill with his Malefice and Midnight Pulse, making it easier to farm for items as a support
  • Eidolons can be moved around the map and be advantageous for vision
  • Blackhole can kill any core in the early levels with Midnight Pulse
  • Very strong hero to have when playing from behind as his damage is not dependent on the items he has


7. OUTWORLD DESTROYER, Sanity’s Eclipse

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDa0zhe8hlQ

Outword Destroyer has seen a lot of changes ever since the launch of Dota 2, but he has always been a beast to be wary of. His first skill now does pure damage and will never lose mana with his passive at the max level. He can easily kill Rosh, kill your allies, kill you, and eventually, you’ll be hoping he isn’t in the next game. His ultimate, Sanity’s Eclipse also deals huge magic AOE damage and easily one-shot any non-intelligence-based heroes.

Why Outworld Destroyer is OP:

  • Consistent pure damage output with his Q skill on auto-cast
  • No need to worry about mana problems with his E skill maxed out
  • Astral Imprisonment can provide a few seconds of invulnerability and allow OD to reset
  • Can easily farm and clear out stacks of creeps
  • [Provides a lot of control with Aghanim’s Scepter


6. TINKER, High Magic Burst

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=311sp0TKTEg

Everybody hates Tinker, not as much as they hate techies, but still. This hero is annoying, strong, hard to deal with, a pain in the butt to play against, and can essentially two-shot supports, and then move on to killing the cores. Never show yourself on the map, once you do, Tinker will easily lock on to you and you will be dead within seconds.

Why Tinker is OP:

  • High magical burst damage that is essentially only capped by his mana
  • Rearm makes it easy for him to TP back to base and join the fight again within seconds
  • Can infinitely disable an enemy while dealing damage
  • Can easily push out waves
  • Fast farming potential


5. Phantom Lancer, Juxtapose

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_KbRubnZWk

Phantom Lancer is a slippery and strong hero that overwhelms the enemy using numbers. Create countless illusions and watch the enemy scramble in confusion looking for the real PL. Juke your way out or get back onto the primary target with PL, resetting each time with Doppelganger.  Kage Bunshin no Jutsu your way to victory and show your enemies your ninja way with PL.

Why Phantom Lancer is OP:

  • Can easily overwhelm you with a huge number of illusions
  • Hard to find the real PL and with enough items, becomes too tanky to deal with
  • Huge juking potential with Doppelganger
  • Can move from one target to another with Phantom Rush
  • Juxtapose can dodge and disjoint spells when used at the right timing


4. TINY, High Physical Damage

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sxPVQQAhLs

Tiny was the second most banned hero in TI10 and understandably so. This beast can deal high amounts of physical damage that even when in a 1v5 situation, the 5 other heroes will choose not to fight. You know how OP he is when the enemy will purposely avoid him. With the new reworks, tiny is a huge rock that will be the beast he is until Icefrog decides he has seen enough. Too much physical output, too much early magical burst, enjoy it or fear it while it’s here.

Why Tiny is OP:

  • Aghanim’s Shard is the power spike of this hero allowing him to hit hard in an AOE
  • Can easily farm with tree grab
  • Runs down any other carry with Toss and Avalanche combo
  • Can easily destroy buildings with a ridiculous 180% bonus damage on buildings
  • Innate tankiness makes it hard to kill him


3. LIFESTEALER, Lifesteal

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0cf5TPqo1w

Lifestealer hasn’t seen the spotlight for a while but he has proven his worth in the times it matters most. From clutch Infest saves to singlehandedly killing a whole team (ehem RTZ) in the main stage of dota, TI. He counters large heroes wthl large HP pools and deals bonus damage to them, going toe to toe with Lifestealer feels awkward as he can just regen your damage, and he has a built-in magic immunity skill. Picked at the right time, you know you can carry with Lifestealer.

Why Lifestealer is OP:

  • Insanely strong against tanky strength heroes
  • Self-sustains in the jungle so can just afk farm away until he is ready to fight
  • Built-in magic-immunity skill allows him to lock down on a primary target without getting interrupted
  • High movement speed to run down escaping enemies
  • Open Wounds (now and Aghanim’s Shard) allows allies to lifesteal while dealing damage as well


2. MEDUSA, Hard Carry

See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYCACcp9fTA

Medusa has always been the hard carry to go to when all the odds are stacked against you. A hard carry that needs farm but can easily stand her ground and become the frontliner when that time comes in the game. Uncontested, she will take over the game, while just one good fight with her in it will be enough to get her back into the game. You thought you’ve drained all her mana, you think she’s dead, but no, you’re the one who’s suddenly running, your friends are dying, you’re deader than my dreams, you gazed too long into the Gorgon’s eyes and now your fate is sealed in stone.

Why Medusa is OP:

  • Split shot now takes attack modifiers and becomes even stronger in dealing AOE damage
  • Her increased movement speed while in her ultimate allows her to disengage or reposition the fight around her
  • Good scaling that lifts her stats in the late game
  • Building Aghanism’s Scepter on her is good now since it gives her good stats and a good upgraded Mystic Snake which turns enemies hit into stone for a short duration, just enough to buy Medusa time to deal more damage or regain HP or Mana
  • Aghanim’s shard adds another way to regain mana by sending a mystic snake out when she is targeted with a point spell



See this hero in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcfgREI4RSY

Terrorblade is another hard carry you do not want to be fighting into. The other hero that can go toe to toe with Medusa, Terrorblade is a hero to be wary of. Constabile pushed this hero to its limits holding the base 1v5 waiting for his team to come back up and eventually winning the game. Terrorblade relies on Metamorphosis, turning him into a beastly ranged cannon, and Sunder to get him out of tight spots. Sunder allows him to swap his health with another hero giving him the advantage when he is in trouble. He scales well into the mid-game and if you fight around him at his peak, he is extremely hard to take down.

Why Terrorblade is OP:

  • High base armor hero making it hard to kill him if you lack magical damage
  • Sunder has a relatively low cooldown when TB hits level 25
  • Can make his own illusions thus increasing the damage output
  • Fast and efficient farming with the right micro-skills    
  • Uses the enemies’ strengths against them with Reflection
  • Insanely high DPS with Metamorphosis on
  • New Aghanim’s scepter skill, give him an AOE fear ability and a mini-Metamorphosis duration allowing him to hold down the ground much longer


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