[Top 5] Arena of Valor Best Tanks That Die Hard

Smash your way to glory with Taara

Here comes another top 5 hero list for Arena of Valor AKA AOV fans. That covers good old tanks that we all love and appreciate! 

The game is available for free for both Google Play and App Store.

So without further ado let’s dive deep into it!



Taara is a tank/warrior hero who can last out everyone in the battle with her ultimate skill while still dealing substantial amounts of damage to enemies making her one of the best and easy to play tanky heroes on AOV.

Her first skill Colossal Smash will let you jump into the air and smash the ground while dealing physical damage to enemies and minions in the proximity. A perfect skill to jumps over walls and move easily across the terrain.

Taara’s 2nd skill Whirlwind will deal damage to every enemy hero in the way while she is spinning with her hammer.

Her third skill AKA ultimate Steel Focus will boost your speed, armour, magic defence and recover your lost HP.

While Taara’s passive ability Fighting Spirit will buff her attack damage when she is losing HP.

Therefore Taara is perfect for soaking up all the damage of enemy team heroes and keeping them busy while your team wipes them out.

What makes Taara great:

  • Longevity
  • Damage increase over lost HP
  • Movability
  • Can fill in as support hero

2. Ata

Ata is a tanky hero that can restore lost HP in the battle while controlling enemies by trapping them for a complete wipeout.

His first ability Wavewalking will let you leap twice and gain Iron Body buff while stunning enemies that you hit on the second landing.

Ata’s 2nd skill Sea Anchor will let you strike enemies with his enlarged anchor while sowing them down and knocking them back a little bit. If you hit the terrain Ata will charge forward to that spot and knockback enemy heroes in his path stunning them in his terrain.

His ultimate skill Ghost Ship will summon a ship to trap enemy heroes or project your team from them by either trapping them or blocking their path.

Ata’s passive ability Child of the Sea will buff and heal him. His lost HP will be temporarily put on hold and be restored while attacking either minions or enemies. The more damage you will deal the more HP you will get back.

Therefore Ata is perfect at keeping enemy team heroes in check while battling with his giant ghost ship. After all, what can be more fun than trapping enemies in such a way?

What makes Ata great:

  • HP restoration
  • Iron Body buff
  • Control

3. Maloch

Maloch is a tanky warrior that will steal your souls in battle (literally) for his benefit.

His 1st skill Cleave will buff you and even inflict true damage to your enemies. If you hit an enemy hero your blade will be enchanted and recover some of his lost HP.

Maloch’s second skill Souleate will grand him a temporary shield and deal physical damage by snatching enemy hero souls reducing their speed.

His ultimate skill Shock will let you soar into the air (while you are in the air and before the jump you can’t be targeted) and deal massive area dmg in your landing spot. If you hit enemies upon landing Maloch will get enchanted and deal with true damage. If he was already in the enchanted mode enemies in the area will get debuffed.

Plunder is Maloch passive ability that will let him have a longer attack range than other melee heroes letting him deal true dmg and restore his HP.

Hence Maloch is a great tank hero to initiate fights and stop your enemies from fleeing the battle. After all he candescent right on top of your head with his ultimate!

What makes Maloch great:

  • Longer attack range compared to other melee heroes
  • Soul stealing
  • Survivability

4. Cresht

Cresht is a tank that can fill in as support quite often due to his skills and abilities.

His 1st skill Typhoon will deal physical area damage by swinging his lance and knocking back enemy heroes. If under Metamorphosis he will summon a geyser for extra dmg.

Cresht’s second ability will not only deal damage but will also grant a shield to him and friendly heroes in the area getting rage. If under Metamorphosis he will jump to enemies location and summon a whirlpool for more damage.

His ultimate skill Metamorphosis will let him transform (you need to accumulate enough rage for it) and gain a shield equal to half of his HP. Cresht will then summon a wave that will push down enemies on the way while stunning them. On the way, Cresht will gain a movement speed boost. Once his transformation ends he will cast a typhoon again to push away any close by enemies.

He is a hero that can be both played solo and as a support due to his abilities to push back, stun and shield heroes. Honestly, he so rarely dies in battles that there’s no point in attacking him before wiping out his teammates. Turning Cresht into a very troublesome opponent to face off against.

What makes Cresht great:

  • Can be played as both solo tank or support hero
  • Control skills
  • Great constitution


Omega is another hero who can double as support due to his wide range of abilities.

His 1st skill Redeploy will let you gain a shield and movement speed bonus while knocking down enemy heroes in the way and dealing physical damage.

Omega’s second skill Veda Tech will deploy 5 projectiles that will spin around him dealing damage to everyone in the way. If an enemy hero is hit with a projectile it will shorten his 1st skill and passive cooldown. When all 5 projectiles hit an enemy Omega will unleash a whirlwind regaining some lost HP and stunning them for a short time.

His ultimate skill will generate a shield barrier around him that can’t be damaged for a short time and will push back all enemies trying to get close by inflicting damage and knocking them back.

Surviving Memory is his passive that will let you deal more damage to enemy towers. Every 6 seconds Omega will enhance his lance for more dmg. Holy Thunder that will be gained with this passive can stun enemy towers for a short time.

His wide range of abilities will make him a perfect initiator for enemy tower attacks which usually causes such big headaches for the enemies. After all, a safe zone under the towers with him goes puff for enough time to get slayed.

  • What makes Omega great:
  • Can stun towers
  • Fast movability
  • Deals significant amounts of damage


All the heroes in this list have qualities and skills that can change the battle outcome drastically depending on the role you will take and how you will use either one of them.

Therefore choose the one that will suit your gaming skills the best. It might be a longer range hero or it’s the ability to traverse the map in a couple of seconds to help out your teammates in need. But regardless of which one you will go for I’m sure you can bring out its full potential in time!

And that’s the end of the list of the best tanky heroes in AOV. Hopefully, you have found it useful. Do not hesitate to put your opinions in the comments below!

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